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Be Heard on City Hall’s FBI Corruption Probe

By LA Preserve

You’ve seen the headlines. The FBI is investigating Los Angeles City Councilmembers Jose Huizar and Curren Price, as well as powerful current or former aides to Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council President Herb Wesson. The widening probe is focused on possible bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money-laundering. 

The Ethics Commission wants to hear your thoughts on a proposed ban on campaign contributions from many developers and a ban on “behest” payments from developers. Behest payments are huge donations made to our elected leaders’ “favorite charities.” 

Let’s stop the dirt. The deadline is Jan. 31. Email your comments to ethics.policy@lacity.org 

On February 19, the Ethics Commission will meet publicly to discuss how far a developer ban should go. The toughest ban against developer campaign contributions is in Temple City, a few miles from L.A., where land-use corruption sent its mayor and former mayor to prison. 

The people of Temple City spoke, instituting strict bans on developers giving to politicians. 

You don’t need any expertise! Please comment by Jan 31!

City, County Phone Numbers

The following is a list of City and County phone numbers prepared by the LAPD and provided here for your reference. The 2-1-1 number for the County should be 211 as the City number is 311.


C3 Team at St. Joseph’s is Moving Homeless into Housing

Solimar Ferguson of LAHSA (Los Angeles Housing Services Authority) and Tia Drayton, registered nurse with County Department of Public Health are shown returning to St. Joseph Center after visiting homeless on 3rd Ave. They are part of the C3 team assigned to Venice.


Venice’s C3 Team is starting to move homeless into housing.  After just five months in operations, they have some numbers.

C3 is a county, city, community team headquartered at St. Joseph Center to help the homeless in Venice, specifically the area from Dewey to Washington Blvd, Lincoln to Main. Their purpose is to engage, assist, and house. Head of the group is Stephen Butler, assistant vice president of programs at St. Joseph Center.

This writer met with Tia, Solimar, and Steve in December of last year. This writer wanted to observe the team in action on 3rd. Steve briefly explained the operation before departing.

Immediately, after leaving St. Joseph’s to Hampton Dr, we saw two women across the street. Tia and Solimar immediately crossed the street toward them.

Here were two well-dressed, diminutive women rolling up a tent that they had used for the night. This writer would loved to have been able to take a picture of these two because they were the “poster children” for “get rid of homelessness in Los Angels today, not tomorrow.” They expressed a seldom seen extreme of  homelessness and they did it with humility and dignity. They were not the stereotype homeless that are seen on the streets or beach of Venice. They looked like semi-professionals, and without the tent, one would never have guessed they were homeless.

This writer walked with the three on 3rd as they talked with the homeless and asked them how they were. Tia re-bandaged a cut on one arm. Tia was equipped with a first-aid kit, and when asked about it being part of the equipment, she said “Oh, yah,” like it was a given for what she did. They had to return, so that day, other than the bandage, it was a meet and “what can we do for you.”

Trust, for the homeless, takes time and engagement. There is an enormous amount of paper work involved after one gains trust to get to the place when one is handed a key to his own apartment.

Stephen said “the team has a lot of different responsibilities when it comes to best serving our unhoused neighbors, which includes coordinating medical and mental health care; re-connecting to past service providers; facilitating connection to income; procuring key documents for housing; navigating the coordinated entry system; and transportation to different types of bridge and permanent housing.

“They assist is the process of getting folks connected to resources like bridge housing, substance use services, medical assessment and treatment, as well as linkage to other resources that lead to health, harm reduction, and housing.”

This writer met Stephen at a Homeless Committee meeting the other night and Stephen was happy to report that the one lady, and he knew immediately that this writer knew who he was talking about, had her own apartment now. That day neither lady wanted to give any particulars. But apparently, one did and now has her own place.

When one hears news like that, one feels both immediate happiness and relief and the thought plays often in one’s head. Cannot imagine the joy the workers must feel when they place someone.

The walk was done in December and there were no figures at the time. They started 24 October. Now they have the follwing figures for the five months in operation, ending 31 March.

