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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Culver Blvd Restored to Two Lanes Eastbound from Pershing Drive to Jefferson


Workers worked diligently Friday to remove and repaint the thoroughfare to reconfigure Culver Blvd for two lanes eastbound from Pershing Drive to Jefferson Blvd.  Two lanes were open Saturday afternoon.

There was only one eastbound and one westbound as a result of Councilman Mike Bonin’s proposed “Safe Streets” configuration.  The street was restored to two lanes at the request of the community.

Councilman Bonin will be hosting a town hall meet 29 July, 1 to 3 pm at Roski Hall, Loyola Marymount University, regarding “Safe Streets” for Playa del Rey.



Workers Prepare for two Eastbound Lanes on Culver — a Change to “Safe Streets”


Crews work on Culver Blvd to restore two lanes eastbound. Workers will continue thru the weekend. Councilman Mike Bonin said he would restore a lane, making it two eastbound on Culver Blvd.

Playa del Rey has been choking for a couple of weeks with the one-lane “Safe Streets” philosophy of Councilman Mike Bonin as commuters and residents said stop the folly. Put it back the way it was.

Councilman Bonin will also be hosting a town hall meet 29 July, 1 to 3 pm at Roski Hall, Loyola Marymount University, regarding the one-lane position for Playa del Rey.

This is traffic backed up on Culver Blvd westbound under the 90 Freeway on a Wednesday night at 7 pm with a green light.

Venice Blvd–“Let’s Give it a Try;” Playa del Rey — “Wait and See”

Oops!  First, and hopefully, only casualty.

Venice Blvd …  Ah, yes.  The one good thing about Venice Blvd and its shrinking is that it has replaced the homeless in conversation.

Venice Blvd, called the “Great Streets,” between Inglewood and Beethoven has lost a lane during the one-year pilot, feasibility period. Reasoning behind this lane loss is to produce a “small-town effect in a big town.”

Playa del Rey, west of Lincoln – Jefferson, Culver, Pershing, Vista del Mar — will lose a lane, if there are more than two lanes, and gain a bike path on both sides. Vista del Mar will not have a bike lane. This is part of the “calming” of traffic and is called “Safe Streets.” The City did have a lawsuit on Vista del Mar.

Culver Blvd at 6:30 Wednesday morning.

Both projects were vetted with residents and surveys were taken. All residents should have been made aware. One business owner in Mar Vista said only her business received notification. Both projects were explained to residents at various interactive community meetings.

“The Neighborhood Council of Westchester Playa and residents have been involved in the more than two-and-half year effort to make streets safer in Playa del Rey, and received a series of presentations about these projects before they were installed,” wrote David Graham-Caso, communications director for Councilman Mike Bonin. “Hundreds of members of the community have been engaged and involved by attending interactive community meetings and participating in online surveys.”

The residents of Venice are very upset about the slowing of the traffic on Venice Blvd. Venice Blvd, which  is State Route 187,  has been a main artery for Venetians for years. They did not participate in the Mar Vista vetting process and rightly so. The City was given permission from the State to do what has been done to that section between Inglewood and Beethoven.

There are petitions circulating for Venice and for Playa del Rey.  There is talk of recalling Councilman Mike Bonin.

The Venice Chamber of Commerce was queried as to what they thought of the “smaling” of Venice Blvd. George Francisco, president, responded with the following:

The business community in Venice is predominantly composed of small commercial enterprises whose vitality is inescapably tied to the over 10 1/2 million visitors we welcome each year. The Venice Chamber supports transit solutions that provide safe and efficient circulation for both visitors and residents alike, and we would hope all permanent options to improve mobility are soundly envisioned and implemented to ensure the welcome result of increased access with minimal disruption.

Venice Update decided to see how the businesses liked the “small-town” effect.

First sighted were two men working on the parking meters.  They said they were aligning the meters to match the cars.  When asked  how many parking spaces had been lost, they said they didn’t know, but with the wider berth on the corners, they had to lose some.  We just stood there as we watched a car using the bike lane and another approaching.  We also watched a biker using the lane and then stopping at the pedestrian red light.  We each bet that the biker wouldn’t stop.  He did stop but had started thru the light and then backed up.


“I hate it … just hate it,” said the first five shop operators. One said “education is more beneficial than prohibitive action. I asked for something to write that one down.

Then one shop keeper said there had been many meetings and surveys over a period of years.  She participated. She did mention that, as a resident, she did not receive any notification.  “It is too early to tell if it will make a difference for sales or if we like it,” she said.  “We all must wait and see.”

One thing that bothered her were the weeds in the median and took this writer outside to see them..  Just as we went outside a biker peddled by going the wrong way on the sidewalk.  We both jumped out of the way to accommodate the bike on the sidewalk.  “Isn’t that illegal,” she asked.  “It is so dangerous and it happens all the time.”  Hard to believe but even with the protected bike path, bikers continue to make pedestrians jump and endanger them as they persist in riding on the sidewalk.

Biker continues on after moving pedestrians out of his way.

