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Venice Update

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Tesuque Market/Restaurant Plan Dominates VNC Meet


By Angela McGregor

At roughly 8:30pm, the time at which, according to the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) agenda, the matter of 600 Mildred Street’s application for change of use from a retail market to a retail market and restaurant was scheduled to be heard, the auditorium at Westminster Elementary was suddenly flooded with dozens of supporters of the project. They joined the equally large number of Silver Triangle residents who had come to voice their dissent.

Board President Ira Koslow noted that this is the third time 600 Mildred (the former site of Kim’s Market) had come before the Board, and in each of the previous times their request for LUPC/VNC approval was denied.

In this case, the owners, Tezuke LLC, desire to convert their existing 904 square food market in the midst of a residential neighborhood to a “casual cafe” featuring 26 indoor and 18 outdoor (for a total of 44) seats serving food and alcoholic beverages from 7am to 10:30pm, with two auto parking spaces (they requested that LUPC’s provision that they provide valet parking in the evening be voided) and 8 spaces for bike parking.

Opponents of the project, most of whom live nearby, cited concerns about noise, trash and traffic from patrons, delivery services and suppliers. Proponents insisted that the location is and will continue to be a gathering place for locals who mainly arrive there by foot, bike, scooter or ride
share, and that it has proven to be a true neighborhood gem with an “old school” Venice vibe, much like the sorely missed Abbot’s Habit.

Transportation Committee Chair Jim Murez voted against the project, stating that he would first like to see a traffic study and effort to mitigate the already apparent safety issues at the corner of Mildred & Ocean before giving his approval. The final vote was close — 9-8-0 to approve.

In other VNC Board news, VNC Homeless Committee Chair Will Hawkins has resigned from the Board, leaving a vacant seat. In light of the recent elections to fill other, recently vacated seats, the application for this position is available on the VNC’s website now, but will not be voted on until the December meeting.
Speaking of VNC elections, the next one to replace the entire Board will be held on Sunday, June 2nd. Applications for that election will be accepted between February 17 – March 19th, 2019.

The next meeting of the VNC Board will be held on Tuesday, 20 November.