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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Cushy Tushy Diaper Drive, 11 Oct

Contribute diapers and/or volunteer for the Cushy Tushy Diaper Drive 11 October 10 am to 1 pm at corner of Shell and Venice Blvd. Contact a neighborhood council member for details.

Helen Stotler Resigns

Helen Stotler, Venice Neighborhood Council secretary since July, has resigned.

“It became clear to me that I do not have time to do the kind of superlative job I expect of myself as Secretary of the VNC” she said. For that reason, I resigned. It was a hard decision — I feel proud of my contributions to the VNC and treasure the neighbors I have met and with whom I have worked.”

Nominations for Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) secretary will open Tuesday at the next VNC board meeting and will remain open until the end of September.The VNC board will vote on the candidates at the 21 October meeting.

What’s Coming?

  • 16 September 2014 Venice Neighborhood Council will hear 600 Mildred, Kim’s Market.
  • 28 September 2014 Abbot Kinney Festival, 10 am to 6 pm.

Sunset Not Approved by LUPC; Can Operate as Bakery

The property at 320 Sunset was not approved as proposed for restaurant with full bar and beer and wine takeout at the last Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) but City approval was given to operate as a commercial bakery with bakery accessory retail.  Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) will hear the case 19 August.

The property, zoned M-1, was approved 2 May 2013 to be a “commercial bakery with accessory retail” use.  A certificate of occupancy was issued 28 July 2014 stating change of use was from office to “bakery and retail.” This type of permit does not provide for seating service.  None of this went thru the LUPC.

“It got approved because it is “by right” meaning the LAMC allows such a use in this zone and parking was grandfathered,” according to Jim Murez, former member of LUPC.  “This is a fundamental understanding of the system, nothing special nor anything to get upset about.”

After getting approval for the commercial bakery, the applicant decided he wanted, in addition to the bakery, to have a restaurant with a full alcohol license and a takeout license for beer and wine.  The latter part is what was turned down by LUPC and will be heard next week by the VNC.

VNC Picnic Time Saturday

VNC Annual

Venice Neighborhood Council’s eighth annual picnic for the Venice community is Saturday noon to 4 pm (2 Aug) at the Oakwood Recreational Center, 767 California.

Firefighters from station 63, will get smoking with those cooking specials. Bring a side dish.

Games for kids, prize for best pot luck entry, watermelon eating contest.

Annual VNC Picnic Rocks Saturday

zzz. VNC Picnic
Firefighters, station 63, will get smoking with those cooking “specials” at the upcoming annual Venice Neighborhood Council picnic 2 August, noon to 4, Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California.

Bring a side dish. Games for the kids, prize for best pot luck entry, watermelon eating contest. Lots of food and fun.

Additional Neighborhood Members Listed

The VNC Board selected a few people as Neighborhood Representatives who were not listed in previous Update.  They are:

Jerry Jaffe, Milwood

Joan Wrede, Silver Triangle

Adam Glick, Marina Peninsula – Northeast

Tom Elliott, Venice Beach – North and Oakwood – West

“We’re still looking for representatives for Oakwood – North and the Walk Streets,” wrote Marc Saltzberg, vice-president and head of the neighborhood committee.

A couple of  corrections: Mark Kanights (selected to represent President’s Row), had his name misspelled, and Joe Verrone will be representing East of Lincoln – Lincoln Place (rather than East of Lincoln – Central).

Councilman Bonin Speaks at “Venice Life”

f. Bonin speaks

Councilman Mike Bonin was the keynote speaker for the “Venice Life” Town Hall held Thursday evening at the Venice Boys & Girls Club. Venice Life was sponsored by the Venice Chamber of Commerce, the Venice Neighborhood Council and the Westside Impact Project.

Bonin spoke of his vision for Venice. Bonin said he wanted legislation to change state bill SB1818 which allows for increased square footage in exchange for low-income housing. He wants legislation to change such that low-income housing is a guarantee. He said that right now developers are taking advantage of the law and not providing low-income housing. The second thing he wanted to see was to have someone, a single authority, govern the Ocean Front Walk (OFW) area. There is no one to coordinate all the different departments and wants and needs of each area of OFW, he said. Third, we need a local coastal plan. Right now the City and the California Coastal Commission are working together to prevent an unworkable situation. Down range he said, “We must work to bring back the neighborhood.” Roads have always gotten wider but we should make then smaller and accessible to bikes. We must make the sidewalks larger for people to walk … to make a neighborhood a neighborhood.

Environmental Group to Clean Windward Circle

The Environmental Committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council will be cleaning up Windward Circle Monday at 10 am.

They select a new place each month. Goves, trash bags, brooms and water will be provided. Chairs of the Environmental committee are: Erin Sullivan-Ward, Abigail Myers, and Barbara Lonsdale.

VNC Tuesday, Early

The Venice Neighborhood Council will meet at 6:30 pm instead of 7 pm because the new board members will be installed.

Controller Ron Galperin will swear in the new board. Councilman Mike Bonin will not be available.

Three de minimis projects will be heard as well as the 5 Dudley Piccolo Ristorante and 9 Dudley the market. The Dudley projects were passed by the land use and planning committee (LUPC) unanimously earlier this month. The 1740 Penmar project, which was rejected by LUPC, will be heard.