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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Stop Dumping on 3rd Ave; Totally Unsanitary; Causing Rat Infestation; Leading to Diseases





People dump perishables on 3rd Ave where the homeless have settled for years. Perishables are open to flies, rats, and whatever else is available. There is human feces in close proximity to the people and the perishables.

Rick Swinger, the man who has designated himself as the one to start cleaning up 3rd, has made notice to Venice Update of the Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego and Santa Cruz. This article talks of the outbreak in San Diego. Rick has had the County Health inspector out to 3rd and is awaiting an answer.

Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. The virus is primarily spread when an uninfected (and unvaccinated) person ingests food or water that is contaminated with the feces of an infected person.

Friday, people waited all morning for Sanitation to come and clean the sidewalks and the street and sanitize certain areas. They want this to happen. One homeless resident said it was the “fifth week that they haven’t come … look at this street.” Homeless residents move their belongings every Friday morning on to Rose between 3rd and Hampton so this cleaning can happen. Video below shows what they have moved.

Both homeless residents of 3rd and the residents of the surrounding neighborhood are concerned about the infestation of the rats, lack of cleanup, and the possibilities of other diseases, such as MRS and hepatitis.

The residents were asked who was dumping the food. One man said Phoenix house. One box of bread showed that bread was from Gelson’s.

Venice Update has asked the Council Office to post “No Dumping” signs with the penal code and the fine for doing such.

Food is not the only thing that gets dumped. Public storage renters dump miscellaneous items. People drive by and dump things, such as new carpet padding. Once a week the police along with Sanitation come by and pickup all bulky items (items that will not fit in a 60-gallon trash barrel, in accordance with LAMC 56.11.) This is new and they come once a week on a Thursday.

Rick Swinger asked for more trash cans. They brought more wired cans that Rick called “Rat Feeders.” So City put plastic sacks inside cans, one time. Photo above shows that City cleans the containers but leaves the trash surrounding them.


Swinger Contributors Fund Alley Cleanup


Rick Swinger’s fund, unofficially named GoFundMe, had the alley between Hampton and 3rd cleaned Thursday.

Swinger started the fund to see if he could get contributions to do some of the things that residents want done but that the City does not do. Thursday, Swinger had a professional steam cleaner steam clean the alley. Earlier this week, a hauler was hired to remove garbage from the corner of Rose and 3rd. Neighbors are contributing to the fund.

“Now folks can walk down the alley and not smell excrement,” said Swinger. ELROY from TSU-NA-MI SPRAY did the steam cleaning. Notice he sand bags and vacuums up the water so it doesn’t go into our storm drains and into our ocean! He is ECO Friendly.”

This group that contributes to the fund also wants “No Dumping” signs posted around 3rd and Rose area to stop food from being dumped off on the street creating unsanitary conditions. They want the food to be sent to the charitable organizations that feed the homeless.

Dumps Loose Shreadings in Trash


Someone drops his shreadings into trash can and shreadings are all loose. They fly all over the Ocean Front Walk and are just about impossible to clean up. Put them in a bag and then dispose of them. Not too hard! Picture shows cleaned up version. Local merchants were notified. Monday dropper decided to dispose of them loosely in a can south of original dumping.

Parks and Sidewalk Changes Become Laws 18 July; Enforcement When?


Both ordinances dealing with Los Angeles Municipal Codes 56.11 and 63.44 were enrolled as law 15 July and will be effective 18 July, according to Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association. Ryavec got the information from the City Clerk’s office this morning.

When they will be enforceable is another story.

These are the laws Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would not sign but City Charter rules can bypass a Mayor’s signature. Mayor Garcetti also said he would not enforce such unless there were amendments to preserve prescription drugs and identification information.
Police Commission can trump Mayor’s enforcement capability.

Steve Soboroff, head of the Police Commission, indicated to Ryavec this morning that he wanted the two amendments as fast as possible so that officers can be trained with the information contained in the two amendments, regarding prescription drugs and identification information. Ryavec also said that Soboroff indicated he would honor the Mayor’s request to have the amendments first.

The ordinances deal with cleaning up the City parks and public areas, such as sidewalks, parkways, streets and alleys. The main points are:

    Both ordinances change the times for notification from 72 hours to 24 hours for abandoned items. Items removed will then be stored as before.

    Bulky items that will not fit into a 60-gallon garbage can be removed without notification.

    Tents on park grounds will not be allowed unless a permit is obtained. Tents on sidewalks will be allowed from 9 pm to 6 am.

Fourth of July Cleanup Begins


The Fourth is over, the parade is but a memory, the fireworks are fading and some day will cease, the sobriety check has gone, the “End of Watch” memorial will be leaving Venice Beach, no Herons fell from the trees, the car that drove into the beach sand at the Peninsula is off the sand, and cleanup was underway Sunday.

