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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Lysol Disinfects Against Human Coronavirus

Lysol lists the human coronavirus as one of viruses it disinfects, protects  against.

What You Have to Do to Get the Trespasser Arrested

In order to get a trespasser arrested who has entered your property without your permission, one has to have the sign installed on all entrances to the property and have the form provided to the local police department. The form must be provided each year; otherwise, the police will just tell the trespasser to leave.

Talk to your local Senior Lead Officer. He should have additional information and the form.

Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Javier  Ramirez says that is “correct, but that is specially for trespassing. “Break-ins” also known as a burglary is a different type of crime (felony) and does not require signage/trespass letter.

“The letter has to be updated every year.”


What are the real facts regarding the VA Campus?

What are the real facts concerning the Federal Land in West Lost Angeles granted to the US Government in 1887 by Arcadia Bandini de Baker to house wounded veterans. At the time she dedicated the land there were approximately 700 to 800 acres and now it is listed as less than 400 acres.

Please note this federal land is not part of Brentwood or Council District 11. It is Federal Land granted to the US Government for a particular use.

There is a private school, a commercial Veterans Retirement home, a baseball field, an oil drilling operation and more that have nothing to do with wounded vets or just vets.

This paragraph added 26 February 2020.  There was a Ninth Circuit Court decision that said all commercial endeavors had to leave. Some did not leave. This writer does not understand the “misunderstanding” that allows these establishments to stay.

However, there is a veterans’ crematory that is for veterans, there is veterans’ cemetery, there is a veterans’ hospital, and there is an area for vets called “Safe Parking” at night. Right now there is one building housing 52 veterans that fits the qualifications of the deeded land.  There is a Bridge Home for 100 vets that Councilman Mike Bonin says will open in the spring.

Courtesy of Mike Bonin’s Newsletter.

TSA plans to renovate one building for 59 units at 900K per unit using some Measure HHH funds.

It has long been a political ploy for the politicians. One heard years ago about 2800 units going on the campus for vets. Never happened. . Then it was announced there would be 2000 units forthcoming. Never happened. There is an armory that dubs for a public shelter during the winter months.

Sonja Sharp has written an article for the LA Times supposedly explaining what happened. She blames the earthquake of the 70s.

Ryan Thompson, a concerned citizen from Brentwood, has distinguished himself as one of the authorities on the VA subject and where it stands. He has facts to back him up. Thompson didn’t like the article and wrote the editor of the LA Times. Following is the letter.

The article’s author, Sonja Sharp, spoke with several homeless disabled Veterans during the week of January 20, 2020 – presumably as research for what I’m debunking. Had Sonja considered those expert witnesses beyond bookends who’d never corroborate her unsubstantial story, the Times might have not misinformed us about a matter Veterans lives and our General Welfare urgently depend on. If Sonja also considered the facts, data and history I delivered to her on January 26, 2020, she could have substantiated those witnesses with investigative journalism. Since she didn’t, I’m evaluating your capacity for an ounce of truth before concluding the Times is staffed by bribery and job-security.

Based on my conversations with the homeless, disabled Veterans trying to help each other survive outside the gates of their Home and many inside who were and may again be out there, none will tell you a 39 year old earth- quake has anything to do with the illegal land users controlling WLA VA that push out Veterans and their service providers1. After all, that’s what homeless disabled Veterans substantiated in their 2011 Valentini v. Shinseki suit2 Sonja subtly mentions and what the Judge Decreed on August 29, 2013 upon Deciding for those Veterans3. It’s al- so what the VA Inspector General Found in its unresolved, September 28, 2018 Audit Report4, what the FBI discov- ered in 2018 upon arresting the former WLA VA lessee now in prison5,6 and what LA Times reporter Gale Holland used to keep the Times substantially updated on when it had more readers7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14.

If we suspend disbelief and never wonder what exactly is at that Soldiers Home1, the Sylmar Earthquake ain’t no- thin’ amid over $500,000,000 Congress appropriated between 2012-2019 for seismic, housing and utility upgrades at the Soldiers Home15, none of which happened. Now there’s a fact you haven’t heard; and why would The Times, until it regaining the integrity and diligence investigative journalism demands. Meanwhile the crooks stealing Veterans lives16,17 and their Home we pay to rehabilitate, house and heal them at; fabricate we need their paltry rents, lie to us that $1,200,000,000 in HHH built something, and purport most homeless, disabled Veterans prefer defecating on themselves while their tents are trashed; over receiving hard-earned benefits at their Soldiers Home… What’s next, a Nuremberg Law18?

In hindsight, I guess Sonja featuring two rent-a-vets nowhere on a West Los Angeles VA Principal Developer Agreement19 is better than suggesting Veterans just need a day of work per year; looking for homeless peers at the WLA VA20, instead of where they’re at – on our streets, jails, emergency rooms and morgues21.

