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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice – Marina del Rey 4th of July 2017

Crowds on the Ocean Front Walk, the pier, and the beach seemed to be noticeably less than previous years. The fireworks display over the marina was definitely the big attraction for the day and drew the crowds.


This was the only bathroom that had much of a line.

Washington Blvd was closed west of Pacific.

There were several large gatherings of sunbathers but a lot of open space for sunbathers.

There was a definite police presence and most of the streets leading to the Ocean Front Walk were blocked by police cruisers.

Neighbors displayed their flags and some decorated their lawns. This lawn in the Oxford Triangle is consistently decorated for the season.

Some wear the colors.

My Opinion on Venice Blvd “Calming”– Jim Murez

Note: Jim Murez, a long-time Venice resident, is a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council and a former member of the Land Use and Planning Committee.

…my opinion on Venice Blvd traffic calming:

The Venice community is taking as much if not more of the impacts from the traffic calming measures that were introduced to Venice Blvd in the Mar Vista community.  These improvements have created a bottle neck in traffic flow out of the Venice community.  As a result more neighborhood cut troughs are occurring both in the Venice neighborhoods as well as the Mar Vista residential streets as drivers look for a better solution.

If the Councilman looked at traffic as a regional problem rather than as a spot fix, he would consider allowing traffic to backup where it funnels into our region.  Take exiting from Marina Del Rey onto Washington Blvd for example, why should there be two lanes of traffic allowed to go westbound, the only place for all that traffic to end up is Pacific Av.  This is a huge cut through route…  but if you stopped two lanes going left then people would go straight up Ocean Av another residential street that is way over impacted.  So to protect the community straight through traffic would also need to be stopped during peak trip times.  Wow – that would force all the traffic back to Lincoln Blvd, US highway #1… what a concept.  And maybe these measures would stop people who work in the South Bay and live in the Valley from cutting through Venice.

But when I asked the CM if he would consider traffic improvement like those he instituted in his community of Mar Vista, he said NO very clearly siting his plate was to full at present with the Playa Vista and Mar Vista projects.

Once again, Venice is treated as the stepped on child of the City.

Ron Galperin Releases Marijuana Dispensary Locations in LA

Blue Dot — 191 Marijuana businesses that complied with Proposition D according to the Office of Finance in 2017.
Lavender Dot — 756 Marijuana businesses that held Business Tax Registration Certificates in 2016.
GreenDot — 563 Marijuana businesses against which the LA City Attorney’s Office filed criminal cases.

Note: This story would not have been possible without Stewart Oscars’ research and persistence. The rules and regulations have been taken from other stories.

City Controller Ron Galperin just released a map of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles. The map shows the placement and status of the present medical marijuana dispensaries.

In January 2018 both preexisting medical marijuana and recreational use marijuana will be allowed to operate but they will have to obtain new local permits. Also home delivery will be allowed.

There is a proposed 10 percent tax on recreational use marijuana and a 5 percent tax on medical.

The new rules will put strict limits on a business’s operating hours and appearance, require intense security and detailed employee and sales records to name a few.

The City will have tools to enforce the regulations, such as authorizing fines, criminal penalties or loss of power and water service for businesses operating without a license or ignoring city rules.

3rd and Rose Is “The Place”

“Third and Rose in Venice is the best place to be if you are homeless” according to Google search, claimed one homeless person on 3rd and Rose.

This was statement a homeless couple from Miami gave to LAPD Chaplain Regina Weller of the Homeless Task Force. Regina asked the couple what motivated them to come to California. One said he had Googled “Where’s the best place for homeless people?” Google pointed them to 3rd and Rose in Venice.

This writer immediately checked Google with the same question and found one source that mentioned Venice but not on 3rd and Rose. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/HowTo:Be_Homeless_in_Ameria The same search also had where not to be homeless with the 10 worst places and LA was No.1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/14/the-10-worst-places-to-be_n_231476.html  Google lists blogs and perhaps one of the blogs mentioned 3rd and Rose.

The article about this couple from Miami and their new, little cottage Chaplain Regina found them in Long Beach is in World Magazine https://world.wng.org/2017/03/homeless_on_the_streets_of_la

Memorial Wall Restoration Has Kick-Off Ceremony

From left to right are the various VFW dignitaries from the state and local posts.  B.J. Lawrence is to the left of the wreath.  Past the wreath is Judy Baca, founder and executive director of SPARC; Carlos Rogel, SPARC project manager for the Wall; Leslie Himes, friend of the muralist Stewart;Deborah Padilla, SPARC executive director;  Taylor Bazley, Venice Deputy; Pete Galindo, SPARC assistant director, and George Francisco, president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce.  Francisco opened the ceremonies.

“The Wall is a Living Memory,” said Carlos Rogel, Wall project manager for SPARC, at the Wall ceremonies held Wednesday in front of the POW/MIA Vietnam Memorial Wall on Pacific Ave in Venice.

