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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Ed Begley, Jr. Kicks Off First Venice Enviro Expo Saturday

Ed Begley, Jr. to keynote inaugural green gathering at Mark Twain Middle School sponsored by WHOLE FOODS MARKET!

VENICE – The Venice Neighborhood Council will be hosting the first ever Green Expo this Saturday, February 28th, at the Mark Twain Middle School located at 2224 Walgrove Avenue from 12-6PM.

Sponsored by WHOLE FOODS MARKET located on Lincoln Boulevard, this event is designed to increase the “Green IQ” of Venetians on a whole host of topics including zero waste, sustainable living, soil compost and healthy eating, as well as the case for electric cars.

Over twenty exhibitors will be on hand to discuss sustainable architecture, solar power, ocean health, grey-water solutions, home-food gardening, drought friendly landscaping, composting and other green living solutions, products and services.

An Eco Genius Bar will allow attendees to interact one-on-one with speakers and exhibitors on topics important to you.

An array of presenters will address the Expo beginning at 1:00 PM, with our keynote speaker Actor/Activist Ed Begley, Jr., closing the event beginning at 5:00PM.

Hal’s Restaurant, Superba Food + Bread, Wabi Sabi and the Venice Ale House will be supplying food and refreshments.

Admission and parking are free.

VNC President Mike Newhouse called upon all Venetians to attend.

“Sustainable living solutions from a Venice perspective will be unique, memorable and an important learning experience for all that attend. All aspects regarding green living will be addressed by local experts passionate about our community and maintaining our collective commitment to the planet,” offered Newhouse of this important grass roots gathering.

Attendees will experience the power of the Tesla Model S, which will be featured as one of the highlights of what looks to be an incredible community event.

Test rides will be available to licensed drivers.

A KidsZone will also be on-site and attendees and participants are encouraged to bike to Mark Twain Middle School, as well as to bring sustainable utensils for food and drink, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Your Voice Can Matter!

liquor flyer copy

Ever wonder why almost everyone in Venice sells liquor? Ever wonder how to limit the number of liquor licenses? Ever wonder if you could put conditions on some of these liquor outlets? Do you have a place that sells alcohol and they have bad business practices?

“My Voice Matters” will be the subject of a workshop given by Institute for Public Strategies Wednesday, 11 March from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Avenue, Venice 90291.

Claudia Martin from the City Attorney’s office will be there as well as a representative from Councilman Mike Bonin’s office.

The workshop wants to answer questions and provide information so that one can be sufficiently informed to act on issues.



454 Venice Blvd to Be Heard

A two unit condominium project at 454 Venice Blvd will be heard 11 March at 9:30 am at Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Room 1020, Los Angeles 909012.

Owner wants to construct two condominiums on R-3 zoned property.

Comments and inquiries may be addressed to Kevin Golden, 213-978-1396, Kevin.Golden@lacity.org.

Silver Strand Has Two Crimes

Information comes from Silver Strand News

One was a home invasion around 3 pm Feb 12 between Quarterdeck and Reef Mall through an open door. Nanny started screaming; suspect fled and was seen leaving on his bicycle.

The other was on Topsail Mall at noon Feb 18. Intruder broke a window to front door and entered. Security alarm scared intruder and intruder left.

Two burglary suspects were apprehended 20 February in a van. Van contained items from a burglary at 4200 Via Dolce.

What’s Happening on 3rd?

Normally 3rd between Rose and Sunset looks pretty cluttered and not too clean on both sides. Monday, the 16th was quite a change. Both 2nd and the west side of 3rd were clean of “stuff,” belonging stored by the homeless.

“I can only guess that the maintenance crew for the buildings on the west side had finally cleaned it up and it appears they are keeping it clean,” said one anonymous observer. “This doesn’t keep the transient campers from coming back in the evenings under the Jones settlement, but it keeps the food debris, human waste and trash from building up and it leaves it free for the public to use.”

Update talked with James and Jarvus who were standing on 2nd wearing blue T-shirts that said “security.” Update asked them what had happened. They said they were asking homeless to move on unless it was 9 pm to 6 am and they were working with police to keep it that way so that people could use the sidewalks. James and Jarvus both said there were other security personnel on from 9 pm to 6 am and there were cameras all over the place.

The normal last Friday clean up was changed to Friday 13th so area was particularly clean but what was seen was startling. 2nd was clean. 3rd on West side was relatively clean and without “stuff” stacked contrasting what was seen on east side of street next to the public storage.

Men were working on the Google facility that fronts on 2nd and backs up on west side of 3rd.

Second looking north to Rose. Not one encampment.

West side of 3rd, backing up to 2nd, where new Google facility is being prepared.

One can only assume that Google crew is keeping their grounds clean and trying to keep the side walk open for workers. This doesn’t keep the homeless from coming back in the evenings under the Jones settlement, but it keeps the food debris, human waste and trash from building up and it leaves it free for the public to use.