“I can’t see the businesses across the street,” she said.  This writer had concentrated on the road improvements and had never been conscious of the median condition.  All along the Venice Blvd, the median is filled with weeds, trees that need trimming, and trees that need removing.  They are not native plants.  They are native weeds.  One would assume weeds will be removed, trees trimmed to give that “small town” effect an added “well-kept” look.

These are not native plants.  They are native weeds with debris.

A squirrel palm with unkept trees and more native weeds.

Still No Bridge at Jetty


The Jetty, the area between Marina del Rey and Venice, where the ocean enters Marina del Rey and there still is no bridge. Yes, there use to be a bridge between Venice and Playa del Rey but that was removed years ago. Still people run into the fence and some go so far as to get wet but there is still no bridge planned to connect the two pieces of land.

Santa ‘s Comin’ to Town—Ho, Ho, Ho

Santa Sleigh copy

Yes, Santa will be arriving in his sleigh with siren blaring, Christmas music playing, and police lights flashing from 1 December to 10 December. Sirens are loud; warn your neighbors. There will be time for pictures with Santa, so bring the camera.

The times are listed below along with the meeting place or cross streets. Go to the area closest to you. Times may vary by 15 to 30 minutes.

1 December–Tuesday
4:00 PM – Playa Del Rey Lagoon (Pacific Ave at Convoy Ave)
5:00 Pm – 83rd & Gulana
5:45 PM – 8030 Fordham Ave
6:30 PM – West 85th Pl, west of McConnell Ave
7:15 PM – 81st and Emerson Ave
8:00 PM – 7407 Agnew Ave

2 December–Wednesday
4:00 PM – Grandview Blvd at Mitchell Ave (Grandview Elementary School)
5:30 PM – Playa Vista (Concert Park on Runway Rd)
7:00 PM – Oxford Triangle (Thatcher Ave at Howard St)
8:00 PM – Kenyon Ave and Louise Ave

3 December–Thursday
3:30 PM – Oakwood Area ending at Oakwood Recreation Center (767 California)
4:45 PM – Olive St at Wilson Ave
5:15 PM – Shell Ave at Superba Ave
7:00 PM – 3600 Wade St (Mid-block)

7 December–Monday
4:30 PM – 5962 W 75th Street
5:00 PM – 8880 Earhart Ave
5:45 PM – Croydon Btwn 83rd St & 85th St Mid-block (Westchester)
6:45 PM – 8327 Reading Ave
7:45 PM Sires- 63rd Ave and S. Fairfax Ave (North West Corner)

8 December—Tuesday
3:30 PM – Penmar Park (Lake west of Walgrove)
4:15 PM – 2103 Walnut Ave
5:00 PM – St. Andrew’s Church (National Blvd and Federal Avenue)
5:45 PM – 3100 Colby Ave (Mid-block)
6:30 PM – 3500 block of Federal Ave
7:15 PM – 3270 Granville (Between Indianapolis and Rose)
8:00 PM – 11900 Victoria Avenue (Mid-Block)
8:30 PM – 3412 Keeshan Dr

9 December–Wednesday
2:00 PM – 3724 Cardiff Ave (Niko’s Pre-School)
3:00 PM – 3535 Overland Ave (Golden Manor Independent Living Home)
5:00 PM – N/W Corner of Vinton Ave, behind the Fire Station #43
(Evening of Community Neighborhood Watch)
5:45 PM – Clover Elementary School
(Westside Village Neighborhood Watch)
6:45 PM – 3500 Greenfield Ave

10 December–Thursday
3:00 PM – Corinth between Culver Blvd and Barman Ave
3:30 PM – Braddock Elementary School
4:30 PM – Mar Vista Gardens Boys and Girls Club
5:30 PM – Slauson Park / Mar Vista Family Center
6:30 PM – Mesmer/Beatrice Garden (Northwest corner)
7:30 PM – North Park between Marcasel Ave and East Blvd

Berms Start Going Up Along Beaches




Units in Playa del Rey on beach.

Bike Path Waved Out


Bike path along the beach is beautiful. It winds close to the water, close to the bluffs, making it special. Somewhere between Playa del Rey and Dockweiler, it looks like it is too close to beach.

Westside Public Education Community Meet, 26 October

Local neighborhood councils are sponsoring a Westside Public Education community meeting Monday, 26 October from 6:30 to 8 pm with elected public officials, education representatives and the community to hear what the plans and visions are for schools in area. The forum will be at Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet, 6550 W. 80th Street, Westchester 90045.

Westside schools are experiencing an increase in number of students presenting problems as to where to put the students. In these areas are charter and public schools and skill centers that are publicly funded.

Confirmed to attend the meeting are California Senator Ben Allen, California Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell; LAUSD School Board President Steven Zimmer; Cheryl Hildreth, instructional area superintendent of LAUSD Educational Service Center, West; Michelle King, and LAUSD chief deputy, superintendent. Invited but not confirmed are Councilman Mike Bonin, California Assemblymember Autumn Burke, and LAUSD School Board Member Dr George McKenna.

Neighborhood councils sponsoring event are Westchester, Playa del Rey. Playa Vista, Del Rey, Mar Vista, Venice and Westside Village.