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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Andrea Murez Swims in Olympics at Rio de Janeiro

Murez-ISA-975x320 Venice’s Andrea Murez swims for the Gold in Rio. (Photo, Tower Mqagazine)

Andrea Murez, daughter of Melanie and Jim Murez, will be swimming in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for Israel. Will Andrea be the first Israeli to win a medal? The is a well-written story that appeared in the Tower Magazine about Andrea and her family.

Jim gave her schedule:
Sat 8/6 1:00pm -4:00pm 4x100m free relay prelim
10:pm-midnight 4x100m free relay final (possibly)

Mon 8/8 1:00pm-4:00pm 200m free prelim
10:00pm-midnight 200m free semi (possibly)

Tue 8/9 10:00pm-midnight 200m free final (wouldn’t that be great!)

Wed 8/10 1:00pm-4:00pm 100m free prelim
10:00pm-midnight 100m free semi (possibly)

Thu 8/11 10:00pm-midnight 100 free final (wouldn’t that be great!)

Fri 8/12 1:00pm-4:00pm 50m free prelim
10:00pm-midnight 50m free semi (possibly)

Sat 8/13 10:00pm-midnight 50m free final (wouldn’t that be great!)

Easy Way!

Skateboarding Surfboard

Let’s do it the easy way. Yes, it tipped left and right and it did it consistently. Skateboard was not attached. A few modifications perhaps.

LUPC Members Meet for First Time


New members of the Venice Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) meet for the first meet after being selected.  They met at the Foursquare Church at 1400 Riviera, Venice.  From left to right are:  Ramsey Daham, Brian Silveira, Mehrnoosh Mojallali, Chair of LUPC Matthew Royce, Daffodil Tyminski, Joe Clark and Tim Bonefeld. Not shown are Michael Jensen and Robert Aronson.  Aronson arrived a little later.

“Ghost Town” Premiers Tonight

This is the backdrop for “Ghost Town,” premiering Thursday, 4 August, Oakwood Community Park at 8 pm.

“Ghost Town,” a Cornerstone Theatre production, premiers tonight at 8 pm, Oakwood Community Park with a play about Venice and using the local, Venice talent. The play will be put on 4,5, and 6 August starting at 8 pm. Donations, suggested $10, only”

“Set against the colorful and complicated neighborhood of Venice, Ghost Town is the love story between a woman and her house. When Zelda is offered big bucks for her charming Bungalow, she’ll have to decide – should she stay or should she go? Visited by the ghosts of Venice past, present, and future, Zelda learns of the vibrant history of her community – the visions of Abbot Kinney, the dreams of migrant families, and the inspiration for generations of artists and creatives,” as stated by the publicity but sounds like every Venetian’s quandary. “Zelda she also learns that not everyone is as they seem and the future may be dark for her beloved home. Full of music and revelry, Ghost Town serves up a story of home, community, and change that is both raucous and real.”

Bring blanket, chair and dress accordingly. It will be outside on the lawn.

Moving Container on Wrong Street


Moving container on wrong street. Should be on Princeton or Carter, not Thatcher.

10th Annual VNC Picnic a Blast

VNC Picnic_edited-1

The Venice Neighborhood Council’s BBQ Picnic Saturday at Oakwood Park was a “Blast,” according to one participant. There was a bouncie for the kids, side dishes and meat, the latter cooked by Station 63 Firemen, followed by a band.

Pacifica Purchases Motel, Calls it “Kinney”

Irvine-based Pacifica Hotels has named their new motel in Venice at 737 Washington Blvd, “Kinney.” The boutique hotel has 68 rooms, a playground, pool and spa. Room rates range from $219 to $249 a night.

No More Bulky Items at the Park, OFW


Sign says it all. Personal property left in the Park after closing will be subject to impound. Information regarding impounded items will be available at the Park Recreation Center.

Bulky items (anything that will not fit in a 60-gallon bin with the lid closed) are not allowed in the Park without a permit. Unpermitted bulky items are subject to discard without further notice.

“Safe Parking” Passes Committee, City Council Next

School1 On Main next to Westminster Elementary School.

school2Man with his mattress next to bus stop on Main and next to Westminster Elementary School.

