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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Eclipse Visible in Venice, MDR

Eclipse Visible in Venice, MDR

The sky was fairly clear Sunday to observe the rare celestial event of a lunar eclipse with a so-called “supermoon.” The last eclipse, such...

LAHSA Up and Working

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is back in full operation at the 811 Wilshire location. The building reopened Wednesday (21 September). We can...

Pluto is Stunning

Note: This is a press release from NASA. The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft have scientists stunned—not only for their breathtaking...

Weller’s Homeless Story No. 11

Note: Update hopes everyone who reads Regina’s stories appreciates the humane effort and drama behind the words. To say that Regina and Steve perform...

Lunar Eclipse and Beethoven Sunday

Lunar Eclipse and Beethoven Sunday

Note: Based on press release by Griffith Observatory. Griffith Observatory will host a free public event to view the total lunar eclipse on Sunday, Sept....

Caution Will Have “Feathery” Look

Caution Will Have “Feathery”...

Weller’s Homeless Story No. 10

Tony By Regina Weller We drove down 3rd and Rose Avenue in Venice at 6am, then walked the street, calling out the usual morning greeting and announcements...

Comments–21 September 2015

Heather Kahler There is a man going around knocking on doors wearing a backpack with a Tshirt and some orange looking tube vest. He’s black skinned...

Sunday Abbot Kinney Festival

Sunday Abbot Kinney Festival

Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm will be the Abbot Kinney Festival on Abbot Kinney.

Art Crawl Afterburn

Art Crawl Afterburn

Venice Art Crawl’s annual “Afterburn” event. (Photo and comments courtesy of George Francisco.)