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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Transient Taps into Gold Gym’s Electrical Box at 3rd

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Guzman.)

A transient living on 3rd Ave tapped into an electrical box designated for Gold’s parking lot. This was discovered by Rick Swinger, resident and local activist. Both Gold’s Gym and the Clean Team from BID (Business Improvement District) were notified.

The Venice Pier electrical box was tapped into last year causing the pier to close for a short time and costing the City money to fix.

Area Cleaned for Lady at Windward Post Office Site

Wednesday morning, 6 February.  It appears  the good stuff has been bagged, the garbage removed,  and the elderly lady is underneath the blanket resting.  It is unknown who helped the lady or if anyone did.

Yesterday, she stated to  two St. Joseph’s workers that she did not want help.  Sanitation via MYLA311 app had been requested 4 February, and 5 February, a note was sent to the applicable senior lead officer for help thru the LA Homeless Task Force.  No one knows at this point who helped her or if someone  did.  She did not want housing or any other type help.  She said she would bag everything and dispose of garbage herself.

PO Encampment Not Abandoned — Small, Elderly Lady Lives There

By Reta Moser

Note there is a previous story regarding this site and the garbage. See https://veniceupdate.com/2019/02/04/encampment-turns-to-trash-use-myla311/

When dealing with the homeless, some days are harder than other days. Today was not the best. Today I saw the ruble move and talk.

A small, elderly lady sat on a chair totally camouflaged by being wrapped in part of a blue tarp and other plastic bags. Had she not moved, one would think she was a bag of trash. She was rocking back and forth while talking with members of St. Joseph’s outreach team.

I asked one of the members if they had housing for her. The St. Joseph representative said “The lady doesn’t want help.” I asked if she did want housing, could you help her and the answer was “No.”

The lady under the plastic told me that she was going to clean up her site. She was going to bag the stuff and someone would pick it up, she said.

Brian Ulf, of SHARE collaborative housing and who is on the board of directors of SHARE, was called and a message was left on his phone. An email was sent to SLO (senior lead officer) Jennifer Munther with a suggestion that the Homeless Task Force be asked for help.

Update has been listing this site as an encampment.  As of Monday it was listed as an abandoned site and Sanitation was requested via MYLA311 app.   Am sure the elderly lady would appreciate Sanitation coming and helping her with the garbage.


Canal Barge Out of Water; Sanitation to Dispose of it

(Photo courtesy of Tara Devine.)

(30 Jan 2019) Members of the BID (Business Improvement District) Clean and Safe Teams with the help of the Mariposa maintenance team removed the infamous barge from the Venice Grand Canal Wednesday morning.

SLO Jennifer Munther arranged for the Bureau of Sanitation to pick up the barge for disposal.

“Hopefully, the site will be clear later today or at least before the rains come,” reported BID CEO Tara Devine.

Homeless Floating Barge Down Venice Canals — Carefree and Careless

Certainly the story of the year and the picture of the year for Venice. Looks like two people maneuvering the camouflaged barge down the Grand Canal. The picture was sent to Venice Update by Howard Weisenfield, former president of the Venice Canal Association. It was published here Tuesday and sent to LAPD Captain Brian Morrison with the note that it was suspected to be part of the encampment at the Grand Canal under the Red Car bridge between North and South Venice Blvd.

By Wednesday the TV media were on the story. Officials were trying to figure out who was to handle this — LAPD handles homeless; Street Services handles the waterways; Sanitation handles cleanups.

Friday the the Safe and Clean teams of the Venice BID (Business Improvement District) started cleaning up the area and by 2:30 pm area was cleaned with the exception of the bare barge itself.

One Canal homeowner said the barge is probably one of the barges the Venice Canal Associations uses for their annual Christmas parade.

According to Venice BID CEO Tara Devine, “The barge or raft disposition is still a slightly open question, but it is my hope, it will be resolved the beginning of next week. I believe it requires coordination between at least two parties to remove it.

“We’ll be following up and doing extra patrols with both Clean and Safe Teams in area of the barge.”

Clean and Safe BID Teams Tackle Grand Canal Encampment

(25 Jan 2019) The Business Improvement District (BID) Clean and Safe Teams were at the former Grand Canal encampment where the barge was cited before 8 am cleaning the area.  The barge camouflage canopy had already been removed from the barge.  There was a gas can and  a propane tank exposed on the barge.  Underneath the Red Car bridge was an area used for living.

Homeless Encampment Floating Carelessly in Venice Canals

What is going on in Venice?   Is this not the “poster child of the free reign of homelessness in Venice?”  No Carol Sobel laws are broken here.

This photo was sent to Update by Howard Weisenfeld, former president of Venice Canals Association and property owner.

The police have been notified and are working on this as well as the area in the Venice Median involved with the Grand Canal.

Oxford Triangle Gets Many “No Oversized Vehicle” Signs

Almost all of Oxford Ave and parts of Thatcher Ave received the signs this week.

It was just reported that many of the signs say “and” instead of “or” which is a large error.  This has happened before.  A tally has to be taken, City notified, and change will occur.

Oversize vehicle signs are permitted on a block by block basis when 65 percent of occupants sign a petition.

Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy, said it would take six months and it did. Taylor Bazley has the application and petitions. You can reach Bazley at taylor.bazley@lacity.org.

Motorhome/Van Row on Main

And what is this? A designated campground for motorhomes and vans. Across the street, in front of Google are cars and vans that people are living in.

There are seven motorhomes and three vans, one of which is a handicap access vehicle that people are living in. Motorhome steps are on the sidewalk. One motorhome has his rear tire on the curb to keep his refrigerator leveled. Campground one block from the beach.

This guy looks comfortable with his chair out under the tree in front of Google entrance.

One Uber driver asked this reporter what was going on. “Don’t people try to change this, fix it” he asked.

Busch Tries to Get Citizens Arrest for Two Safe Team Members of BID

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

David Busch is standing outside his tent talking to police about 8 am Tuesday morning, trying to get police to do a Citizens Arrest on the two-member Safe Team that operates in coordination with the Business Improvement District (BID).

Safe Team members have been reminding homeless sleeping on the street that they have to put their tents down and move on after 6 am.

Homeless and their belongings are suppose to be off the sidewalks between 6 am and 9 pm. Police have been lenient with the homeless in allowing them to keep many of their possessions on the sidewalk. A tent still in place is not acceptable. This is in conjunction with the Jones Settlement.