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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless man injured 3rd and Rose area on Halloween

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Police were summoned to Rose at Hampton and a homeless man was taken to the hospital Halloween day.

Two stories — police said he cut himself when trying to vandalize a vehicle.
Wallace of the Clean and Safe part of the Business Investment District said the man had a knife and took the top layer of skin off his arm. He walked down Rose Ave from 4th to Hampton (2nd) when he was asked by police to stand down. One arm was bleeding and the other hand had a knife in it. The man listened to the officer as the other squad cars arrived.

Activist Tries to Stop Steam Cleaning

(Photo by Rick Swinger.)


Swinger Praises LAPD for Action Friday


Note:  Advocate Rick Swinger, who lives in north Venice near 3rd and Rose, has just about taken over this edition of Update with his endeavors to clean up around 3rd.

By Rick Swinger

It was amazing and a relief seeing LAPD maintaining the Peace on 3rd at Rose Friday at 7:15 pm. Its been just awful with all the violence on 3rd and around this area in recent days, weeks and months.

Every Friday L.A. Sanitation cleans 3rd and the transients move ALL their baggage over to Rose Ave starting at 6 am and then all yelling, fighting, and screaming starts and lasts into the evening! Now with the combination of the hot stench of rotting perishables, rat infestations, meth use, and excrement that prevails,  residents here are fed up. Even some of the homeless are going elsewhere. Its just too crazy for everybody!

Thanks LAPD for showing up here!  Councilman Bonin please listen to your constituents! Its time to give all of us a better option to this! Designated Campsites with the infrastructure needed to provide decent relief from these Dirty Filthy streets is in order here!

Swinger Starts GoFundMe to Clean Up Rose & 3rd Area

Rick Swinger starts GoFundMe to clean up Rose and 3rd area.

Residents on Rose near 3rd are taking action to clean up area. They want no dumping signs at Rose and 3rd. They want the area cleaned. They have started a GoFundMe and are moving forward.

Last week a caption under this photo showed trash that was picked up by a black truck owner and carted quickly away right after photo was taken. Corner was even swept clean. That was Morales Hauling.



Update was notified that this trash that is being dumped at Rose by well-meaning grocery stores is actually being removed by local residents in vicinity of Rose. The local residents started a GoFundMe to get contributions to clean up the area. Morales with the black truck charges $150 to do a haul to the dump. What was on the corner was one haul.

These dumped boxes of food attract rats to the neighborhood. Even people who are sleeping out on Rose complain of the rats and lack of cleanup.

Rick Swinger, of north Venice, decided to do something about it. So far he has collected $280 and $150 was used for the boxes at the corner. The alley between Hampton and Rose is to be cleaned this week with a steam cleaner.

3rd and Rose Is “The Place”

“Third and Rose in Venice is the best place to be if you are homeless” according to Google search, claimed one homeless person on 3rd and Rose.

This was statement a homeless couple from Miami gave to LAPD Chaplain Regina Weller of the Homeless Task Force. Regina asked the couple what motivated them to come to California. One said he had Googled “Where’s the best place for homeless people?” Google pointed them to 3rd and Rose in Venice.

This writer immediately checked Google with the same question and found one source that mentioned Venice but not on 3rd and Rose. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/HowTo:Be_Homeless_in_Ameria The same search also had where not to be homeless with the 10 worst places and LA was No.1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/14/the-10-worst-places-to-be_n_231476.html  Google lists blogs and perhaps one of the blogs mentioned 3rd and Rose.

The article about this couple from Miami and their new, little cottage Chaplain Regina found them in Long Beach is in World Magazine https://world.wng.org/2017/03/homeless_on_the_streets_of_la