What is happening in Venice? In our Neighborhoods? This is account of one resident.

    Note: These are perplexing times for residents of Venice. We have a Councilman who helped pass more stringent laws regarding keeping parks and sidewalks clean–automatic removal of bulky items, less notification time for abandoned items. But, the Mayor says he will not sign ordinance, yet it will automatically become law anyway because of way City Charter is written. Then Mayor says he will stop enforcement. Well, the Police Commission trumps him on that one. So it will be interesting to see what happens. (And we don’t even know if this will make a difference to the safety of the individual.) Meanwhile, we the Citizens, the taxpayers are having a hard time justifying what is happening in our neighborhoods. It appears neighborhoods, residents are becoming less and less important.

By Mark Shockley, a resident of Oxford Triangle (area west of Lincoln, south of Washington)
A couple things I thought I would share.

On Friday Morning (July 3) at 6AM I was riding my bike past the Glencoe Park on the corner of Glencoe and Alla. I stopped to use the mens room but it was locked. The door then flung open and I was accosted by a homeless man who was apparently shaving. He was 6 feet tall, super muscular and shirtless with a shaved head. The guy was super aggressive, in my face and I got out of there quick. He basically chased me off. Hell no, I don’t want any of that.

I was shaken up and I was concerned for the next person who knocked on the door so I decided to report it. I called the LA PD and was informed that they wouldn’t come out to investigate unless I waited for the officers. Now I’ve got kids and time is short but I did wait. Once the police arrived (Officer Gan and Calhoun) they knocked on the door and the homeless guy would not exit. As a matter of fact, he never exited the bathroom and after 10 minutes the officers decided to leave. I was pretty surprised. Aren’t you going to wait a bit longer, no warning, not even interested in seeing what he looked like?

I asked the police to please wait and they said, “No”. Then I asked to fill out a report and they smugly replied, “A report for what, did he hit you?”. And I said, “No, but he almost attacked me”. And the officer said, “So what are you reporting?” “Are you saying I need wait until he kicks the shit out of me in order to fill out a report?” And the officer replied, “unfortunately yes?”.

Here is my issue with this: I have 3 children and living in a safe environment is very important to me. I feel the rights of the homeowners are not respected nor enforced properly. I don’t get it, since when does homeownership and being a responsible community member count for nothing?

To put this in context, two weeks ago my wife’s 4-Runner was broken into. The center console was ripped out and the contents of the car were stolen. To make matters worse my 10 year old son found a hypodermic needle on my daughters car seat. We were petrified when he walked into the house with this needle. Did anyone come out to investigate, nope. We filled out a police report via the telephone. How can the overworked police come down to our neighborhood and pretend to care when they’ve got bigger fish to fry? We need a service dedicated to this particular issue, which is getting out of hand.

Furthermore, On July 4th, I watched two really wasted, homeless guys stumbling down the middle of Dickson in the daytime. One of the guys pulled out a huge knife and proceeded to cut his jeans into shorts (in the middle of the street about 20 feet from my kids). Did I report it, no. What’s the point? Nothing will be done, no report will be filed and I’ll get laughed at by an officer who thinks this is a joke.

When homeowners are threatened and when they feel like they need to take security issues into their own hands then, in my opinion, thats a problem.

Garcetti’s Latest on Homeless Ordinances That Passed City Council

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s latest is that he will not sign the new ordinances that were passed by the City Council regarding the homeless but he will not veto them either which means they will become official. But he has refused to allow enforcement of the laws.

He wants amendments to make sure that prescription medication and identification cards are not confiscated.

Venice was hoping this would help clean out the “transient homeless.” Venice is filled with homeless who are not local, in fact most are from out of state. They come for the skateboarding and the easy alcohol and drug life style. Lack of enforcement has allowed the Venice increase in homeless to be up 16 percent, while LA is up 12 percent.

LA Times article.

Tenters Get Close to Home


Tents–No, in the parks; yes, on public sidewalks. One can erect a tent in a park only if permitted, but otherwise, no. Tents on public sidewalks can be erected between 9 pm and 6 am only. In either case, if rule is not followed, item can be considered a bulky item and not require notification for confiscation.

This in from Luca Lacovoni:

    A very disconcerting sight last night on my way back home at 11:30pm. There was a tent set up on the north west corner of 5th and Sunset. In front of a residence.
    Quite a ways from the usual spread. This indicates that not only the situation is not getting better, but also that the number of spots available on 3rd is not sufficient anymore to host an increasing number of tents.

