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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Mystery of Floating Barge in Canals Solved; Whose Responsibility is Another Mystery

(23 Jan 2019) The infamous barge is moored on Grand Canal between the old Red Car bridge and the east bound portion of North Venice Blvd.

Rebecca Dannenbaum, 49, built a barge to store equipment and floated it down the Grand Canal in Venice and now the City is determining how to handle the situation.

She kept is moored between the old Red Car bridge in the Venice Median and the North Venice Blvd east bound bridge.  She had two generators and charged scooters to make a living.  She said she lives in a van in Venice and is a longtime resident.

She has been on almost all of the local tv stations recently and feels she did nothing wrong.  It is obvious someone, not necessarily her,  is living in this area as evidenced in photo.

The canals are considered streets in Venice so how this will be handled or who will handle it will be decided shortly but the barge will be removed and area cleaned and secured.

Captain Brian Morrison, LAPD Pacific Division, explained the situation to the NBC and Fox 11 news reporters.

Fox news anchor Susan Hirasuna’s story explains the situation stated by Captain Morrison as to whether the barge is an obstruction or an environmental hazard and which is more of a problem to determine which department will handle it. It is not a matter of law enforcement unless someone is living on it, he said.


What to Do for Misuse of Handicap and Street Restrictions

This gentleman with Tennessee plates has been occupying this handicapped parking space in the public parking lot at Electric Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue 24/7 round the clock for the last week. He has been there full-time despite signs prohibiting parking from 2 am to 7 am. He now has a lot of personal items stored around the vehicle as well, which he was moving in and out of the vehicle earlier this morning.

This individual has been living in this vehicle on Electric for about a month across from residences despite our calls to parking enforcement and LAPD Dispatch. Can you look into it?

Both Stanley Nowak and Bruce Campbell have tried to have action taken on these two vehicles. What does one do in a case such as this?

Senior Lead Officer Kristan Delatori, who is on the teacher union walkout, wrote:

Thank you for the information regarding the vehicle on Electric and the vehicle in the handicap space! I am assigned to the UTLA Strike until further. Please continue to utilize Department of Transportation as this type of issue is their primary responsibility. I would suggest using the MYLA311 website it is a great tool to document the issue and it is helpful for follow up. I will also put in a request with 311 and I will ask the Officers that work in this area to help work on the issue.

Encampment Update — 9 November

The good news is that Harding has been beautified, Lake is still cleared, and Carter is cleared and clean.  Carter can be clean one minute and the next totally occupied.

Beautiful Harding. Neighbors worked with the senior lead office and the property owner.

One man was trying to set up his “stuff” around the corner at Harding and Naples in front of a house.

The bad news is that there is a new encampment on the 90 Freeway median. Last time there was an encampment there, a fire occurred. Fire engines and firemen are at a premium right now.

Harrison was trying to repopulate with this man and another who was parked off the sidewalk.

The park of Penmar with the tent is still there. One reader of the story on the web said the real encampment is west of the golf course. Yes it is. It looks like an alley was blocked off and next to it is a utility box that makes noise continuously.

Staples area is repopulating and the hardware store encampment across the street is growing. Neither is ADA compliant.

North Venice Blvd is growing. It now has a tent across the street and, once again, is extending east to wrap around Ocean Ave. One can tell the police have told them to keep the area ADA compliant and in some areas it is but in photo shown, it is not.

The good news for Venice Blvd is that Taylor Bazley, council representative for Venice, announced at a BID meeting that the council office was working on a beautification program for all the areas around the Farmers’ Market and it would be coming soon. That would take care of that area of North and South Venice Blvd, Ocean, and the tent would go with it. Such a good idea.

South Venice Blvd, west of Dell, encampment has grown since last week but it looks ADA compliant.

Homeless man injured 3rd and Rose area on Halloween

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Police were summoned to Rose at Hampton and a homeless man was taken to the hospital Halloween day.

Two stories — police said he cut himself when trying to vandalize a vehicle.
Wallace of the Clean and Safe part of the Business Investment District said the man had a knife and took the top layer of skin off his arm. He walked down Rose Ave from 4th to Hampton (2nd) when he was asked by police to stand down. One arm was bleeding and the other hand had a knife in it. The man listened to the officer as the other squad cars arrived.

Awesome … Just Awesome! Venice Salutes Chief Moore, LAPD

Chief of Police Michel Moore said he would start policing the beach again when he was at the Venice Town Hall last Wednesday night.

Friday night between 5:15 and 5:30, nine to ten LAPD beach cruisers entered the Boardwalk from Windward with lights flashing and slowly and quietly parted the crowd as they proceeded to Navy St.

This was their way of stating “We are back!” Beach cruisers have not been allowed on the sand since last year when a man was run over but not injured. It just made Chief Beck and then Chief Moore extra cautious. As a consequence the beach has been the choice for the homeless.

At Navy all the cruisers entered the sand in tandem, drove south toward Windward, and then peeled off to warn people with belongings and tents on the sand that as of midnight tonight (19 October) they would be cited. Many started to move on. Any belongings left unattended would be removed.

The beach for legal reasons is a City park from the east side of the Boardwalk to the ocean, from Santa Monica border to the Marina del Rey jetty.

This is the official letter from Captain James Roberts, Commanding Officer, LAPD Pacific Patrol Division.

