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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LADOT hosts info booths for those seeking answers regarding “Great Streets”

Los Angles Department of Transportation (LADOT) hosted the information tables at Windward School Saturday afternoon to a crowd of people with questions regarding the Mar Vista “Great Streets” project billed as giving a “small town effect in a big city.”

LADOT stated there will be three-month and six-month figures for the public to see. Right now it is only one-month old with no figures. They claim there will be adequate figures for the streets that are getting the cut-through traffic. Many argued with LADOT about the safety of the design.

One LADOT spokesperson did say that the fire vehicles would be equipped with emergency equipment that would control two traffic lights ahead of them.

For the most part, the crowd looked for justification
What started out, one Mar Vista resident said, as a street beautification project turned into a major talking topic for westsiders. And at this point no one seems to know whether it was to be a “Great Streets” project or a “Safe Streets” project and when and if the two projects became switched or intertwined. One person commented that it was for the bikers.

The survey started it all
It started out with a survey given to approximately 450 people and then information was put on the web. Several meetings were held but all were within and for people of Mar Vista. No one notified people who live in Venice or any of the other residents of neighboring cities that use the thoroughfare.

One lady, who owns a business in the effected area, said she got the survey and would never have approved it had she known they were going to remove a traffic lane (the survey never hinted at lane removal) and “we never knew the pedestrian crossing would be a major stop signal.” She was unhappy with the project but wanted to give it a “wait and see.”

People are overwhelmingly against
People are overwhelmingly against the project. At the Venice Blvd town hall in Mar Vista there were people from Playa del Rey who were opposed to the project. They were getting a double dose with the Playa del Rey “Safe Roads” and the “Great Streets.”

At the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC), one person who co-chaired the “Great Streets” committee, voted for restoration of the east and westbound lanes, as did a co-chair of the transportation and infrastructure.

Venice Neighborhood Council voted last week to request Councilman Mike Bonin to have a town hall for Venetians regarding Venice Blvd.

Business owners want lane restored
The big story for the “Great Streets” is that “Restore Venice Coalition,” headed by Kenneth Marek did a survey of the businesses and it was found that 82 percent did not like the great streets. They wanted restoration. There business incomes were down considerably. One man who owns four businesses on the street wanted lane restoration. “What would a great street be without the businesses,” one asked.

Cars are finding alternative routes and those are through the residential neighborhoods making neighbors very unhappy and feeling unsafe.

Bikers love it
Bikers, bike shop owners, members of bike clubs showed up in big numbers to support the “Great Streets” project at the Mar Vista town hall. But even with the bikers from all over, it was still overwhelmingly for restoration of the lanes. The MVCC vote was not there.

But the Great Streets wasn’t billed as a solution for bikers. It was a way to give the “small town effect in a big town.” Many claim it has changed to save pedestrians and bikers at the expense of the commuters and maybe the businesses of Mar Vista.

This map was a handout by LADOT showing bike and pedestrian deaths and injuries from 2003 to 2016.


Venice Update found Vision Zero map for fatalities—bike, pedestrian, car from 2003 to 2017.

Vision Zero map showed:
Male, 19, car, between 2013 and 2017 at Grandview
Male, 32, on bike, 2008 to 2017 at Meier/Moore
Male, 25, pedestrian, 2008 to 2017 at Wade
Male, 38, pedestrian, 2004 to 2017 at Inglewood

Third Accident for 16 July Weekend in PDR; Residents Want Lanes Restored

PDR (Photo compliments of Keep PDR Moving.) The Keep PDR Moving website reports on https://www.facebook.com/KeepVDMopen/posts/154099465152908 and stated that this was the third accident for the 16 July weekend.

Playa del Rey residents and users of the roads involved with the “Safe Streets” project that Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) and Councilman Mike Bonin have implemented are not happy and that is an understatement.

Residents and business owners want the lanes restored. Business owners are being hurt financially. No one sees justification for the lane removals. There supposedly are two law suits regarding this.

The PDR Facebook site shows that John and Ken did an onsite show and interviewed locals at The Shack Thursday.

LADOT will be having a Town Hall with Councilman Bonin for residents 29 July from 1 to 3 pm at Roski Hall, Loyola Marymount University, regarding “Safe Streets” for Playa del Rey.

Update has been checking the Culver Blvd westbound traffic at the 90 Freeway each Wednesday at 7 pm.

This photo appeared in Update the last of June.

This photo in last week’s Update (17 July) shows traffic backed up last week. It was so bad that Alla Road was backed up.

This photo was taken 19 July at 7 pm. What happened?

LADOT was called the next day to see if the Culver Blvd westbound land had been restored and they said no. It is not determined what happened. Perhaps, alternate routes have been established.

LADOT to Present “Great Streets” Data 22 July

Nat Gale, principal project coordinator for Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), will present LADOT data for first month of Venice Blvd “diet,” as some call it. The meet will be held at Saturday, 22 July from 1-3 pm at Windward School, 11350 Palms Blvd.

