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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Westbound Culver Blvd and Westbound Jefferson Blvd to be Restored


Westbound Culver Blvd from Pershing Drive (Nicholson St) to Jefferson Blvd will be restored to two lanes. Westbound Jefferson Blvd will be restored to two lanes from Culver Blvd to Lincoln Blvd. It was stated work would start in a couple weeks. Bike paths will remain.

Eastbound Culver was first of the streets to be restored. Since Culver, Vista del Mar has been restored to four lanes.

The only lane reconfigurations left would be eastbound Jefferson and Pershing Drive. Residents at the Westchester/Playa Community Council mentioned that they were not interested in Pershing Drive. The downtown area has yet to be re-reconfigured.

Councilman Mike Bonin’s official notice was on Facebook 3 October.

The Playa del Rey Safer Streets Task Force has made an important early recommendation — asking me to restore additional lanes to a big stretch of Culver Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard while the Task Force continues to deliberate on a set of permanent and comprehensive safety recommendations for Playa del Rey streets.

I am going to honor the task force’s recommendation, and will be asking LADOT to restore the second westbound traffic lane on Culver and Jefferson, while preserving an area of the road to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe from traffic. The interim consensus recommendation also retains the present configuration in downtown PDR, between Vista Del Mar and Nicholson.

The recommendation was approved after the task force listened to the concerns of small businesses in Playa del Rey. The task force wanted to take steps to provide relief to those businesses while it worked on a comprehensive set of permanent recommendations. I anticipate that LADOT will begin the restriping work in the next few weeks.

When I appointed the task force, I expressed hope that people of different perspectives, focused on the public safety imperative, could work together and make consensus recommendations. While the Playa del Rey Safer Streets Task Force has much work ahead, the cooperative spirit required to make this first recommendation is significant, and I applaud the volunteers for their hard work and their willingness to make tough decisions. For some members of the task force, this was a tough step to take, but they did so in order to pave the way for continued collaboration.

My office and LADOT will provide an update soon on the lane restriping, and I look forward to the continued work of the task force, and I am eager for their next set of recommendations for improving safety on Playa del Streets.

Culver Traffic Blocks all Roads at Freeway


Culver Blvd traffic blocked all lanes trying to enter and exit the 90 freeway Wednesday evening at 7:07 pm.  Alla road was backed up at the light as was Culver at both lights.  The interchange traffic did move but slowly.

Culver Blvd Traffic Backed Up but Not Dangerously Under Freeway


Culver Blvd with only one lane westbound, west of Lincoln, had traffic lined up and moving slowly but not dangerously backed up under the freeway or on Alla Road. It was once again Wednesday night at 7 pm.

Workers Prepare for two Eastbound Lanes on Culver — a Change to “Safe Streets”


Crews work on Culver Blvd to restore two lanes eastbound. Workers will continue thru the weekend. Councilman Mike Bonin said he would restore a lane, making it two eastbound on Culver Blvd.

Playa del Rey has been choking for a couple of weeks with the one-lane “Safe Streets” philosophy of Councilman Mike Bonin as commuters and residents said stop the folly. Put it back the way it was.

Councilman Bonin will also be hosting a town hall meet 29 July, 1 to 3 pm at Roski Hall, Loyola Marymount University, regarding the one-lane position for Playa del Rey.

This is traffic backed up on Culver Blvd westbound under the 90 Freeway on a Wednesday night at 7 pm with a green light.