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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Lunch Time, Admiralty and Fiji Way

Chess While You Work

A little Chess while vending.  Life is good!

Girls Sell “The Cookie” on Abbot Kinney

Lusa in the brown cookie and Melina in the gold one were out selling Girl Scout cookies on Abbot Kinney Sunday.

Comments–27 February 2013

Mike D of Oxford … I don’t have Mark’s email address handy or I’d pass this along to him. Best (and easiest/cheapest) way to remove...

Purse Snatching; DWP Imitators at It Again; Street Lights Out—All Right Here

According to a Security Systems patrol lieutenant, there was a purse snatching from a car parked in the Howard-Washington alley next to the Chabad a week...

Graffiti Solutions Cleans It

Graffiti Solutions was emailed this week about paint on cement in front of the establishments on Washington Blvd between Marr and Oxford.  It was done...

Speaking of Graffiti

Storage container got hit with graffiti as shown in photo taken Sunday.  Storage container is across from graffiti park dedicated to those who want to...

Challenged Group?

Group of ladies who were exceptionally courteous and loving were checking out Ocean Front Walk.  Update was told they were “challenged.”   All should...

Police Assist Homeowner

Five squad cars with their officers arrived in Triangle to help Pat Wada of Thatcher Wednesday night.  It seems when she got home after 9 pm to find her...

Curbs Get Red Update