Google building on 2nd that backs up to west side of 3rd. Men are working on building to get it ready for occupancy.

Still trashy on Rose at 3rd. Just unnecessary. The City gave them a dumpster. Not too hard a task to put trash in it as opposed to dropping it on the corner.

3018 Neighborhood Outreach Has Few, But All Upset

3018 Wash

The proposed L’olio restaurant at 3018 Washington Blvd neighborhood outreach had few people to attend but those who did voiced their opinions regarding no parking. Two even mentioned that there would be vermin, fan noise, and smells.

The architect said that 12 spaces were required. Three spaces were grandfathered, two spaces would be compensated with 8 bicycles, and the other seven required spaces would be paid for at $18,000 per space. Discount was mentioned for bikers and walkers.

One resident said she would be happy to pay $18,000 to assure her a place to park in front of her house.

One fellow who owned three restaurants and lived adjacent to property said he would fight this.

House the Vets They Say

Mayor Eric Garcetti has publicly said he wants all homeless vets in Los Angeles to be housed by the end of 2015. Janet Turner, field rep for Congressman Ted Lieu, reiterated the statement at the Venice Neighborhood Council meeting Tuesday night and said Congressman Lieu is working toward that goal and trying to get them on the Veterans Administration grounds in West Los Angeles.

Ordinance Would Change 72-Hour Requirement to 24 for Homeless “stuff”

Article in last Wednesday’s (18 Feb) LA Times regarding and effecting downtown and Venice homeless states that City Attorney Mike Feuer has written a new ordinance that would change the 72-hour requirement for abandoned property to 24 hours. It also defines abandoned property to include tents, tarps, sleeping bags, clothing, personal documents, medications and other materials. Ordinance would apply citywide.

Feuer was quoted as saying the ordinance “attempts to achieve the difficult balance between the legitimate quality of life goals of our neighborhoods and the rights and needs of the homeless.

Carol Sobel, who has defended the homeless, did not return calls for comment.

A public hearing on the issue is set for 2:30 pm. Wednesday at the City Hall, Room 1060.


Never Captures Yesterday as Only Never Can—V-J Day–1945

Speedway and Washington. It is another Jonas Never creation or replica.

(Photo taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life magazine in 1945.)

Jonas Never painted the famous “Kiss” on the wall at Speedway and Washington. He has that special way of capturing part of history that is “oh, so dear.” He does it in black and white and paints it like a photo or a story of yesterday.

The Kiss, which it is now referred to, went “viral” in the 40’s and is still hot. It is the classic photo taken in Times Square epitomizing the end of World War II and illustrating the jubilance expressed throughout the United States that V-J Day–14 August 1945.

The story behind the story is that no one knew the sailor. Several claimed the fame. The photographer was Alfred Eisenstaedt. Clarissa Cervantes contributed a story for Sandra Starr’s Silver Strand News that talks about photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. http://mdrsilverstrandnews.wordpress.com/. But the woman?

It was Edith Shain
EdieShainLincolnMemorial copy

The woman was then nursing student Edith Shain of New York Doctors Nursing School and later a resident of Santa Monica and West Los Angeles until she passed away in 2010. She was a kindergarten teacher in Hancock Park and Burbank for 30 years after getting a bachelors degree in education from New York University.

Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure knew and was in business with Edith Shain in Marina del Rey.

Shain co-founded the Full Disclosure Public access show back in 1992 and was Director of the non-profit educational 501(c)(3) organization AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN that sponsored the Trademarked FULL DISCLOSURE and FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK public affairs cable and Internet TV Program.

“Yes we re-inacted “the kiss” on V-J Day anniversary with Edith Shain and one of the fellows who claimed to be the sailor, ” wrote Dutton. “She passed away in 2010 after traveling all over the world honoring our Veterans in parades and major TV events.

“Edith stood 4’9” tall but was a giant of a woman who raised a family, as a public school teacher, and was a professional in medicine and TV producer. She also happened to be born in 1918 and lived through all the drastic social changes that took place in the last century.

“We miss her so, as she was full of life and enthusiasm right up till the end, when her sudden illness took her from us. Fortunately, I was there as she prepared to depart at 92 and she was telling jokes and reminding us of the person who once asked her: Who would want to live to be 100 years old? She responded, someone who is 98. And that is the way she felt about life and lived it to the fullest every day.

“She appeared in many of our early TV programs and will remain alive in our Archives forever.”

Announcement of her death 20 June 2010 by her family stated “Ms. Shain was a Registered Nurse, kindergarten teacher, public access cable television producer who became a world famous figure following her participation in the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day in August of 1995.

Edith Shain’s participation in Veteran Memorial events included:

. 60th Year Anniversary WW II to New York Times Square*
. 25 ft. statute next to the war ship in San Diego
. Grand Marshall of numerous parades
. Grand Marshall Veterans Day in NY City*
. Laid Down the wreath of WW2 Tundra Tomb Washington D.C.
. Numerous overseas appearances for Veterans Memorial event