Culver Blvd Loss of Lane Causes Back Up at 90 Freeway in Evenings

Removal of one Culver Blvd westbound lane west of Lincoln Blvd as part of Vision 0 and Playa del Rey’s “Safe Streets” is causing a backup under the 90 Freeway in the evening. (Photos have been given to LADOT.)

There were two westbound lanes from Nicholson (Pershing Dr) to just west of Jefferson. Both eastbound and westbound lanes from Nicholson to Jefferson were changed to a one-lane configuration recently. The eastbound lane from Nicholson to just west of Jefferson was just reinstalled because of traffic.

Alla road which feeds into the freeway underpass at that point was backed up also, creating a time delay. Culver Blvd, east of freeway intersection and not shown, was backed up also. Photos were taken Wednesday at 7 pm.

Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) reinstalled the eastbound on Culver after the Fourth of July. A Town Hall meet will be held 29 July from 1 to 3 pm at Roski Hall, Loyola Marymount University. There apparently is a law suit pending.

The link to the traffic map is http://www.localconditions.com/weather-marina-del-rey-california/90292/traffic.php

Alla Road traffic trying to enter 90 Freeway interchange.

Culver Blvd with green light but traffic backed up. Traffic under the freeway from intersection to intersection was backed up. Culver Blvd was backed up east of the freeway intersection also. Almost impossible to get on 90 Freeway from Alla Road.

VNC Parking and Transportation Committee to Discuss Bike Racks Replacing Parking Stalls and “Great Streets”


The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Parking and Transportation Committee will meet Wednesday (5 July), 7 pm at the Canal Club, 2025 Pacific Ave to discuss bike share programs set up for your neighborhood. Note that some of these bike racks remove parking stalls; some go on sidewalks. Venice Blvd “Great Streets” will also be discussed.

Check the map and then go to http://venicenc.org/productphotos/CDP%20App%205-17-0500%20(LADOT)%20plans.pdf to see if the racks will go on the sidewalk or remove parking places on the street at the location of concern.

It is not “new” math; it is “bike” math
Rose Ave is scheduled for several bike racks. The one at Rose and Rennie will remove three parking stalls for installation of 21 racks. The math is 3 parking stalls removed; 21 bike racks added equals a gain of 18 spaces. See illustration below.

storage6 1

No Place to Park–Skyhooks Needed!


By Ruth Lerner and Charles Quinn

So Oxford Triangle Venetians, not only is it impossible to park on our street , Stanford Ave, ( the spots are ALL taken by 9AM! ) but we now have a new problem to contend with. On Weds. morning when Charles couldn’t find a place to park he made the ‘mistake’ of parking in our driveway behind my car. We discovered shortly after when I went to get my car that he had been cited with a ticket for  $68 for parking on the sidewalk ! In fact he wasn’t blocking the sidewalk as can be seen from the photo

This is not only infuriating but now will only add to the parking congestion if it’s ‘illegal’ to piggy back park in one’s driveway and more residents have to find street parking! Clearly the problem is made worse by people from local businesses, especially the boxing place on the corner of Stanford and Washington , residents of The Jefferson, patrons of Brennan’s pub, employees of businesses on Lincoln and neighbors who have 4-6 cars and trucks that are all parking on Stanford!

What can we do about this situation which is only going to worse? Is permit parking really not an option? Finding a place to park near to ones’ home is starting to feel like New York City !

Abbot Kinney Association, Call DOT; Do Not Pass Go

These photos were taken within just a couple of blocks on Abbot Kinney. It was obvious the gremlins had played with the painting of curb colors to the utter dismay of many a shopper looking for that place to put the wheels. Some of the colors were so deteriorated that one did not know whether it was a joke or a possibility.

It was so confusing to Update that a uniformed Parking Officer was summoned to make the determination. It was a possible red in front of a building with no intersection near. The Parking Officer said it was a definite “No Parking” and was for a possible fire engine. (Paramedic might fit but no way for the big red engine.) The yellow was for loading. Thought all loading and unloading was from the middle on Abbot Kinney. Most confusing.

The Abbot Kinney association should call DOT or email them for help at LADOT.WesternDistrict@lacity.org.

Check this red out. How many cars can be parked here? No intersection. Just a footnote but was going to use this photo with the header “I believe in Angels Too.”

Red and Yellow but why?

This one bleeds red. Around the intersection should not be 30 to 40 feet. Try 15, 16.

Why white? There is no restaurant or valet for anything.

Here are the curb color codes for Los Angeles.

Red: No stopping, standing, or parking.
Blue: Parking is permitted only for a disabled person or a driver of a disabled person.
Green: Park for a limited time.
White: Stop only long enough to pick up or drop off passengers or mail.
Yellow: Stop no longer than the time posted to load or unload passengers or freight.