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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Coronavirus Clean Teams — Venice, China

How Venice Sanitation cleans the streets and how China does it. Stay tuned in for the Tiki hut.

Venice Now Has 17 Cases of Coronavirus

As of 12pm, Sunday Venice had 17 cases of Coronavirus.

Ah Shucks! Me Too?

Ah Shucks! Me Too?

Venice Now Has 11 Cases

Venie now has 11 cases. Go to the LA County public health page.

Judge Carter Holds Out-of-Box Meet on Homelessness and Gets Solutions

Judge David Carter of Orange County fame gets together with Mayors, Chiefs of Police and Fire, housing suppliers, service providers, members of city councils...

Venice Has Nine Cases of Coronavirus; Homeless Do Not Take Isolation Seriously; City Not Providing SEC Zone

Venice Has Nine Cases of Coronavirus; Homeless...

Nine cases of Coronavirus reported in Venice as of Thursday, 26 March, according to LA County Department of Public Health. Non homeless residents fear...

3rd Ave Homeless Not Observing Coronavirus Guidelines

By Rick Swinger Homeless group on 3rd Ave not observing Coronavirus guidelines, Wednesday 25 March.

Reliable Sites for Corona Info

Reports of malicious websites, email schemes, and suspicious links have come to the attention of law enforcement and public officials. A trusted COVID-19...

Stories of the Week — 23 to 29 March

Stories of the week from Monday to Sunday. Latest story first. Wolf Seeberg Costco demonstrator at Culver City store tested positive for Coronavirus https://947thewave.radio.com/promotion/culver-city-costco-employee-tests-positive-for-coronavirus...

Sign of the Times!

Sign of the Times!