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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

811 – 815 OFW Appeal Hearing 18 May

An appeal hearing for 811 – 815 Ocean Front Walk will be heard 4:30 pm, 18 May, at West LA Parking Enforcement Facility, 11214 West Exposition Blvd, 90064.

Applicant is 811 Ocean Front Walk LLC, 815 Ocea Front Walk LLC, Gary L. Sutter, Vera J. Sutter Representative is John Reed, Reed Architectural Group, Inc.

Appellant is Power and Bill Przylucki, Robin Rudisill, Mark Kleiman, Gabriel Ruspini, Todd Darling, Lydia Ponce, Sue Kaplan, George Gineris, Laddie Williams

Zoning Administrator is Jonathan Hershey 213-978-1337.

LCP Initial Meet Wednesday

LUPLarge pads with markers were put on tables throughout Westminster Elementary School and each table had a category for people to record their community concerns on the pad.

LA Department of Planning members held an open house for Venetians Wednesday night to record their concerns for the revision to the Local Coastal Plan (LCP)

John Hersey of Planning said there were two chapters to be added to the Local Coastal Plan–Climate Change and Sea Level Change. “We want to also, if possible, address the concerns that people have. We will be trying to eventually bring the LCP, the Venice Coastal Specific Plan, and Building and Safety rules into agreement. Right now they disagree in some areas.

“We will have meetings with individual communities to get their concerns for their particular community. For example if a community only wants two stories but the height limit is in conflict, we will address that.” One of the concerns the Update has is preferential parking and John Hersey said that would still be up to the Coastal Commission.

The LA City Planning department is operating right now on support from the California Coastal Commission.

VNC Election in Full Swing


Venice Neighborhood election (VNC) is in full swing. Yolanda Gonzalez, who is running for one of the 13 positions of At-Large Community Officers sits at VNC meet Tuesday displaying the Uncle Sam hat with the colors.

Ado Restaurant to be Heard 5 May

Ado Restaurant is seeking a conditional use permit to continue dispensing beer and wine for on-site consumption in a 1000-sqft restaurant with 26 seats. Hours of operation are 5:30 to 10:30 pm Monday thru Saturday and Sunday 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

Hearing will be held 10 am, 5 May at West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave, 90045. For questions or comments contact Matthew Quan 213-978-1320.

Firestone Walker Opens Thursday


Firestone Walker Brewery Pub, called The Propagator, will officially open its doors to the public Thursday (7 April) at 5 pm and will be open until 11 pm, and thereafter 5 to 11 pm until May, when they will open for lunch. The brewery is at 3205 Washington Blvd near the corner of Washington and Lincoln.

When asked about the name “Propagator,” Christopher Weir, publicist for Firestone Walker, said “The ‘Propagator’ is the name for the collective identity of the property. The vision behind the name is perhaps best summed up by the following quote from David Walker:’The Venice Propagator is another step in our brewery evolution that is now 20 years strong. Our hope is to create an idea laboratory for brewing while becoming part of the neighborhood and closer to the local brewing community.’”

By S. Christopher Weir, Firestone Walker Publicist
After three years of anticipation, Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s new Propagator campus in Venice will open 7 April with limited evening hours before expanding into daily lunch service in May.

The Propagator represents the brewery’s third regionalized coastal California operation, following the main brewery in Paso Robles and the Barrelworks wild ales facility in Buellton. The Venice campus buildings include a restaurant, lounge and new barrel cellar that will condition and serve experimental rustic ales for local patrons. It also includes a retail space with merchandise, brewing gear, cold-stored packaged beer, and a growler fill station. There is also space for future beer education seminars.

“The Venice Propagator is another step in our brewery evolution that is now 20 years strong,” said David Walker. “Our hope is to create an idea laboratory for brewing while becoming part of the neighborhood and closer to the local brewing community.”

