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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VCH Gives Dates for Lincoln Apartments

40-unit building proposed by Venice Comminity Housing (VCH) near Washington Blvd.

By Venice Community Housing

VCH now has a calendar of public hearings in February through April that will take us to final approval for 40 new units at Lincoln Apartments! Lincoln Apartments will provide affordable, supportive housing for transition aged youth who have experienced homelessness and people who have experienced chronic homelessness. Please show your support for Lincoln Apartments by attending hearings, giving testimony and submitting a support letter! CLICK HERE to download the letter and email to supportletters@vchcorp.org.

Please mark your calendar for following public hearing dates and share with your friends and neighbors! Please note that all dates are subject to change, as long as a 72 hour notice is provided. VCH will email reminders closer to each date.

Thursday, Feb 20th, 7:00 pm — Place TBD (likely Westminster Elementary). Neighborhood Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) hearing.

Monday, March 16th at 9:30 am — City Hall. City of LA’s Zoning Administrator/staff hearing. No decisions are made at this hearing, it’s public testimony only.

Tuesday, March 17th at 7:00 pm — Westminster Elementary. Venice Neighborhood Council meeting.

Thursday, April 23rd at 8:30 am — Van Nuys City Hall. City Planning Commission Hearing and final vote to approve the project (not including appeals).

Comments may be sent to LUPC@Venicenc.org.

Venetians — When and Where to Vote

This year Venetians have a choice of where to vote and what day.  One can vote 22 February to 2 March from 8 am to 5 pm and 3 March from 7 am to 8 pm.

“Bridge Home” to Open for Residents 25 February; Open House for Public 22 February

Venice’s 154-bed “Bridge Home,” the largest Bridge Home facility in Los Angeles, will open for occupancy starting 25 February with the PATH and SPY, supervisory staff, moving on site the week of 10 February. There will be an open house for the public to attend 22 February from 2 to 4 pm.

Occupants will be selected from immediate area surrounding the bridge home  by the outreach team. They will be permanent tenants until they move on. They will not be lining up at night. Disposition of those homeless who do not want the bridge home has not been discussed. The home will be in operation with hours for the residents.

There will be no drugs, alcohol, firearms, weapons on the property. A security guard will be checking people in. PATH will oversee the management of the 100 adults and SPY will be in charge of the 54 18- to 24- year-old youth. Staff and security will be on site 24/7. Am awaiting answer regarding lights out time or if there is a “lights-out” time.

Residents will be provided with case management and support services, crisis intervention and conflict resolution as well as a bed and meals. It will be a home with help. It is not a drop-off shelter.

Selection will be from the Coordinated Entry System that several Venice area outreach teams as well as LAFHA use.

A Special Enforcement and Cleaning Zone (SECZ) surrounding the area will be enforced starting 9 March. This area will be from Speedway east to 4th Ave and Electric Ave and include both sides of the streets and from Westminster on the south to Navy, Lake and include both sides of the streets. Many who live in the area are concerned with increased homeless coming in for the bridge home wait.

This is a special enforcement and cleaning zone where LAMC 56.11 will be enforced for bulky items and tents and sidewalk clearance.  Sign will say that bulky items will be removed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

This is within the BID area so whether LA Sanitation and the BID will both operate as they do now is not known for sure.

There will be a dedicated foot beat for police.

Note that Ocean Front Walk and the tributary streets leading to Speedway are out of the SECZ. Allison Wilhite was asked about this and it looks like it will be cleanup as usual.

Answer from Wilhite: Ocean Front Walk will continue to receive a comprehensive clean up once a week, and our office will continue to coordinate with LAPD, Rec and Parks, the County, and other relevant agencies to address concerns. Additionally, we facilitate the locations of our CARE and CARE+ teams, and if there is a need to pick up trash, bulky items, etc. or have an additional comprehensive clean up in the area, we can ask those teams to do so after finishing their route within the A Bridge Home area, time permitting.

Costs for building and operating the establishment are below.

This information was obtained from a pamphlet put out by Allison Wilhite, Bride Home deputy.

City Council Passes “REQUEST” that LAHSA Produce Detailed Accounting Within 60 Dayas

Note: It is the Venice Update opinion that the same should be requested of St. Joseph Center.   This is a public institution operating without answering questions.  Any public, charitable institution should be available for questions and answers,

Darryl DuFay is making the motion request to be presented at the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) at the 18n February meeting that a Community Impact Statement (CIS) be passed by the Venice Neighborhood Council in support of this City motion (shown below) and be presented to the Los Angeles City Council.  A CIS in effect states Venice agrees, supports  you or does not agree and for such reasons,

A motion was brought by residents at the Venice Homeless Committee to add a restriction to the City’s Homeless and Poverty committee motion of a 500-foot restriction for parks and schools to include no homeless within 300 feet of property with a certificate of occupancy for R-1.. The Venice Homeless Committee turned the proposed motion down. Eva Greene has stated they have more than enough signatures to bring the motion to the Venice Neighborhood Council, bypassing the Venice Homeless Committee, at the February meeting. The Venice Neighborhood Council does not make laws. They make suggestions to the City Council for action.

Venice is the homeless capital for CD11.  It should definitely stand up and state its position!

