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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Update Receives Crime Statistics Comparing Venice with LA, CA, Nation

Interesting crime statistics comparing Venice with Los Angeles, California, and Nation.  This was sent to the Update.

Weller’s Homeless Story No. 14

 Steve and Regina Weller Chaplains of the LAPD Homeless Task Force.

Steve and Regina Weller Chaplains of the LAPD Homeless Task Force.

Note: The Wellers have rescued more than 200 homeless people in the area this year. They have taken these people, not only off the street, but have put them in the direction of productive living. They at first used their pensions but Mark Ryavec and Venice Stakeholders started to help along with some other individuals. Venice Update, thanks to Regina, was able to tell some of stories of the homeless — put a face on the number. Tami Pardee and Pardee Properties entered the scene and helped.

If you wish to contribute, send check to Foursquare Chaplains, 1400 Rivera Ave, Venice CA 90291. Your donations are deductible and 100 percent used for homeless.

By Regina Weller


The homeless drunks were piled up on the corner of Washington and Lincoln Blvd by the 7 Eleven store. My husband and I always noticed them there when we drove by. Chaplain Steve often stopped to visit with them to offer various services, including a drive over to the VA for those who were veterans. Steve is also a veteran, so he can easily relate to the vets on the street.

Over a few months time, Steve got to know the Marine Corps Staff Sergeant known as “Sarge,” who for 7 years slept on the hard cement behind the donut shop and sometimes alternated for the sand at the Venice Pier. One day in July, the Sergeant explained to the Chaplain that he had started his career in the Marine Corps in 1993 and had completed 3 tours in Iraq. During his last tour of duty, his friend was killed and he himself was shot in the stomach and lost some of his intestines and his spleen. Sarge lifted his shirt to reveal the scars to Steve and stated that he suffered from PTSD. In addition, he had been exposed to depleted uranium from the war zone which caused nerve damage in his left leg. He left the military in 2003 with an honorable discharge. He mentioned that he had stayed for a short time in the VA domiciliary, but didn’t like it and didn’t want to return.

Because he was adamant about it, Chaplain Steve offered him another option, “Let me take you to a private medical detox in San Pedro and I’ll pay for it.” Sarge paused for a bit, and then accepted the offer. Chaplain Steve and two LAPD officers escorted Sarge to a 10-day medical detox program. Upon completion of the program, he entered shared housing where he remains today. Sarge has since made multiple bus trips to visit Steve, however today we contacted him as part of our follow-up care. He stated that he really likes the House Manager (an ex-coach) where he lives and prefers San Pedro to Venice. He is sober and enjoying the sober lifestyle. We asked him if we could contribute his success story to the “Venice Forward” group as part of the work of the Venice Foursquare Chaplains/Homeless Task Force. He graciously said yes, and asked that this photo from a past local Venice beach blog be included in the story and added, “Tell them, this is where I came from”.

We salute Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Christian Warren and all US Veterans for their courage and their sacrificial contribution in service to our nation.

Silagi Clarifies “Flight Patterns”

Laura Silagi, who is Update’s “go-to” person for Santa Monica Airport status, wants to clarify the airport flight patterns.

“The take-off pattern for jets is completely over Venice and is controlled by the FAA,” she wrote. “Jets are required to take off over the Penmar Golf course, which is in Venice, and fly over Rose to the ocean before turning. The jet noise and pollution impacts Venice residents and those Santa Monicans who live on the south edge of Santa Monica, as well as have a tremendous polluting impact on the neighborhood to the east (across Bundy.)

“Propeller planes are to take off over the golf course as well. Once at a certain altitude, the propeller plane pilots are allowed to turn any way they wish within the designated air corridor; however, the city of Santa Monica ‘highly recommends’ that propeller pilots, if turning east, first turn south at Lincoln and then east at Venice Blvd. Most of pilots do follow this procedure, more or less.

“This recommendation is part of Santa Monica’s ‘fly neighborly’ program, which shunts planes over Venice rather than its own city. When the Venice Neighborhood Council Santa Monica Airport committee met with FAA officials, the officials said they had no control over prop planes unless they violate the air corridor. Student pilots fly south then east when practicing various procedures, so they fly over Venice too.

“Even though the city of Santa Monica has been a bad neighbor to Venice, the ballot measure LC is far more preferable to those impacted by the airport than the aviation industry’s ballot measure D, which would keep the airport open for the foreseeable future.

“We need to encourage our Santa Monica friends to vote for LC not D.”