The Propagator restaurant presents a gastropub feel with a menu geared for beer. The adjoining bar offers Firestone Walker favorites, including taps dedicated to Barrelworks wild ales, guest taps and beer engines for select cask favorites (as well as future taps dedicated to Venice-made rustic ales). Favorite wines from the brewery’s Central Coast neighbors are also available on tap.

Brewhouse Dream Delayed
Firestone Walker’s planned pilot brewhouse for the Propagator has been delayed. More than $1 million was invested in acquiring a state-of-the-art small scale Kaspar Schulz brewhouse from Germany for this sole purpose. However, the brewery is still working on the necessary brewing permits from the multiple City of Los Angeles departments overseeing development.

“We hit many walls in the permitting process,” Adam Firestone said. “Some proved impenetrable so we made the decision to open before the brewhouse was fully operational.”

“It’s disappointing that this beautiful, perfectly formed, miniature brewhouse will not be operational for our opening, but we will continue to press the numerous city departments needed to make it happen,” Walker said. “It’s all good, we have spent 20 years adapting to adversity with usually great outcomes.”

The Propagator Lives
The Venice Propagator is intended to lead the charge for Firestone Walker’s experimental and R&D beer programs. The first program specifically developed for the site is the maturation and blending of what Brewmaster Matt Brynildson calls “rustic” ales, splitting the difference between the barrel-aged strong ales made at the Paso Robles brewery and the wild, or sour, ales made at the Barrelworks facility in Buellton.

“The whole point of the Propagator is not to duplicate things going on in Paso Robles or Buellton, but rather to meet a specific creative need,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “This rustic ale program is one such idea.”

Brynildson noted that rustic ales—a loose category of unfiltered, largely barrel-conditioned, often farmhouse-style beers—have not had a fitting home at Firestone Walker until now, as they are too unstable to make at the clean production brewery but also too susceptible to souring influences at Barrelworks.

“We have dabbled in these types of beers with our original Lil’ Opal and our Unfiltered DBA, and now we have a place where we can sink our teeth into them,” Brynildson said. “These will be beers that translate well on draft but don’t make a lot of sense in a bottle—unfiltered, small batch, barrel-conditioned beers that are not sour but remain charmingly unrefined.”

The rustic ale program began with the recent arrival of used Firestone Union oak barrels, and will continue to grow into the space with new beers and ideas as they develop. Brynildson ultimately hopes to collaborate with other local brewers by bringing in their wort, then conditioning and finishing the beers at Firestone Walker Venice.

The menu will offer a mix of small dishes, shareables, tacos, pizzas and large plates. Initial menu items include Smoked Brisket (16-hour brisket, grilled asparagus, smashed potatoes); Tempeh Banh Mi (marinated tempeh, pickled veggies, spicy soy may, crispy shallots); and Pork Belly Tacos (handmade corn tortillas, beer-braised pork belly, pineapple pico, chicharrones).

“The vision is to provide casual food that is perfect for pairing with our beers,” Walker said.

Erewhon to Open 6 April


Erewhon (pronounced “e-re-whon”) will be opening in Venice at 585 Venice Blvd, just east of Abbot Kinney Wednesdat, 6 April at 9 am.

This is the third store for Erewhon. Their other two stores are Beverly Hills and Calabasas.

Erewhon according to Erewhon website is committed “to bringing local and organic produce from farm to table for our customers and to setting the standard for the highest quality ingredients possible. We believe that to fulfill our mission we must stay on the cutting edge by sourcing the latest innovations in high quality, nutrient-rich, pure products. Part of our mission is to safeguard the sources of “pure” food on the planet. We support the Non-GMO project and other efforts to ensure that the prevalence of genetically modified food is curtailed.

“Our suppliers cherish the earth like us and are crazy about impeccable, uncontaminated, pure food.”