Councilman Mike Bonin’s proposed “Safe Parking” program, which will prohibit homeless from parking in residential areas and near schools, was approved by the Homeless and Poverty Committee and will go before the City Council after the City Council summer recess, according to David Graham-Caso, communications director for Councilman Bonin.

John Betz, an activist who lives in Westminster Senior Center area, consistently is reporting the area conditions around Westminster Senior Center and Westminster Elementary School and he has a following who read his weekly reports.  The two photos are examples of what he sees daily.

The  “Safe Parking” program that Bonin proposes would be for one year to get the RV and car livers away from schools and residential areas.  Bonin is hoping to find other areas and designate them for “homeless” parking.  Other areas would be church parking lots, etc.  If that is not possible within one year, then the “Safe Parking” program would dissolve and parking would be back on the streets.




BBB Routes Change But Not All Happy

good bus copy
(Photo courtesy of Darryl DuFay.)

After much controversy and a town hall meet, the Big Blue Bus, that services Venice and now Marina del Rey, has changed Routes 1 and 18 again, and will reroute starting 21 August. Route 1 will not go on Ocean which was so controversial. But route 18, which was also changed, is still controversial.   For bus service schedules go to BBB.

All are happy to see the Bus Route 1 changed off of Ocean Ave, which was determined to be too narrow to be safe.


Route 1


Route 18 still goes down 4th, which is as narrow as Ocean and adds a steep hill. The other disagreements one group of advocates has with Route 18 are Rose, 7th, and California. These advocates will be meeting with Councilman Mike Bonin next week to discuss further changes to Route 18. Another group of advocates is concerned about Abbot Kinney and their concerns are listed below.


Route 18

Bus stops are projected to be at Abbot Kinney and Coeur d’Alene Ave, Abbot Kinney and Boccaccio/Marr Aves, Abbot Kinney and Venice Bl.

Weekdays: 5:30am to 11:00pm
Saturday: 5:50am to 10:00pm
Sunday: 6:20am to 10:00pm

Buses every half hour, increasing to every 20 minutes during rush times.

There were  three neighborhood meetings with BBB and CD11 and advocates are left with

1) BBB sold this service to us as running from 6am to 9pm. Now they are extending that by 1 to 2 1/2 hours per day into the quietest times of each day. This is a significant change of the service parameters sold by BBB and will likely negatively impact the quality of life for residents.

2) Noise. The stops are 3-4 blocks apart. The buses could be braking and accelerating for the entire trip; their noisiest operations.

3) Parking. We will lose some parking on Abbot Kinney for the stops. But potentially more important, since there is little parking for cars around the Santa Monica Downtown Expo Line Station, people may use our neighborhood streets as their free parking lot taking up scarce parking
and then commute by bus to Santa Monica. Farfetched? LAX travelers have been doing it for years.

4) Schools. Coeur d’alene has two Elementary Schools. Is this intersection a good place for a bus stop considering the volume of vehicle and foot traffic to and from the schools?

5) Safety and Lane Width. Bikes, cars, trucks, RVs already compete for lane space. Vehicles of all sizes park on both sides; delivery trucks park in the center lane; leaving cars, trucks, bikes and now buses to compete for the driving lane. Will the proposed wide and long buses squeeze among these existing users safely?

Residents proposed Alternatives to BBB and CD11 regarding BBB’s impending use of Abbot Kinney:

1) New Route 18 is advertised as a feeder to the Expo Line. From all directions of this area of Venice, it is more efficient to go directly to the Culver City Expo Station at Venice Bl/Washington Bl and National Bl using existing bus lines on Venice Bl or Washington Bl rather than travel to downtown Santa Monica Expo Station to then backtrack towards Downtown Los Angeles. And there is parking at Culver City Station.
BBB, other Bus lines and the City could/should be promoting this idea.

2) Instead of running Route 18 on a mostly residential section of AK, use the existing bus infrastructure on the commercial streets of Washington Bl/Lincoln Bl/ Venice Bl to swing around Abbot Kinney and still provide an efficient service. In tests drives, we found the time difference between the two is 4-5 minutes.