Note the references Thompson uses are not provided.

Nisa Kove Selected as New Venice Field Deputy

VENICE, CA (February 16, 2020) – City Councilmember Mike Bonin today announced the hiring of Nisa Kove as Venice Field Deputy, a position that will allow Kove to work with her neighbors in Venice to get things done in the neighborhood she has called home for more than a decade.

“I am excited to work with Nisa and to have a Venice parent on staff, working with me and our team to make the community a great place to live, work and enjoy,” said Bonin. “Nisa has been active in civic life in Venice and will hit the ground running on day one to start delivering for neighbors in Venice.”

Kove has been a Venice resident since 2007 and has worked closely with many of the leaders and groups in Venice as an elected member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and as chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee. Kove has a long and accomplished history in marketing, having worked for a number of major media and advertising companies, and she has also worked as an organizer for a group dedicated to the engagement and mobilization of school parents. Kove is passionate about education, and is an active volunteer in her neighborhood schools, working with local artists and environmental organizations to beautify campuses. Kove is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

“I am honored to be representing my community,” said Kove. “There is a lot of work to do, and I’m confident that together, we can lead Venice into a new decade of optimism, unity, and trust.”

Kove, who will resign her position on the Venice Neighborhood Council to take the job with Team Bonin, will start work on Tuesday, February 18. She will partner with Tristen Marler, who handles constituent casework in Venice, and Allison Wilhite, who is Bonin’s point person on the bridge housing set to open in Venice February 25.

For more information about Mike Bonin and his team, please visit www.11thdistrict.com.

Venice BID Statistics for January

Business Improvement District (BID) statistics are the following for January.

To request service within the BID area, call 310-396-VBID (8243). Clean team operates seven days a week from 7 am to 6 pm during the winter; Safe team works seven days a week from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Venice’s 154-Bed “Bridge Home” Opens to Large Crowd

They came from almost every neighborhood in Venice to see the new 154-bed “Bridge Home” facility at Sunset and Main for Open House, Saturday afternoon.

All the organizations participating in the outreach and the running of the home had a table with flyers upon entrance. People were divided into groups with a leader to show the site and answer questions.

There were five trailers to house the 18- to 24-year olds with an outdoor dining area for three meals a day in between the five trailers. One trailer will be for the girls. The dining area is also for adults. Some of the trailers had a mural. A sixth trailer was for laundry, shower, toilet facilities just for the youth.

In between the youth group and the adult group was the administration trailer for the service people. Upon entrance off Main at Sunset there is a ramp leading to the checkin tower. The administration trailer is next to the entrance.

The tent area was a large open area for 100 adults. The adults were divided approximately 70 to 30 for men and women, respectively. Married people will be separated. Each person will be able to house his pet in the cubicle provided. Between the men’s and women’s areas was a room for security. There will be four security people available each night throughout the area.

There is a separate trailer for the adults for laundry, shower, toilet.

The sleeping cubicles for the youth and the adults were the same.

Next to the tented area was the dog run and behind the tent was an area to be made for storage. Lockers will be established.

Questions regarding checking weapons and how many nights absent without excuse before expulsion, were answered with “we will be playing it by ear.” Allison Wilhite, Venice deputy for the Bridge Home says there will be no alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises.

Entrance tower.

Shower, laundry, toilet facility.

Cublcle in trailers similar to cubicles in tented area.

Administration trailer for service people. It also has a kitchen area.

One side of the tented area. Cubicles all look the same — trailers and tented areas, male and female.

Pet area is next to the tent and next to Main Street.

Storage area is on the south side of the tent and has yet to have the lockers installed.

VCH Gives Dates for Lincoln Apartments

40-unit building proposed by Venice Comminity Housing (VCH) near Washington Blvd.

By Venice Community Housing

VCH now has a calendar of public hearings in February through April that will take us to final approval for 40 new units at Lincoln Apartments! Lincoln Apartments will provide affordable, supportive housing for transition aged youth who have experienced homelessness and people who have experienced chronic homelessness. Please show your support for Lincoln Apartments by attending hearings, giving testimony and submitting a support letter! CLICK HERE to download the letter and email to supportletters@vchcorp.org.

Please mark your calendar for following public hearing dates and share with your friends and neighbors! Please note that all dates are subject to change, as long as a 72 hour notice is provided. VCH will email reminders closer to each date.

Thursday, Feb 20th, 7:00 pm — Place TBD (likely Westminster Elementary). Neighborhood Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) hearing.

Monday, March 16th at 9:30 am — City Hall. City of LA’s Zoning Administrator/staff hearing. No decisions are made at this hearing, it’s public testimony only.

Tuesday, March 17th at 7:00 pm — Westminster Elementary. Venice Neighborhood Council meeting.