Erewhon is the word “nowhere” spelled backward except for the “h” and “w.” Wikipedia states:

Erewhon is a novel by Samuel Butler which was first published anonymously in 1872. The title is also the name of an anonymous country, supposedly discovered by the protagonist. In the novel, it is not revealed where Erewhon is, but it is clear that it is a fictional country. Butler meant the title to be read as “nowhere” backwards even though the letters “h” and “w” are transposed, as it would have been pronounced in his day (and still is in some dialects of English). The book is a satire on Victorian society.

320 Sunset Jan Hearing Postponed; March Now Scheduled Date

320 Sunset

Note: This article borders on being opinion/editorial.

The story of 320 Sunset reads like a study in bad City politics. If one has trouble keeping up with the latest, join the Venice Update followers and members of the Concerned Neighbors group. The hearing dates and postponements read like someone searching for the right under-the-cover pocket, the right star alignment. (Go to Venice Update archives.)

The problem with “a right pocket” is that there are young, knowledgeable, eagle-eyed citizens watching, and the Departments of Planning and Building and Safety are supposed to operate with rules and transparency.

What started out as a bakery/retail (and still the only thing permitted) turned into a full scale restaurant with alcohol and an outdoor patio buffered with a 13.5-foot alley from residents. The latter configuration is what is operating, without permit, in the City much to the knowledge of the Concerned Neighbors group and “chagrin” of the Departments of Planning and Building and Safety. Not mentioned is the parking lot that is not tied to the building lease.

The latest activity has been covered in the article at http://savevenice.me/gjusta-venice-no-friend-to-residents/.

Robin Murez: They have pink ribbons around them …

Spin it.

Spin it.

Lift and Shift.

Lift and Shift.

Peek Inside.

Peek Inside.

See Abbot Kinney?

See Abbot Kinney?

Robin Murez, resident sculptor extraordinaire and originator of other types of art, has tied a pink ribbon around her works of art on Abbot Kinney and in close proximity. The map shows the locations. They are unique pieces of art as well as glimpses into the history of Venice. She refers to the ribbons “and now for something festive.”

“I’ve put happy pink ribbons and bows on several of my no-tech interactive sculptures,” she said. “They’re installed along Abbot Kinney Boulevard and through the neighborhood.

“Spin, Peek, Flip and enjoy, as each tells a fascinating story about Venice.

“Enjoy a stroll.”

Murez Map2
This is a map of her art work on Abbot Kinney and close proximity.
All her work can be seen at VenicePublicArt.com.

Home Invasion at Beach

A woman who lives on one of the walk streets near Washington and Pacific had a home invasion Monday (21 December) at 1 am. She was asleep in her bed when a black woman appeared at one of the doorways in her bedroom and mumbled something.

The woman in bed woke up, immediately grabbed her phone, and went thru another door to the garage and called police. Three police cars and a helicopter arrived.

The intruder had gotten into the house thru a doggie door big enough for a Labrador-Poodle mix. There are two such dogs living there, but both dogs would do an “over-love” job on any intruder.

It has since been reported that the woman, who some claim drinks and has a mental problem, has been sleeping in yards on the walk streets.

Regina Weller, Chaplain of the LAPD Homeless Task Force, predicted earlier this month that there would be home invasions as the rains started and the cold weather increased.

Here is the home owners’ account of the incident:

A mentally ill woman came into my house thru the doggie door. The dogs barked like crazy but I thought it was the drunks outside coming out of the bars on Washington. Then she was standing in the doorway to my bedroom mumbling.

I grabbed my phone and went out the door to the garage. Called 911, police came. She was across the street by then and they took her away.

She had set up her bed for the night in my yard with her potato chips and water.

I couldn’t identify her because it was dark in my house so police didn’t book her. She was black was all I knew and she had my outside broom that she was probably using to keep the dogs from kissing her.

Does anyone have experience with electric doggie door locks? They go on dogs’ collars.

Tis The Season–Packages Stolen Everywhere

Just about every area in Venice reported packages being stolen from cars, from porches, etc. Mar Vista also reported packages stolen.