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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Appeal of 718 – 720 Rose to be Heard by Planning Commission in Van Nuys, Thursday

Note: The Venice Community Housing Corporation claims this is the last time this will be heard.  This is a housing project on fast track. Few people know what that means. This is an appeal to try to make corrections. If these corrections are not obtained, the property will be built as is, setting many precedents for Venice.

City Planning Commission will hear appeal of 718 – 720 Rose 24 January at 8:30 am at the Van Nuys Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 14410 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys, 91401.

Appellants are John Reed, Jim Murez, and Marie Hammond.

1. The appeal is to appeal the Advisory Agency’s approval of a Tentative Tract Map for a merger and re-subdivision of Block A, Lots 5 and 6 of Tract 4372 including land previously quitclaim/deeded to the City for future street purposes, and of the Categorical Exemption pursuant to CEQA Guidelines, Section 15332 (Class 32):

2. A Conditional Use for a Housing Development Project with a density bonus in excess of that permitted.

3. A 35 percent density bonus (with 10 percent affordable rental special needs projects with unobstructed access and/or paratransit service) with parking provided pursuant to AB744, and pursuant to three Off-Menu Waivers as follows:

a. Height increase of 18 feet, 8 inches for a total of 43 feet, eight inches in lieu of permitted 25 feet.

b. Waiver of the stepback provisions of the Venice Coastal Specific Plan and associated with the increased height and

c. waiver of loading space requirements.

4. Project permit compliance for a project within the Venice Coastal Specific Plan

5. A coastal development permit for a project within the single permit jurisdiction of the California Coastal Zone and

6. A Mello Act Compliance Review for a project in the California Coastal Zone.

Address all comments and questions to Oliver Netburn, City Planner, 200 North Spring Street, Room 763, Los Angeles, CA 90012 or Oliver.Netburn@lacity.org; 213-978-1382.

VCH Launches “Roots to Grow” with Safe Place for Youth (SPY)

Note: This information was taken from the VCH January newsletter.

Venice Community Housing (VCH) has launched a new program called Roots to Grow! The Roots to Grow Program is a transitional housing program operated under a partnership with Safe Place for Youth (SPY).

Roots to Grow will provide safe, secure, and stable housing for young adults in two houses. The Mitchell House, in Mar Vista, and the Ashton House, in Westwood, will each accommodate up to ten residents between the ages of 18 and 24 living in shared bedrooms.

Residents will be eligible to remain housed in the Roots to Grow transitional living program for up to 36 months with the goal of having residents exit to permanent housing after 18 months. Together, the two transitional living houses will provide a safe place to live for youth.

VCH Submits Plans for Reese Davidson Community 140-Unit Project

Venice Community Housing (VCH) submitted their 140-unit affordable/PSH project to City for City approval, 12 December.

Project is now called the Reese Davidson Community and is located between North and South Venice Blvd, between Pacific and Dell. It is a joint effort with Hollywood Community Housing.

The 140 units will have 50 percent for formerly homeless households, 25 percent for low-income artists, and 25 percent for other low-income households. The site will also have a community arts center, small scale retail, public parking, residential and commercial parking, wide setbacks from the sidewalk, various open and green spaces, and multiple opportunities for public art. Project must provide for 188 parking spaces that were available on property.

There will be eight full-time staff, four of whom will live on-site, providing the capacity for 24-hour staff coverage. The height of the residential buildings vary from one to three stories and there will be a taller feature to define the corner of North Venice Blvd. and Pacific Ave.

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process is tentatively scheduled to begin 14 January, 5 to 7 pm at the Oakwood Recreation Center.

Rose Ave Apartments Passes LUPC 7 to 2


The controversial Rose Ave project passed the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Land Use and Planning Community (LUPC) 7 to 2 Tuesday night. Next step is the Venice Neighborhood Council meet, Monday, 17 September.

The Oakwood Recreation Center was standing room only as an emotionally charged crowd waited for their turn of 45 seconds to speak. Matt Royce, chair of LUPC, made the statement that it was the largest crowd he had ever had.

Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing (VCH), did a presentation with John Lonnel, consultant, assisting with questions.

Height and parking seemed to be the main objections to the project. Height for the project is 43 feet and the Venice Specific Plan calls for 25 to 30, depending on the roof structure. Parking is not in compliance with the Venice Specific Plan either. Parking provides for 15 places on site and seven on whole Foods parking lot based on an agreement with Whole Foods which is located across the street. There will be 2750 square feet of commercial and 35 apartments. Also there was some controversy over having/not having a loading zone. The four story building consists of three stories of residential and a ground floor of commercial.

Most of the comments consisted of “we need housing” and testimonies of how “housing changed my life.”