Thursday, April 23rd at 8:30 am — Van Nuys City Hall. City Planning Commission Hearing and final vote to approve the project (not including appeals).

Comments may be sent to LUPC@Venicenc.org.

Venetians — When and Where to Vote

This year Venetians have a choice of where to vote and what day.  One can vote 22 February to 2 March from 8 am to 5 pm and 3 March from 7 am to 8 pm.

“Bridge Home” to Open for Residents 25 February; Open House for Public 22 February

Venice’s 154-bed “Bridge Home,” the largest Bridge Home facility in Los Angeles, will open for occupancy starting 25 February with the PATH and SPY, supervisory staff, moving on site the week of 10 February. There will be an open house for the public to attend 22 February from 2 to 4 pm.

Occupants will be selected from immediate area surrounding the bridge home  by the outreach team. They will be permanent tenants until they move on. They will not be lining up at night. Disposition of those homeless who do not want the bridge home has not been discussed. The home will be in operation with hours for the residents.

There will be no drugs, alcohol, firearms, weapons on the property. A security guard will be checking people in. PATH will oversee the management of the 100 adults and SPY will be in charge of the 54 18- to 24- year-old youth. Staff and security will be on site 24/7. Am awaiting answer regarding lights out time or if there is a “lights-out” time.

Residents will be provided with case management and support services, crisis intervention and conflict resolution as well as a bed and meals. It will be a home with help. It is not a drop-off shelter.

Selection will be from the Coordinated Entry System that several Venice area outreach teams as well as LAFHA use.

A Special Enforcement and Cleaning Zone (SECZ) surrounding the area will be enforced starting 9 March. This area will be from Speedway east to 4th Ave and Electric Ave and include both sides of the streets and from Westminster on the south to Navy, Lake and include both sides of the streets. Many who live in the area are concerned with increased homeless coming in for the bridge home wait.

This is a special enforcement and cleaning zone where LAMC 56.11 will be enforced for bulky items and tents and sidewalk clearance.  Sign will say that bulky items will be removed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

This is within the BID area so whether LA Sanitation and the BID will both operate as they do now is not known for sure.

There will be a dedicated foot beat for police.

Note that Ocean Front Walk and the tributary streets leading to Speedway are out of the SECZ. Allison Wilhite was asked about this and it looks like it will be cleanup as usual.

Answer from Wilhite: Ocean Front Walk will continue to receive a comprehensive clean up once a week, and our office will continue to coordinate with LAPD, Rec and Parks, the County, and other relevant agencies to address concerns. Additionally, we facilitate the locations of our CARE and CARE+ teams, and if there is a need to pick up trash, bulky items, etc. or have an additional comprehensive clean up in the area, we can ask those teams to do so after finishing their route within the A Bridge Home area, time permitting.

Costs for building and operating the establishment are below.

This information was obtained from a pamphlet put out by Allison Wilhite, Bride Home deputy.

City Council Passes “REQUEST” that LAHSA Produce Detailed Accounting Within 60 Dayas

Note: It is the Venice Update opinion that the same should be requested of St. Joseph Center.   This is a public institution operating without answering questions.  Any public, charitable institution should be available for questions and answers,

Darryl DuFay is making the motion request to be presented at the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) at the 18n February meeting that a Community Impact Statement (CIS) be passed by the Venice Neighborhood Council in support of this City motion (shown below) and be presented to the Los Angeles City Council.  A CIS in effect states Venice agrees, supports  you or does not agree and for such reasons,

A motion was brought by residents at the Venice Homeless Committee to add a restriction to the City’s Homeless and Poverty committee motion of a 500-foot restriction for parks and schools to include no homeless within 300 feet of property with a certificate of occupancy for R-1.. The Venice Homeless Committee turned the proposed motion down. Eva Greene has stated they have more than enough signatures to bring the motion to the Venice Neighborhood Council, bypassing the Venice Homeless Committee, at the February meeting. The Venice Neighborhood Council does not make laws. They make suggestions to the City Council for action.

Venice is the homeless capital for CD11.  It should definitely stand up and state its position!

By Darryl DuFay

Homelessness is in a crisis. Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority ( LAHSA) is the premier organization in charge. It is a joint-powers behemoth of the County and City of Los Angeles. It administers over 400 million dollars a year. The accusations, finger pointing, and complaints about the sad state of effectively dealing with homelessness has reached a point where the City Council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee demanded to know what is going on.

The Committee passed and sent a Motion on Jan. 15th to the City Council demanding to know what LAHSA has done over the past four years. It is a momentous action and reads like an indictment. A copy is below. It was adopted by the City Council on January 28, 2020.

When the VNC Board meets 18 February, Agenda Item 13D (see below) is a request for a VNC Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of the City Council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee Motion. This will create a permanent file. As of this date no other CIS has been filed.