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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

It’s Venice! Time to Levitate!

xx.Jay Boyer

Just when one thinks it is a slow day, someone levitates. Jay Boyer of Venice is shown here levitating at the Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk.

Abbot Kinney Festival 28th

Abbot Kinney Festival starts Sunday, 28 September, at 10 am and will go until 6 pm, and of course, on Abbot Kinney Blvd from Venice to Pacific.

Short-Term Rental (STR) Update

By Keep Neighborhoods First, a grass-roots effort

At their September 16th meeting, the Venice Neighborhood Council passed a Motion to send the following letter to The L.A. City Council Sharing Economy Work Group:

Dear Members of the Sharing Economy Work Group,

We are writing pursuant to the Motion (Council File: 14-0593) recently passed by the Los Angeles City Council to convene a Working Group to prepare a report on the “sharing economy” to help the City better understand its impact. The Venice Neighborhood Council is requesting that the Work Group focus on Venice as a distinct residential community of the City of Los Angeles as they study the positive and negative impacts of the “sharing economy” in general, and of short-term rentals in particular.

As the primary beach community in Los Angeles, Venice is experiencing a massive influx of year round, full-time non owner-occupied short-term rentals. As a result of this onslaught, we are the most negatively impacted area in the city. In the past, the owners of these rentals lived on the premises full time and only periodically or seasonally shared their homes occasionally with paying guests. In early 2013, the Venice Neighborhood Council and City offices began to receive increasing numbers of complaints with respect to short-term rentals, due to the increasing numbers of investors and “host” managers buying and leasing residentially zoned dwellings with the express purpose of turning them into year-round short-term rentals.

The largest of the online short-term rental facilitators markets this activity using the misnomer “home sharing,” but it could be more accurately described as an illegal underground hotel business. Entire houses, apartment buildings, and multi-unit properties have been turned into full-time hotels in disguise. This is not ‘home sharing’ as portrayed by proponents of short-term rentals and the “sharing economy.” In residential neighborhoods closest to the beach, the proliferation of these de facto hotels is escalating at an alarming rate.

Under the guise of “home sharing” lies the reality: selective and non enforcement of zoning codes has enabled real estate investors and property managers “hosts” to illegally convert entire apartments, multi-unit properties and homes in residential neighborhoods into year-round non owner-occupied short-term rentals. In addition, some investors have acquired an “unfair advantage” over others, as they are enabled in continuing to violate current regulations in anticipation of a change in such regulations. We ask that the Work Group include a careful examination of this negative impact.

Venice residents are seeing their quality of life and the right to quiet enjoyment of their homes significantly harmed by these short-term rentals, which have been allowed to proliferate without adherence to existing zoning codes, housing and safety regulations, and insurance requirements. Neighborhoods are suffering from increased noise from late night parties, sanitation and garbage issues, and safety issues, including increased crime.

Long-term residential housing stock, including many rent-controlled units, is quickly disappearing from the market. At the last count, there were 14 online brokerage sites, some of which cater exclusively to Venice properties and list somewhere between 2,000 – 3,000 short-term rentals in the three square miles that comprise Venice. This is approximately triple the number of a year ago.

The lure of inflated profits has spawned a Gold Rush mentality and is prompting real estate investors and property manager/”hosts” to evict long-term tenants. We have lost and continue to lose affordable housing at an alarming rate. Rent controlled units are being illegally converted to short-term rentals, costing us the socio-economic diversity that makes Venice unique. The local impact of mass conversion of housing stock is stark. These investors and property manager/“hosts” skirt the law, violate leases, remove scarce housing stock, drive up rents and disrupt neighborhoods.

In addition, Venice is designated as a special coastal community under the California Coastal Act, which protects the character of unique communities from adverse impacts. Therefore we ask that the Working Group ensure that the character of Venice as a residential community is preserved, as required under State law.

We ask that the Work Group carefully research and analyze the impact of short-term rentals on the availability of long- term housing stock in Venice, the number of rent controlled units in Venice, and on the quality of life and socio-economic diversity in Venice’s residential neighborhoods and commercial zones with rent-controlled properties.

We stand ready to assist in your analysis of the Sharing Economy and related short-term rental impacts on Venice, and look forward to discussing this with you further.