People Engaged: 269 (12-month Goal: 300)

People Assisted: 111 (12-month Goal: 150)

Interim Housing Placements: 41 (12-month Goal: n/a)

Assigned to Permanent Housing: 28 (12-month Goal: n/a)

Moved into Permanent Housing: 5 (12-month Goal: 75)

“We have 28 people ‘assigned to housing,’” wrote Stephen. “This means that the person has been connected to some type of voucher or rental assistance, and has a case worker helping him navigate the housing process. The 41 people in interim housing are no longer on the streets of Venice!”

Wellers Get $25K from City to House Homeless

Chaplains Steven & Regina Weller_edited-1

Regina and Steve Weller, Los Angeles Chaplains and part of the Los Angeles Police Department Homeless Task Force, received $25,000 December 31. This was part of the $50,000 the Wellers were promised by Councilman Mike Bonin at the Townhall meet in March of 2016. They were given $12,000 in early fall to keep up their work.

If you want to donate to the Wellers, make check out to “Homeless Task Force” and mail to Foursquare Church, 1414 Riviera, Venice, CA 90291.



What is it?– A Street Monitor or Monster


No one seems to know what this gadget is that was installed by a subcontractor who said he knew nothing. High up the pole is a phone number with an explanation as shown. The phone number, when called, is for employees only. It is a City item that was installed and one should contact the City to find out what is installed “in front of his house.”  This photo was taken on Oxford at Howard.

XM1   Sign states “Radio frequency fields beyond this point may exceed the FCC General public exposure limit.

The Update has contacted the City Council office to see if they know what is installed. One can go wild dreaming what the gadget is or could be.

… and now the money for the homeless

Looks like County will have nothing on the ballot to alleviate homelessness in LA this year. Perhaps in March they will put the quarter cent sales tax measure on the ballot. They have until 9 August to decide for November. This is all according to an editorial in LA Times Tuesday http://www.latimes.com/opinion/editorials/la-ed-homeless-taxes-20160726-snap-story.html

July 26 LA Times had article about the City, Mike Bonin proposing a 1.5 billion housing bond or a 1.1 billion bond and a parcel tax. All of the initiatives would increase property taxes and require two-third approval by voters. Decision to be made in August.

See Mark Ryavec’s article stating that the County is the governing body responsible for taking care of incompetent, poor, indigent and incapacitated people. https://veniceupdate.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=12640&action=edit&message=6

Keep Streets, Sidewalks Clean

healthy streets

Homeless Figures for County, City, but not CD11, Venice

Homelessness for Los Angeles County increased 5.7 percent to almost 47,000 and Los Angeles City increase was 10.8 percent to almost 29,000 according to the Los Angeles Housing Service Agency (LAHSA) figures released this week.

2016 City, County Figures
Figures in parenthesis are 2015 figures.

Last year the Los Angeles Housing Service Agency (LAHSA) showed Los Angeles homeless with a 12 percent increase and Venice with a 16.6 percent increase. Unfortunately, the Venice Update covering the story 19 May 2015 referenced a link to the LAHSA website which is no longer valid.

There is no breakdown by council districts or Venice for 2016 yet. Council district 11 did show an increase of 70 percent from 2013 to 2015. The 2013 homeless count was 1390, and 2015 it was 2359. The following charts are for 2015 Homeless in Council District 11.

2015cd 11


Jane Honda Submitted Petition; What happened?

Judy Honda submitted a petition for restrictive parking and wonders what happened.

About a month or two ago, I submitted a petition to restrict large-vehicle overnight parking on McConnell Ave. between Short Avenue and Gilmore Ave. Signatures were obtained. At the time, I was told it was already being processed and we (neighbors) would see signs posted on our street, within a week or two. This has not happened.  Could someone please advise us of the current status of the petition? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

I would check with office that requested the petition.  Usually restrictive parking is obtained by signatures from those affected. You have done right by writing to Chuy. Usually, parking is handled by Department of Transportation.

Councilman Speaks of Safe Havens, Not Sidewalks

Park Avenue, off Ocean Front Walk, just past 6 am Saturday.

Market Avenue, off Ocean Front Walk, just past 6 am Saturday.

3rd Avenue at Rose, just past 6 am Saturday.