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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Swinger Starts GoFundMe to Clean Up Rose & 3rd Area

Rick Swinger starts GoFundMe to clean up Rose and 3rd area.

Residents on Rose near 3rd are taking action to clean up area. They want no dumping signs at Rose and 3rd. They want the area cleaned. They have started a GoFundMe and are moving forward.

Last week a caption under this photo showed trash that was picked up by a black truck owner and carted quickly away right after photo was taken. Corner was even swept clean. That was Morales Hauling.



Update was notified that this trash that is being dumped at Rose by well-meaning grocery stores is actually being removed by local residents in vicinity of Rose. The local residents started a GoFundMe to get contributions to clean up the area. Morales with the black truck charges $150 to do a haul to the dump. What was on the corner was one haul.

These dumped boxes of food attract rats to the neighborhood. Even people who are sleeping out on Rose complain of the rats and lack of cleanup.

Rick Swinger, of north Venice, decided to do something about it. So far he has collected $280 and $150 was used for the boxes at the corner. The alley between Hampton and Rose is to be cleaned this week with a steam cleaner.