Venice Neighborhood Council Executive Board
Mike Newhouse, President

A number of stakeholders made public comments about their concerns with the onslaught of short-term rentals in their neighborhoods.

KeepNeighborhoodsFirst is ready, willing and able to assist Venice residents to understand and take action regarding this issue. They can be contacted at

MDR to Replace Waterline

Marina del Rey traffic will be affected by pothole-fix and installation of 18-inch waterline which just started and is scheduled to continue thru July 2015. Potholing activities will take three weeks and then the pipeline construction should start in November.

Roads affected will be Via Marina from Marquesas Way to Bora Bora Way and Fiji Way from Admiralty to end. Construction will take place Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

The water line is being replaced because of undersized water mains and

Colorful Touch

x.  crayons

Hillel Smith proposes painting the structures on Wndward Circle like crayons.
“I’ve loved watching all the beautiful artworks that have sprung up over the last years and watching Abbot Kinney and the canals transform into what they have become, wrote Smith. “One place that seems to have been left behind is the Windward traffic circle. I had idea to paint the concrete barriers to look like crayons to reflect on the artsy history of Venice and brighten up an otherwise drab location. The costs would be minimal and could easily be covered by outside groups I’m in touch with, and could be reversed in the tragic [to me] possibility that it is required.”

Buddy’s Magical Summer

z. buddy

By Sherry Argov, Journalist, New York Times Bestselling Author

I write to thank you and your wonderful blog for posting BUDDY’s picture when he was lost. After twelve days, five thousand flyers, and one blog later, we were reunited. There aren’t the words to express my happiness. If David Letterman were to show up at my funeral to read “THE TOP TEN BEST THINGS TO HAPPEN IN SHERRY’S LIFE” finding Buddy would be on that list. It was magical.

Since then, Buddy has been enjoying life, giving more love and devotion than a trained service animal. He always insists on being right by my side. He is showered with kisses, and spends his time watching seagulls and boats sail by from the balcony. As CEO of pest control, Buddy killed a bee recently. Three anti-inflammatory shots and two antibiotic shots later, Buddy’s left cheek is on the way to a full recovery. For his valor and bravery, he was awarded a purple mouse.

Moving is SO traumatic for dogs and cats alike, both before and after the move. We never know what their sensory experience, level of trauma, or reaction will be. Buddy was very content being an indoor cat, yet the move traumatized him so much that he bolted out the front door.

Special thanks for putting Buddy’s photo in the Update. Angels were watching over us. Your kindness will always be remembered.

Crime in Venice, MDR 7-8 September 2014


All are concerned with crime in their area. The following are crimes in the various areas and for mainly 7 and 8 September. There are a couple of other dates mixed in. This is from Spotcrime.com and one can obtain statistics for himself by applying at spotcrime.com.