Both Jim Murez and John Reed members of the VNC board and former members of LUPC talked about the parking and height of the building as precedent setting features. John Reed, an architect, said that first of all the parking covenant states that it has to be signed by the owner of the property and Whole Foods is not the owner, nor was Safeway the owner. That would leave 15 spaces for 2750 square feet of commercial and 35 residential units. The video talks of side yard and front setbacks, no windows in front and more as well as the height and lack of parking.

VCH to Present Building Plans for New Office and 35 PSH Units to LUPC Tonight

Venice Community Housing (VCH) will present their plans for building a new office and 35 permanent supportive housing units at the Venice Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committee 6:30 pm tonight (30 August)at the Oakwood Recreation Center.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 8.18.53 AM

VCH to Hold Open House to Show and Explain Project Rebuild

Venice Community Housing (VCH) will be holding an open house and informational meeting 26 June from 6 to 9 pm at 718-721 Rose Ave to discuss their proposed project of rebuilding to accommodate all their offices and 34 homeless, of which half will be for transition aged youth and half for chronically homeless.


First of Venice Design Series Events was Magical as Billed

It was called Magic Malibu and that it was!  

First of the six events for this year’s Venice Design Series was held last Sunday. It was a tour of the Wing House, made from the wing of a 747 aircraft and designed by Venice’s own architect David Hertz. It is high in the Malibu hills and considered one of the 100 most extraordinary houses in the United States.

Linda Lucks and Jay Griffith absolutely do not stop warming the hearts of Venetians and challenging their imaginations. First it was the Home and Garden show that ran in Venice for more than 25 years and brought people from all over California. Now it is the fourth year of the Venice Design Series. One wonders how these two can keep topping themselves.

First of the six events for this year was held last Sunday. It was a tour of the Wing House, made from the wing of a 747 aircraft and designed by Venice’s own architect David Hertz. It is considered one of the 100 most extraordinary houses in the United States. 

In addition to touring the house made from a 747, owner Francie Rehwald’s garden or yard consists of the set from the movie King and I. Originally, the land was owned by set designer and designer extraordinaire of many things, Tony Duquette. Duquette had the set moved to his property. His original house burned and he lived in and on the set for years.

The tour included lunch in the King and I set.

David Hertz and his wife Laura Doss-Hertz just bought an old hunting lodge with 40 acres adjoining Rehwald’s Wing House. They plan to do “something” with it. They allowed all to tour their house also.

The remaining events are shown below. All monies benefit the Venice Community Housing Corporation. For information contact Linda Lucks at llucks@vchcorp.org


Venice Design Series Events Start in April

The Venice Design Series, which is an outgrowth of the Home and Garden Show that Linda Lucks and Jay Griffith initiated and that lasted for years, will start this month. All proceeds go to the Venice Community Housing Corporation. For information, tickets, or sponsorship, contact Linda Lucks at 310-526-3857, LLucks@vchcorp.org. The contact fields below do not work.


VCH Names Venice Median Project Reese-Davidson Community

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.05.05 AM
Rendering of proposed Venice Median project to be built between North and South Venice Blvd and east of Pacific.

Venice Community Housing and Hollywood Community Housing have named the proposed Venice Median Project the Reese-Davidson Community.  They have named the Community Arts Center after artist Gregory Hines.

These are words and facts from the Venice Community Housing Monthly Newsletter.
Arthur Reese worked in multiple ways to found and build Venice in the early 1900.  He was considered the lead decorator of buildings and attractions, helping to establish Venice’s unique style. He was also the first African American homeowner in the neighborhood.

Rick Davidson was among the founders of Venice Community Housing, and was a tireless advocate, architect and artist working toward an equitable Venice, region, and world.

Venice Community Housing will honor longtime Venice resident and artist Gregory Hines by establishing the Gregory Hines Community Arts Center.

“We are thrilled to be honoring the amazing and varied contributions of these three community leaders,” read the newsletter.

VCH to Build Housing on Their Rose Ave Site


Story and photo reprinted, with permission, from Venice Community Housing Monthly Newsletter

Venice Community Housing (VCH)  is planning to redevelop its current administrative offices into Rose Avenue Apartments!

Located at 718-720 Rose Avenue at the intersection of Lincoln Blvd. and Rose Ave., VCH will provide permanent supportive housing for 34 formerly homeless households- 50% for transitional aged youth, 50% for those who have experienced chronic homelessness and one unit for a resident manager. 

According to the VCH  newsletter, “Rose Apartments will help VCH continue to address the overwhelming need for permanent supportive housing for people who are experiencing homelessness or chronic homelessness, especially for those on the Westside of LA, one of the regions most under-served by permanent supportive housing development. VCH believes that providing housing and supportive services to those who are most vulnerable helps establish and maintain stability and health, reduces costs for ER visits, hospitalizations, and jail stays, and contributes to the overall inclusive and equitable development of the neighborhood.”

The above photo is a rendering of the development by architecture firm Brooks and Scarpa. For more information on the Rose Ave. development and other VCH new developments, visit our webpage HERE.