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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Time to be Cautious!


Photo with blue tent shows homeless living in the median between the east and westbound lanes of the 90 freeway, west of Culver and east of Marina Nursery. 

The reason this is mentioned is because homeless wearing black and riding bikes without lights are on the freeway entrance and exit roads trying to get to the median.  Be cautious.

When the lights go out at night and particularly just before dawn, one spots homeless dressed in dark clothing with hoodies riding bikes without lights or reflectors throughout Venice.  Homeless love to cross the boulevards taunting the drivers.  One was seen doing a wheelie riding down the middle of Lincoln Blvd before dawn.  They are also walking, crossing streets against the lights unexpectedly.  

It is a time to be exceedingly cautious.

Santa Is Coming and Here Are the Stops!


Below are the LAPD Santa Sleigh stops. Remember Santa will arrive with a siren blasting. Let everyone know all is well. The times are given but allow for 15- to 30-minute lapse in time. Santa will pose for pictures.

Monday, 4 December

3:45 PM – Playa Del Rey Lagoon (Pacific Ave at Convoy Ave)
4:30 PM – 8030 Fordham Ave
6:00 PM – West 85th Pl, west of McConnell Ave
6:45 PM – 8040 El Manor Ave
7:30 PM – 7407 Agnew Ave

Tuesday, 5 December

4:00 PM- 5962 W 75th Street
4:45 PM – 7414 MidfieldAve
5:30 PM- 63rd Ave and S. Fairfax Ave (North West Corner)
6:45 PM- 8880 Earhart Ave
7:45 PM- 8937 Fleetwing Ave

Monday, 11 December

3:00 PM – Short Ave Elementary School
4:00 PM – Braddock Elementary School
5:00 PM – Mar Vista Gardens Boys and Girls Club
6:00 PM – Slauson Park / Mar Vista Family Center
7:00 PM – Mesmer/Beatrice Garden (Northwest corner)
8:00 PM – North Park between Marcasel Ave and East Blvd

Tuesday, 12 December

3:30 PM – Penmar Park (Lake west of Walgrove)
4:15 PM – 2103 Walnut Ave
5:00 PM – St. Andrew’s Church (National Blvd and Federal Avenue)
5:45 PM – 3236 Purdue Ave
6:30 PM – 3270 Granville (Between Indianapolis and Rose)
7:15 PM – 11900 Victoria Avenue (Mid-Block)
8:00 PM – 3412 Keeshan Dr

Wednesday, 13 December

4:00 PM – Grandview Blvd at Mitchell Ave (Grandview Elementary School)
5:30 PM – Playa Vista (Concert Park on Runway Rd)
7:30 PM – Oxford Triangle (Thatcher Ave at Howard St)
8:00 PM – Kenyon Ave and Louise Ave

Thursday, 14 December

3:30 PM – Oakwood Recreation Center (767 California)
4:30 PM – Frey at Olive St (At the Corner)
5:15 PM -Shell Ave at Superba Ave (At the Circle)
6:00 PM -517 Indiana Ave
7:30 PM – 3600 Wade St (Mid-Block)

Winter Shelters Opened Friday; Pickup Points Listed

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) announces the opening of the 2017-2018 Winter Shelter Program. Below is  a list of shelter locations and transportation schedules.

Date: Dec. 1, 2017 – Feb. 28, 2018
Select shelters may operate until March 31. Please call shelters directly to verify.

Time: 5:00PM – 7:00AM (times may vary)

Winter Shelter Hotline: 1-800-548-6047 (Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, except Holidays)

Storage Restrictions: Only 1 small bag per client

Winter shelters provide shelter, warmth, food and comfort to homeless individuals during the cold and wet weather season. In addition to temporary emergency shelter, each program location provides access to supportive services and housing assistance. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority coordinates the Winter Shelter Program in partnership with the California National Guard, the County of Los Angeles and the City of Los Angeles.

About the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA): The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) is a joint powers authority of the City and County of Los Angeles, created in 1993 to address the problems of homelessness in Los Angeles County. LAHSA is the lead agency in the HUD-funded Los Angeles Continuum of Care, and coordinates and manages over $243 million annually in federal, state, county and city funds for programs providing shelter, housing and services to homeless people.




Lauri Burns Holiday Fund Raiser


Venice Sign Lighting, 2 December, 6 pm, Windward Circle


Venice Sign Lighting Party Saturday 2 December, 6 pm Windward Ave. It will be a surprise celebrity again.

Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) members invite all to  “come join your NC officers as they bring Santa to the 6th Annual Holiday Lighting of the Venice Sign on December 2nd at Windward Ave and Pacific. Stop by the Venice NC table and enjoy a cup of cocoa or cider with us and have your child’s picture snapped with jolly ol’ Kris Kringle himself!

There will not be a VNC Christmas party this year at the Oakwood Recreation Center.

Venice Blvd Truly Hurting Businesses and Slowing Traffic

Venice Blvd “Great Street” in Mar Vista is still hurting businesses, slowing traffic, and causing serious delays for emergency vehicles. Two businesses are out of business.

