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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Small Lot Subdivision Directive to be Appealed

The Small Lot Subdivision directive (revised) issued 14 August 2014 was appealed and appeal is tentatively set to be heard 23 October 2014 by the City...

Crime in Venice, MDR 7-8 September 2014

All are concerned with crime in their area. The following are crimes in the various areas and for mainly 7 and 8 September. There are a couple of other...

No Attention Deficit Here

No Attention Deficit Here

What’s Coming?

16 September 2014 Venice Neighborhood Council will hear 600 Mildred, Kim’s Market. 28 September 2014 Abbot Kinney Festival, 10 am to 6 pm.

Jody Moroni Sausage Kingdom, Robbed

Jody Moroni Sausage Kingdom, Robbed

The original Jody Moroni’s famous Sausage Kingdom on Ocean Front Walk was robbed 31 August. Jordan Monkarsh has spread his sausage cuisine to other...

Police Catch Burglary Suspects

“This weekend with the help of some outstanding neighbors in the Venice area, we were able to make two burglary arrests,” according to the...

Provide It, They Will Come

… and they will innovate. Dropped off mattress on Carter at Lincoln-Washington has been the subject of the “lay-ins.” Couch and another...

Triangle to have Neighborhood Watch Meet

The Oxford Triangle will have its first neighborhood watch meet in at least 10 years at 7 pm, 10 September, 904 Dickson front yard. Residents are asked...

Latest or Revised Scams

This in from Debbie Rochlin, editor of Mar Vista Neighborhood Newsletter. SCAM ALERT! Several people in Mar Vista have reported receiving phone calls from...

Driver Dead Who Hit School Wall

Daniel Wang of Los Angeles drove into Mark Twain Middle School wall on Walgrove 3 September. He died as a result of hitting the wall.