By Darryl DuFay

Homelessness is in a crisis. Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority ( LAHSA) is the premier organization in charge. It is a joint-powers behemoth of the County and City of Los Angeles. It administers over 400 million dollars a year. The accusations, finger pointing, and complaints about the sad state of effectively dealing with homelessness has reached a point where the City Council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee demanded to know what is going on.

The Committee passed and sent a Motion on Jan. 15th to the City Council demanding to know what LAHSA has done over the past four years. It is a momentous action and reads like an indictment. A copy is below. It was adopted by the City Council on January 28, 2020.

When the VNC Board meets 18 February, Agenda Item 13D (see below) is a request for a VNC Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of the City Council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee Motion. This will create a permanent file. As of this date no other CIS has been filed.

Orson Bean Struck and Killed by Car Friday

Venice’s own Orson Bean , 91, was struck and killed by a motorist going westbound on Venice Blvd near his Pacific Theatre Friday night.

Bean was a writer, director and actor. In the 50’s he was a panelist, game show host, and was TV host for Johnny Carson when he introduced Barbara Streisand to the world.

He is survived by his wife Alley Bean, children, and grandchildren.

LA Times article about his life.

LA Times article about the event.

From Darryl DuFay, a neighbor
It is with great sorrow we share the horrible news of the loss of Orson Bean, who passed yesterday evening in a tragic accident. Orson has always been a long time friend, neighbor and integral part of the fabric of our Venice Canals.

Those who have shared the pleasure of watching Alley and Orson perform together had the experience of pure joy. The love of this couple has been felt through the community for many years and carries on through their beautiful children and grandkids. Orson was 91-years-young and full with the kind of life and energy we can all aspire to achieve. We will miss him dearly.

Our hearts go out to Alley and the family during this incredibly difficult time.

Masters in the Chapel 15 Feb

Masters in the Chapel presents “One Piano, Four Hands” piano duo Saturday, 15 February, 7 to 8 pm, First Lutheran Church, 815 Venice Blvd.

Venice Beach Firefighters Put Out Trash Can Fire

Venice Beach firefighters put out trash can fire on Marina del Rey property. Trash can melted to almost nothing by the time the firefighters got there. Not that it took them a long time. The can was not far from large trees and a grassy area near homes on Oxford Ave.

First Verdant Venice Tree Walk Super Bowl Sunday, Early

By Angela McGregor

Join the first Verdant Venice Committee (VVC) Sunday, 3 February, for a tree and bird walk, beginning at 9 am at the corner of Mildred and Ocean.

Help identify areas where the local canopy needs to have trees planted, maintained, and perhaps, (where no other option is available), removed.

Provide input on what tree species you would like to see and how to attract and keep birds in the vicinity.

The Verdant Venice Committee supports and encourages the creation and maintenance of green space, biodiversity, and the tree canopy in the Venice neighborhood. The VVC will work with residents, City government(s), schools, developers and other stakeholders and make recommendations to the VNC Board to ensure that Venice protects and expands upon its existing resources to achieve a balanced ecology, healthy and attractive for all, now and in the future.

The VVC hope to be able to do a tree and bird walk every other Sunday within the micro neighborhoods in Venice. They will make their findings known to the various City branches that are responsible for the canopy and its installation and maintenance. As Mayor Garcetti has declared as part of his Green New Deal that he wants 90,000 trees planted by 2021 and a 50% increase in the canopy City-wide by 2028, the VVC wants to make sure that Venice and the Venice Neighborhood Committee are in the forefront of his plans.

Oxford Triangle Signs Up for Private Security Service

ADT security car in the alley doing its job. Many encampments in the alleys. They can and have shown up overnight and stay until one sees them and cleans up the mess.

Oxford Triangle has joined the Silver Strand and Venice Canal areas in obtaining a private source for patrolling their streets, alleys, and providing other personal services.

ADT Patrol has established a service customized for the Triangle which includes armed patrols around client homes looking for issues, security concerns, and encampments. All observed suspicious activity is handled by security or reported to the police immediately. Clients receive alarm dispatch response prior to going to police regardless of their contracted alarm service company, a vacation watch, a security escort service and more.

The goal is to build toward a minimum of 60 households in order to add three patrol trips per day in the Triangle in addition to random daily patrols of one’s property, including unspecified trips in the alley and the Bike Path.  At 140 households, the Triangle would have a dedicated car in the neighborhood for eight hours overnight.

If you are a member of the Oxford Triangle and interested in the service for $50 per month, call Frank Morales of ADT at 310-955-7408 or email him at Fmorales@ADT.com for additional information and service.

“Just getting rid of the encampments in the alleys, is such a safety factor,” said Reta Moser. “These alleys must continuously be kept clean to discourage encampments in the first place.”

One resident who provided the photo said “I thought I was paying taxes for police to do this.”  This is more than the police force would provide.  The Triangle has had package theft,  a considerable amount of car burglaries. suspicious characters,  as well as encampments in the last few years.

LUPC to Hear the Proposed 40-Unit Site on Lincoln Blvd, Monday, 3 February


Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) will hear the proposed 40-unit project by Venice Community Housing,  Monday, 3 February, 7 pm at the SPY building, 2469 Lincoln.

The project to be located at 2469 – 2471 Lincoln Blvd will have 40 units of affordable/PSH housing that will include studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms.  The ground floor will still be used for Safe Place for Youth.  Project particulars.

LUPC Agenda.