  Crime Date Address Link
A Theft 09/08/14 03:20 AM 3200 BLOCK OF CARTER AV Details
B Burglary 09/07/14 10:00 PM 800 BLOCK OF ANGELUS PL Details
C Theft 09/08/14 02:50 PM 13900 BLOCK OF PANAY WAY Details
D Assault 09/06/14 08:00 PM 4100 BLOCK OF ADMIRALTY WAY Details
E Theft 09/01/14 04:29 PM 13900 BLOCK OF BORA BORA WAY Details
F Burglary 09/07/14 09:00 AM 1100 BLOCK OF PALMS BL Details
G Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 1800 BLOCK OF THE BEACH Details
H Burglary 09/08/14 05:10 AM 600 BLOCK OF BROOKS AV Details
I Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1600 BLOCK OF MAIN ST Details
J Theft 08/26/14 07:30 PM 12600 BLOCK OF BRADDOCK DR Details
K Burglary 08/28/14 05:55 PM 12200 BLOCK OF VENICE BL Details
L Theft 09/07/14 11:00 AM 200 BLOCK OF WESTMINSTER AV Details
M Theft 09/06/14 11:30 AM 1800 BLOCK OF OCEAN FRONT WK Details
N Theft 09/07/14 01:00 PM 00 BLOCK OF OCEAN FRONT WK AND HORIZON AV Details
O Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 700 BLOCK OF OZONE ST Details
P Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1600 BLOCK OF WELLESLEY DR Details
Q Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 700 BLOCK OF MARINE ST Details
R Burglary 09/07/14 05:50 PM 8100 BLOCK OF REDLANDS ST Details
S Theft 09/07/14 05:00 PM 7700 BLOCK OF W MANCHESTER AV Details
T Theft 09/07/14 03:00 PM 3900 BLOCK OF MCLAUGHLIN AV Details
U Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1700 BLOCK OF OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
V Arrest 09/07/14 12:00 AM 2800BL OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
W Assault 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1600 BLOCK OF OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
X Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 3100 BLOCK OF 3RD ST Details
Y Assault 09/08/14 12:00 AM 14TH ST AND OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
Z Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2900 BLOCK OF 31ST ST Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2900 BLOCK OF OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
Arrest 09/07/14 12:00 AM MAIN ST AND MARINE ST Details
Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 700 BLOCK OF HILL ST Details
Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 3300 BLOCK OF BARNARD WAY Details
Vandalism 09/08/14 12:00 AM 3100 BLOCK OF OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
Theft 09/08/14 12:00 AM 3300 BLOCK OF OCEAN PARK BLVD Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1000 BLOCK OF MAPLE ST Details
Arrest 09/07/14 12:00 AM 1000 BLOCK OF MAPLE ST Detils
Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 2800 BLOCK OF 2ND ST Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2800 BLOCK OF PEARL ST Details
Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 2800 BLOCK OF NEILSON WAY Details
Burglary 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2700 BLOCK OF 2ND ST Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1100 BLOCK OF PEARL ST Details
Other 09/07/14 12:00 AM 2600 BLOCK OF 2ND ST Details
Vandalism 09/07/14 12:00 AM 2300 BLOCK OF PICO BLVD Details
Theft 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2500 BLOCK OF PICO BLVD Details
Assault 09/07/14 12:00 AM 2500 BLOCK OF PICO BLVD Details
Theft 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1900 BLOCK OF PICO BLVD Details
Assault 09/08/14 12:00 AM 1700 BLOCK OF PICO BLVD Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2200 BLOCK OF LINCOLN BLVD Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2400 BLOCK OF 34TH ST Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2400 BLOCK OF KANSAS AVE Details
Other 09/08/14 12:00 AM LINCOLN BLVD AND PACIFIC ST Details
Theft 09/08/14 12:00 AM 2500 BLOCK OF MAIN ST Details



Jody Moroni Sausage Kingdom, Robbed

a. Jody Moroni
The original Jody Moroni’s famous Sausage Kingdom on Ocean Front Walk was robbed 31 August.

Jordan Monkarsh has spread his sausage cuisine to other restaurants bearing his Jody Moroni name in California, Nevada, and Arizona in the 35 years that he has been at Venice Beach, yet this is his first time to have such a “serious break-in and burglary” at his Ocean Front Walk place.

One resident when told of the burglary said “Jody Moroni’s sausage is to Venice’s Ocean Front Walk what apple pie is to America.”

“We had a serious break-in and burglary on Sunday night, August 31,” wrote Jordan Monkarsh, owner of Jody Moroni’s at the beach. “Been here for 35 years and have never had a forced entry before.

“They came in via Speedway, climbed over the fence, and broke a six-foot, metal rollup door. They ransacked the office and carried out the safe and two registers. Just such a violation. Takes time to get new registers and set them up.”

Perhaps, the City should consider cameras on the Speedway as well as the Ocean Front Walk. Monkarsh did say that he will be installing cameras in the back.

Bike Lane Helps Here

aj. bike lane
Bike lane defines how to handle crossing Pacific when on a bike. Before bikers waited for light at corner on far right, interrupting flow of traffic for vehicles that were making a right-hand turn. Very dangerous. The line stops at Pacific but certainly helps at that intersection. Photo was taken at 8:30 am Saturday.

Venice Memorial for Jay Adams Draws Hundreds

aj.  jay adams
Mr. Skateboard was memorialized Saturday morning at the Venice Pier at end of Washington Blvd. Three to four hundred gathered to honor the memory of Jay Adams.

Jay Adams did it his way and they watched, learned, and followed as he made skateboard history. He grew up with it and made it grow with him. He took skateboarding from the streets to international competition.

He was Venice’s Mr. Skateboard, a legend.