Venice Community & stakeholders,
The Chief of Police has voiced his support and direction for the Pacific Area Command to increase beach patrols, and redouble our efforts to enforce beach and boardwalk quality of life ordinances; effective immediately.  Chief Moore and the West bureau command staff have absolutely heard your concerns, and responded emphatically. 
If you are on the Boardwalk or beach this afternoon, you will see an increase in officers on the sand proactively educating the public, and conducting enforcement activity as appropriate.  And as always, the officers will simultaneously be offering outreach and support resources to those in need.  We invite all local service providers to connect with Pacific Area or come out to the beach, so officers have a direct referral source if someone asks for help during our outreach. This activity will continue around the clock,  until further. 


Amy Says Report Vandalism — Losses Accumulate; Let Police Know

Keyed car.

By Amy Alkon

There’s been a horrifying level of vandalism on cars in Venice and Santa Monica — likely causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage on some nights. Cars are being keyed — down to the primer — and tires are being slashed. One lady had her tires slashed 13 times.

Reportedly — per a commenter on Nextdoor — one of the perpetrators is a guy named Lance (white guy, I think) who comes by on a bike. The cops apparently know who he is, but the City Attorney just kicks cases instead of filing them when they are for “petty crimes.” Well, this crime wave is not petty because there’s so much cumulative damage and cost.

In order to get police patrols and attention to this, every one of these cases needs to be reported — even if it happened a few weeks ago or more time ago. The police need to know there’s an epidemic of vandalism, and guess what: They have no idea at the moment (more on that below).

This can’t be allowed to continue. I wrote a letter to Steve Lopez at the LA Times to ask him to cover this. If he doesn’t bite, I’ll send it to David Lazarus. If he doesn’t bite, I’ll figure out who the Metro Editor is and send it to that person. (If you know, please let me know in the comments — though I can figure it out.)

One problem: The City Attorney prefers flashy cases and won’t file on small crimes — but if neighbors show there’s a massive collective amount of financial damage to property going on nightly, either Lopez or somebody with political clout may be able to put some muscle on the City Attorney to file.

Need to be reported to get police support
Another problem that can be solved by each person who has experienced vandalism of their car — whether keying or tire-slashing: Again, per two beat cops I spoke to last night, these incidents need to be reported — and then they will direct cops to patrol areas that are being hit. The good news: Because they are property crimes, you can call in your report to the station. Best time to call is the morning, before crime gets going. If the desk officer does not answer, call back. The number of Pacific Division (and hit zero to get a person on the line): 310-482-6334

You can email photos of the damage to the cop taking the report. Ask for their badge number to do this, which is also their email address. So, it’ll be 555555@lapd.online (no dot.com).

Please, please, everybody start reporting these and tell your friends and neighbors.

We cannot let the vandals take over Venice, and that’s what’s happening now.

Don’t count on Bonin to do anything, or  the VNC to do anything, or anyone to do anything. We neighbors have to fight for our neighborhood to be a safe place to park cars and have nice things. We do that by reporting every crime to the cops.

City, County Phone Numbers

The following is a list of City and County phone numbers prepared by the LAPD and provided here for your reference. The 2-1-1 number for the County should be 211 as the City number is 311.


Senior Lead Officers Listed

This is the latest for the LAPD Five Points of Contact which lists your senior lead officers. Update does not have a map defining the areas.


Two Encampments Gone This Week, More to Go

This week the LAPD cleaned the area between the north and southbound lanes of 90 freeway just behind the Marina Garden Center and the Oxford Triangle area, two name areas, not spot encampments.

Last week the LAPD cleared two large encampments — Venice Blvd encampment and the east part of the 90 freeway just south of Culver.

Other areas of encampment are the Venice post office, 3rd Ave, and the Ocean Front Walk area and small encampments throughout Venice that start as one and grow quickly. One such recent group encampment to spring up in 4th and Rose.

Oxford Triangle Area
Javier Ramirez, senior lead office, was notified about the encampments at the yard. He took care of the yard and said Sanitation would be out Monday (30 April). The alley between Stanford and Yale had a large encampment that was blocking the alley and garages the length of about four houses. This was removed. Various areas throughout the Triangle had signs of homeless with people sleeping on the parkway, bikes locked to signs.


Venice Post Office
The post office seems to have grown a couple of spots since last week. The film below shows the post office. Jay, who hales from Michigan, is sweeping and cleaning. Her boyfriend moved out and to Ocean Front Walk so she was “blowing off steam” as she put it.

4th and Rose spot encampmrnt
Senior Lead Officer Kristan Delatori was notified. “It took over 48 hours,” stated Nikoletta Skarlatos. “The men across the street had a chainsaw and a bat among other things. Their belongings were attached to Public Storage’s fence, which is against the law. Their furniture and tents blocked the sidewalk which is against the Jones Settlement.”

Venice Blvd Homeless Encampment Goes

(Photo by William Hawkins)
This was the Venice Blvd encampment.

Sanitation moving stuff out Thursday.

(Photo by William Hawkins.)
After the cleanup.

The Venice Blvd encampment, which was along Venice Blvd near Abbot Kinney, was removed Thursday morning (19 April) thru the joint effort of the LAPD and the Bureau of Sanitation.