Dumping Big Time in Oxford Triangle and the Pursuit for Removal



Talk about dumping! Someone dropped off a broken car in the Oxford Triangle. License number is 7WIP721.

Called the Police and the line after ringing past forever said to call back.

Tried to report this car on MYLA311 app. Do not think it worked.

Called 311 and did seven “1’s” for transportation and abandoned vehicles. Abandoned vehicles said they could not handle this because it was just dropped off. They suggested one call 311 again and press “O” for operator. (Abandoned vehicles usually waits three days and then comes out to mark the vehicle and then comes back in a week.)

The “O” says they are having a lot of calls but be patient. A few minutes later they said they would call back when they could to the number that submitted call. Great!

Well, not so great. Twenty minutes later, 311 says they cannot do anything about it. Wait 3 days and abandoned vehicles can talk about it.

This is neighborhood blight! Bigger than a broken window. It’s a broken car.

Police stopped by on another matter and said report to abandoned vehicles. Told them my story.

Not good to have in a neighborhood plus it is illegal.

Who would be so rude to put it in front of someone else’s home and during the holidays.

Abbot Kinney NW Corner Appeal 20 December

Land in question is that area where the palm trees are clustered.

Jim Murez’s appeal of the northwest corner “giveaway” of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd will be heard 20 December by West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission, 11214 West Exposition Blvd, starting at 4:30 pm.

Appeal info 72841-1A noph Write also Councilman Mike Bonin at Mike.Bonin@lacity.org.

The 5133- sq ft corner easement has long been in contention.   One real estate broker estimated that a lot the size of this on Abbot Kinney is worth 3 to 7 million.  The land prize would be a take-a-way from Venetians who would want to make Venice Blvd a grand blvd some day, make an extra turn lane at corner. It would also affect other land owners along the blvd who have such easements.  Extra land would allow larger structures on the properties, would increase the values.

Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy for Councilman Mike Bonin, after reading the story said the story sounds like the City is giving the property owner the property involved with the easement. Not true. “The property owner is making the case in court that since the easement was dedicated for Venice blvd expansion/realignment a long time ago and since that isn’t happening, that the easement should revert back to the underlining property owner (him) as all easements do when the purpose they were eased for is forfeited,” wrote Bazley. He really only wants a couple of feet added to his property to legalize his parking spots. The rest he will allow to continue to be an easement.

“To recap we are talking about a few feet, not an entire easement, and we are not giving it up, it is being challenged in a court of law and there is consideration to settle,” Bazley summarized.

The Venice Neighborhood Council as well as the Abbot Kinney District Association have both voted against allowing Jerry Bruckheimer to remove the easement.

Councilman Bonin Asks Constituents to Reject the Recall

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.29.01 AM

To All,

It feels like just yesterday that our broad coalition of neighborhoods campaigned hard, won a huge reelection victory, and renewed our commitment to move Los Angeles forward, do good, and get things done. But — believe it or not — there is a group of people who refuse to respect the will of the voters, and are now trying to engineer a costly and wasteful special recall election to remove me from office.

We need to gear up and fight this. Can I count on your endorsement of our effort to push back and Reject the Recall?

Earlier this year, hundreds of us spent months knocking on doors, talking with voters, and winning a 71% mandate in March for a positive agenda for our city and for our neighborhoods. But last month, a group of five proponents — led by the very challengers we defeated earlier this year — took the first steps to try to overturn that election and remove me as your representative. It is an insult to the voters, an abuse of the electoral process, and a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars.

When I ran for office, I promised you that we would accomplish a lot together, that I would be accessible and always listen, and that I would be unafraid to lead. I have taken on some of our toughest issues — such as homelessness and a horrible epidemic of traffic fatalities in our neighborhoods — and I have proposed bold and sometimes controversial solutions. Sometimes I’ll get it right, and sometimes I’ll get it wrong and correct course — but I will never be reluctant to tackle our most serious and intractable problems.

But if I am going to continue to do that, I’ll need your help. Can you join me and our friends in Rejecting the Recall?

The people behind this recall are well-funded and they have their own agendas. They care more about those agendas than about the great things we have accomplished together: building mass transit, creating and preserving open space, adding LAFD resources to Westside neighborhoods, deploying more cops for neighborhood policing, modernizing LAX without expanding into nearby neighborhoods, fighting for more affordable housing, charting a course to renewable energy, or raising the minimum wage. They don’t care as much about all the streets we’ve paved, the trash we’ve picked up, the parks we’ve all the streets we’ve paved, the trash we’ve picked up, the parks we’ve cleand, and the people we’ve helped.

But I know you care about those things.  And I know you care about all the things we still need to do together.  Please stand with me and Reject the Recall.  Thank you so much for your partnership and your support.

Warm Regards,






Activist Tries to Stop Steam Cleaning

(Photo by Rick Swinger.)