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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Becky Dennison Updates Readers About Status of Venice Median Project and Answers Questions

By Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing

It’s been a little longer than usual since we sent updates to this list.   Our team has been hard at work examining the site, project proposal, and community input in more detail, and we hit a few minor delays.   Please read below for some updated information and Q&A, and expect to hear more from us in December.   If you are new to this list, or want to review past information about the plans for affordable and permanent supportive housing on the parking lots at Venice-Dell-Pacific, please visit our website:   http://www.vchcorp.org/new-developments/

First, we wanted to announce some good news!   As most of you know, the Venice-Dell-Pacific site is part of a larger City-wide strategy to utilize City-owned land to increase affordable and permanent supportive housing.   Among the 20 sites across the City currently awarded to an affordable housing developer, 3 are in Council District 11 and two are in Venice.

wlasmallThe third site in Council District 11 is the old West LA Animal Shelter on Missouri Avenue – and the good news is that this month the West LA Neighborhood Council approved Tom Safran and Associates proposed project with 78 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing!      Our team, comprised of Venice Community Housing, Hollywood Community Housing, and Eric Owen Moss Architects, is excited about our planned project but also supportive of similar efforts in every neighborhood in our City.   We hope to announce more approvals ongoing, as the need for housing is so great.

Specific to Venice-Dell-Pacific, the last timeline we distributed included a goal of submitting documents for approval to the City in September.   We have resolved some of the issues that caused some delay, and are again moving forward on designs and other analysis to be included in our application.   We now plan to submit our application to the City in mid-December.  We will announce it on this list and the documents are public and will be made readily available.

Below is Q&A we’ve received recently by email.   Please continue to send any questions or comments to venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org.  Please also reach out if you’d like a tour of our properties or to invite us to discuss the planned project with any group or organization that is interested.  We continue to meet with small groups weekly, so send an invite anytime and we will get something scheduled.

Questions and Answers

Questions and other input can be submitted to venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org.

Has Venice Community Housing previously used the CES to house any of its current PSH tenants?  If so, for which buildings?
Yes.  We’ve used CES since its inception for all of our PSH units.  Those buildings include VCH properties on Horizon, Navy, 6th Avenue, Lincoln, Centinela and Slauson, as well as a few other individual units within our remaining buildings.
Note: visit our website or www.lahsa.org for background information on the Coordinated Entry System (CES)

Venice Community Housing and Hollywood Community Housing also co-developed Gateway Apartments, in the Del Rey neighborhood.   Are all 20 units at Gateway Apartments occupied by PSH tenants?   What is the total # of residents living in the 20 units at Gateway?
Yes, it’s 100% PSH.  There are 21 residents there currently, in the 20 PSH units.   There is also one unit onsite for the resident manager, for a total of 21 units.
Note:  visit VCH’s website at www.vchcorp.org or www.csh.org for more details about Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Regarding the proposed 68 PSH units at Venice-Dell-Pacific, approximately how many are single units and how many are one and two bedroom units?
We don’t know yet.   One of our delays has been around unit size because some of our anticipated funding sources modified their program guidelines and it impacted the size of units in terms of the minimum required square footage.   Until we confirmed all minimum unit sizes, we couldn’t finalize the unit mix.   We are doing that now, and the specific numbers of each unit type will be in our application.

I want to understand the concept behind Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH).  Is there any limit on the time of stay?  What are the requirements for residency?  Are they required to participate in programs that help transition them away from government supported housing?
There is no time limit for PSH tenants.  PSH is permanent housing, not shelter or transitional housing.   The requirements for residency are generally that when applying for housing, you are homeless with a disabling condition, though some funding sources impose additional criteria that must be met for a homeless person to qualify for an apartment. The financing strategy for the Venice-Dell-Pacific site is still evolving, but we will let people know when we have our exact residency requirements.   Tenants of PSH are not required to participate in programs and services, though most tenants  do engage in services provided on-site and/or in the community.   The circumstances for each person vary, but the housing is permanent and not conditioned upon participation in a program.
Repeated Note:  visit VCH’s website at www.vchcorp.org or www.csh.org for more details about Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

I am most concerned with the PSH category of housing.  Could this category of housing include non-sober alcoholics and drug addicts and individuals with a history of severe mental and emotional problems?
Yes.  PSH is specifically intended and designed to house people with addictions, mental illnesses, and/or other disabilities, and there is a very high success rate in doing so.   The housing itself has been proven to be an effective health intervention, and allows people the stability to address their health and mental health conditions far more effectively than when living on the street.   Tenants also have to follow all of the rules of a standard lease, and tenants’ actions must ensure that others peaceful enjoyment is not disturbed.