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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Opera is at the Shore

Hear “Opera at the Shore” tonight in the Concerts by the Water series at Burton Chase Park, 13650 Mindanao Way. A special musical entree will be held each Thursday and Saturday night starting at 7 pm.

Thursday, July 10 – Opera at the Shore
Saturday, July 19 – Yuna
Thursday, July 24 – William Hagen, violin
Saturday, August 2 – Blue Oyster Cult
Thursday, August 7 – Yana Reznik, piano
Saturday, August 16 – Roberta Flack
Thursday, August 21 – Bernadette Peters (w/ her own orchestra)
Saturday, August 30 – Pacific Mambo Orchestra


A tree grows in Brooklyn; In Venice, they come potted

h. Trees

The Gordons are developing several properties in Venice and got a deal on Pepper Trees. Two trucks delivered 14 trees from San Diego area this Thursday morning. Seven were put in front yard of property in Princeton cul-de-sac.

About half the trees were delivered to other addresses.

When Kim Gordan was asked why seven in one little yard, she said they will be moved. Several people want some. Kim was asked how she planned to have the trees moved from Princeton and she casually said “Oh, I don’t know. That is a man thing.”

Stay Behind White Line

h. White Line.

White line marks area for vendors on east side. Vendors cannot put their wares west of the white line as shown here. The area is reserved for emergency response vehicles. One vendor was cited recently.

Knock-Knock Burglars Hit Triangle

Melanie and Peter Calderon of Thatcher were the victims of the knock-knock burglars Monday sometime between 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

The characteristic of the knock-knock burglars is that they knock to see if anyone is home and if not, they go in.  If someone is home, they will go to another house.  If you are home, yell out for someone to get the door but don’t answer it.  Yell, “Hey Charlie.  Get the door.”  But don’t answer it.  Call the police.

These burglars opened the front door with a crowbar and kicked in the garage door.  They took jewelry, coins, and tools.  They left laptops, iPads. Burglars put small dog in bathroom.  Neighbors on both sides were home.

Officer Drake Madison, who investigated the burglary, said normally they use the side gates to enter the house, which is less invasive than breaking the front door.  Officer Madison told the Calderons it probably took a minute from entry to exit.

Make sure your side gates are locked.  Yell so they know someone is home but do not answer the door.  Call the police.

Comments–31 March 2014

DeDe Audet
Note: Comment is in regard to Councilman’s statement made last Update.
Regarding your reply to Triangle Update:  Thank you for saying loud and clear what many have felt about Venice Beach.

Rosie Westerman of Howard
What can be done about the day time parking? Especially from the Chabad who as I am  told by a person who works there has now a work force of 30 people! Was there not an agreement before they moved in that they have their own parking and actually use it?   I am getting really fed up never to be able to park in front or near my home. How about permits for our streets?

Marilyn Roland of Walk Streets north of Washington
I read Updates and get so disgusted with what the powers that be are allowing Venice to become what it is becoming.
Mr. Bonin, we do not need another director or overpaid manager to take care of our problems. Just enforce the laws already on the books.
Get more police down here get more police to answer phones with reports from citizens. Hire people that are familiar with the area.
I’ve been to city council meetings, coastal commission meetings. Many of these people don’t reside or even know what goes on down here.
One of my biggest concerns is the traffic control at Washington Blvd and Pacific on the weekends. There are no police anywhere. Cars are in the middle of the intersection just sitting there causing major traffic tie ups. There’s plenty of parking enforcement people out giving tickets for people’s cars parked for five minutes overtime. Quick solution have parking people direct traffic.

Heather Kahler of Triangle
AMEN JEN!! You could have taken every frustration and feeling I have about the situations you describe occurring in every single neighborhood in 90292 and 90291- Marina is JUST as bad. Everyone has rights but the tax and rent/mortgage residents. Big developers have more rights. Homeless have more rights. Defecating and urinating on people’s property and leaving belongings piled high and criminal activity and drug and alcohol abuse are all welcomed. If one can call the bomb squad over a backpack or box at a bus stop left behind….what about all these sacred ” belongings”?

They can pee poo and sleep and smoke pot on or near our property and it is perfectly “ok”, but if someone moves their abandoned “property” (or if it is in a shopping cart or a stolen stroller or stolen bike then truly who’s property is it?) Then the person trying to remove the “homeless” property can get arrested or sued?

The apathy of gov officials and law enforcement is disgraceful. I fully expect that no matter how many plead for action, they will do absolutely NOTHING!!!

It is true. Who is being served by this? Is it any service to the homeless people to allow them to live this way either? Medical attention, psychiatric attention, veterans’ services, shelters and housing programs are what many need. But more and more the majority is refusing all of these things. And let’s be honest. Many are drug addicts and criminals and sexual predators. There is a culture of “choice” for the streets over responsibility in many cases. It’s a shame cuz those who truly innocently need help are lumped with this other type. A bleeding heart does no one any good without a reality check.

Thank you Jen for your comments. I relate to every single thing you said. And I have no hope for law enforcement or government to give a crap until these people are crapping on their front lawn every day and sleeping in their reserved parking spaces or accosting their wives and kids for money as they get in their cars at Walgreens.

Therese Dietlin of Venice …
Regarding Venice, I have been an activist for about 15 years now and Venice has been the one source that keeps me going. I set up a political table on the Boardwalk at least once, usually twice, and occasionally three times a week. Because of my activism, I have also become active in the Venice community. I cannot begin to tell you what I have learned from this experience. Venice is exceptional and I applaud that exceptionality. I have brought much of what I have learned there to my own community in NE LA. People here think I’m an oddball (perhaps you do, too), but the sense of community and caring that I have experienced and witnessed in Venice has truly warmed my heart. I just came from a meeting in my neighborhood where most of the people moved here no earlier than 10 years ago. Most of my neighbors were born here, grew up here, have relatives who preceded them. They aren’t involved with the community because they are into living their lives, not making money. I don’t know what the balance is; I only know there has to be one. And I strive to find it. I can’t embrace the yuppie vision for the neighborhood but know change is inevitable. How do we balance all this? I look often to Venice for the answer. And the answer has usually been dynamically creative. Bless the human spirit!

Doug Fay, candidate for County Board of Supervisors
Note: Doug Fay has asked the Councilman to get an opinion from City Engineering regarding the Oxford Basin but neither Councilman Bonin nor his staff has responded.

I have sent several emails regarding the County’s Oxford Basin Multiuse Enhancement Project and potential impact concerns to neighboring City of Los Angeles residents and property owners.

My attorney suggested, “With the City of LA, you may want to have the district City Councilman ask for an opinion from City Engineering.”

Please respond informing me if you understand my request and/or need more information.

I look forward to a prompt reply from you in the near future.

Reta Moser
Status of Scopa restaurant is unknown at press time.