“We want to restore dignity to this wall … sometimes it is the only place these names are remembered … it should be relevant not only to family members but to future generations.”

B.J. Lawrence, national junior vice commander-in-chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, several VFW members from state and local VFW Posts, a friend of the muralist joined Venice Chamber of Commerce and the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) at a special ceremony to kick-off the restoration of the POW/MIA Vietnam War Memorial Wall on Pacific Ave in Venice.

B.J. Lawrence gave the commemorative talk before officiating the laying of a wreath at the wall.

Last year Wall was graffitied
It was last year, just before Memorial Day, the wall was graffitied, and when many well-meaning people tried to remove the graffiti, they removed names. The Wall had to be restored.

SPARC stepped up
SPARC stepped up and said they would restore the mural. They since have done extensive research to make sure the names are all there and in the right places.

Judy Baca, founder of SPARC, said they would keep a “digital copy” so that it would be fixable from now on. She said she thought the wall would be moved or in jeopardy within the next five years because the property where it is located is to be developed.

“It is planned that the really big ceremony will be this coming Memorial Day when the wall is completely restored,” said Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy for Councilman Mike Bonin.

Peter Charles Stewart did the Wall in 1994
The 2073 names were painted on the black painted surface of a masonry wall on Pacific Ave in Venice in 1994 by Peter Charles Stewart who had served as a naval ordinance man during Vietnam. Leslie Himes, who was there to speak, helped Stewart collect the names from the Department of Defense.

“Peter slept in his van and had a parrot during this time,” Himes said. “We made friends with Jean and Charlie Raye, whose son’s name in on the wall. Jean was instrumental in starting the Legacy of Families here. Peter finished the wall in 1994 and died in 1996. Peter would be proud today.”

Bazley wants to anti-graffiti paint all murals
Taylor Bazley, Venice Deputy for Mike Bonin, said they were going to put a coating on the mural to prevent graffiti. Whether it is the type of coating that won’t allow paint to adhere or the type that can be washed off was not discussed. Bazley did say he was working on getting all the murals coated to prevent this.

B.J. Lawrence spoke of the desecration of monuments and how sad and disrespectful it was for those who served.

Leslie Himes talked about Peter Charles Stewart and his effort to do the wall.

Carlos Rogel, Wall project manager for SPARC, indicated it was a special project for him. He said he had people who would stop by the wall when he was there and tell him that “that name up there is a member of my family.” To Rogel it is a living memory.

Graffiti Runs Rampant in Venice

Fence on Wavecrest. (Photo by anonymous.)

Starry Night mural on Ocean Front Walk. (Photo by anonymous.)

Give them a graffiti park and they will destroy private property, murals, you name it. Perhaps, it is time to remove the graffiti park on Venice Beach. Last week it was the Vietnam POW memorial on Pacific.

CICLAVIA–Venice to Culver City, Sunday 9 am to 4 pm


3rd Avenue Last Thursday

Third Ave has changed some.  There are fewer inhabitants.  Those there were mainly Blacks and women.  Many have moved to Rose between 3rd and 4th. When asked why fewer people, Update was told the police had been there.  No one provided a  reasonable explanation for what “lack of people” had to do with police having been there.

Lava Mae continues to provide showers one day a week for the homeless.  They set up on 3rd Ave early  on Thursday mornings and provide about 21 showers in the three to four hours they are there.   It used to be Fridays but Fridays the Sanitation department comes and picks up trash and sanitizes the needed areas. One fellow said the showers were great and that he would be back. It was his first shower at Lava Mae.  He had been taking a shower at St. Joseph’s but he liked Lava Mae more because “they had water pressure,” he said.

lava mae



The property behind the fence is where the owner set up two portable potties for the homeless.  He had signs stating that if clothes were put in potties, the potties would be removed.  The potties are gone and the eight-foot fence has been installed to surround the property.

Brennan’s Last St. Patrick’s Day Celebration


It is 6:30 am and the police cars have moved over, at least enough to shoot a picture of the crowd lined up for Brennan’s last St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Brennan’s  is a legend for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  It has  always had a crowd on St. Patrick’s day since it opened in the early 70’s.   Tony Yanow has purchased Brennan’s and has promised to keep the Irish vibe.

Snapchat Goes Public in Venice


Market Street in Venice the day Snapchat went public.  March 2 SNAP became the largest initial public offering in California history at $23.8 billion.  Eric Siegel and Bobby Murphy, co-founders, who are still both in their twenties, are now multi-millionaires.

They started briefly in the blue house on Ocean Front Walk but quickly moved to Market and have pretty much rented or purchased both sides of Market. They are building a larger facility on Venice Blvd near Abbot Kinney.

The IPO was scheduled to come out at $14 to $16 but went out at $17 and quickly went into the twenties.  The stock closed at 24.86 on a Dow down day of -112.58.