    This tells me three things:

    1) not enough has been done to contain nor to resolve the current situation

    2) the word in the “tent community” has obviously been that it is safe to set up camp in any area

    3) so much so that there is no more room on 3rd and they are now spreading out to other locations

The new law concerning public areas–56.11–is clear and should go into effect soon after Fourth of July. Has to be signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and be published.

    Tents only allowed in public area from 9 pm to 6 am. Otherwise, they are considered bulky items.

    Bulky items are those items too large to fit in 60-gallon garbage container with lid closed. Bulky items will be removed without notification.

    Items cannot be left in public area. Items that are left will be considered stored and subject to 24-hour notification to be removed.

    Items, not considered bulky, left in public area after being served 24-hour notice will be picked up and stored in City storage facility.

Maintenance Yard Demolition and Fencing Funding Approved

City Maintenance Yard at Thatcher and Princeton will be demolished and area will be fenced.

Adel Hagekhaklil, assistant director Bureau of Sanitation, announced this week that funding was secured and approved for the demolition of the City Maintenance Yard on Thatcher. Funding also included the installation of a wrought-iron fence with a curve at the top.

The abandoned yard has been one of the homeless encampments of late. A meet was held of the residents and the residents selected the wrought-iron fence with the curve at the top. Residents feel that when the property is exposed, the homeless will not come to camp.

“We are progressing on the demolition and will provide a schedule as soon as we select a contractor,” wrote Hagekhalil.

Because of the homeless encampment in the yard, the Bureau of Sanitation has included it in their Friday cleanups along with Ocean Front Walk and 3rd.

What is Happening in Venice…Ref: Homeless

Body is wrapped in yellow comforter at corner of Lincoln and Washington.

One wonders what is happening in Venice … and it is not just Venice. But more importantly, what can be done? Homeless are sleeping all over the streets, on bus stop benches, and in doorways on commercial properties and sidewalks and in residential neighborhoods in alleys, bushes, etc. Things are stolen or missing from yards. People wake early in morning to find people trying to get into their cars. Homeless go into yards in broad daylight and take things.

The streets–commercial and residential–are filled with homeless roaming. Most are wired with drugs or asleep on the sidewalks drunk. Homeless in Venice are mostly “travellers,” meaning they are just passing thru and enjoying the sun.

City Officials Well Aware and Acting
Our City officials–Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilman Mike Bonin, City Attorney Mike Feuer are well aware of what is going on, what is necessary, and are working toward a cleaned, everybody-housed, everybody-healed city.

The changing from 72-hour notification to 24, along with the removal of bulky items without notification will help, no doubt about it. Providing more storage for the homeless is another.

Laws backing up enforcement and incarceration have got to be considered along with a place to incarcerate. This is all daunting.

Private Groups Quietly Making a Difference
The Teen Post in Venice and Chaplain Steve Weller are quiet, effective workers, getting people off the streets, into a productive life.

Silver Triangle (See Comments.)
Saturday morning at 4:15 am, a resident of the Silver Triangle was awakened by a man first ringing her front door bell and then pounding on her front door so hard she thought he would break in. He yelled and cursed.

Police were called twice, as first 911 call was busy. They came after 30 minutes. Three ADT security cars came after 10 minutes and followed man down Mildred until the police arrived.

Blood was running down man’s leg and man was yelling that someone had stabbed and shot him.

Man had written in blood all over front door and there was blood on the steps and walkway. One neighbor said it reminded her of Charles Mansion.

Man was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Golden, Oxford Triangle
Harold Belker, who lives in the 800 block of Dickson, saw a man walk out of his yard with his wet suit tucked under the arm. Belker tackled him, his wife called the police, and the police apprehended him. He had gone thru other peoples’ yards. This happened in daylight about 6 pm Sunday.

A flower pot was stolen from house on Thatcher and owner found drug equipment behind house in alley.

One man woke to find someone trying to get in his car.

Hazmat at Yard

Sanitation department now includes the Maintenance Yard on Thatcher on their weekly Friday cleanup sweeps, along with Ocean Front Walk and 3rd. One week they reported getting three needles. It is private property inhabited by homeless at night.

The truck that was reported stolen from Thatcher driveway was found in East Los Angeles with guns and bows with arrows inside. Guns had the serial numbers removed.

Lincoln and Washington corner looks like a Third World country transplanted. Adam Firestone’s brewery, which is under construction, had someone clean the yard and street of all the debris at Carter next to Walgreen’s. So what in picture above is gone.

Normally, one person cleans that corner along Carter, not Washington, every Monday morning. This Monday morning there were too many sleeping, too dirty for one person.

Illegal solicitors at that corner only help advertise the Venice homeless, lawless drug and alcoholic problem.