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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venetians to Protest at Councilman Bonin’s House Sunday

There will be a new protest in front of Councilman Mike Bonin’s house on  Boise, Mar Vista,  Sunday, 24 May at 2 pm.  Photos are of previous protest and have anonymous photographer.

98-unit for Thatcher Yard to Start Second Quarter of 2021

Thomas Safran and Associates announced that they will start construction of the 98-unit project second quarter of 2021 after they move the “existing” vehicle gate  from Princeton to Thatcher.

The determination, paragraph 14. b. states that “the new vehicular gate shall be installed prior to the issuance of permits for excavation, grading, and site preparation for work proposed on the project site.”  It is pretty plain that it must be the “new” vehicular gate.  Also Princeton is 32 feet wide and Thatcher is 40 or 42 feet, curb to curb, and would certainly allow for car passage.

VCHC Goes Directly to Planning with Lincoln Apartments, Leaps Past Neighborhood, LUPC, and VNC Approvals

Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC) leaps past Venice neighborhood critiques, and both the Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) and the VNC approvals, according to Fight Back Venice, a neighborhood group opposed to the project as presently presented.

Many times a project is already set for a planning hearing so the planning director, if they hear the project, will normally say subject to approval by the VNC. The project is on the agenda to be heard by LUPC 14 May, and normally, will be heard by the VNC at the next scheduled meet, which would be 18 May.

At the last meet of the LUPC, LUPC directed the VCHC to work with the community and do more outreach. The community showed a large amount of disapproval for the project and LUPC, instead of voting it down, asked that VCHC take the project before the neighbors and try to work out some of the problems. Now according to Fight Back Venice, the project is using the Corona Virus to secure approval from the City Planning Commission without further outreach, without approval from LUPC, without approval from VNC.

The City Planning Commission is meeting to vote on the Project in a strictly virtual meeting on May 28. Information regarding the meeting is available here: https://planning.lacity.org/dcpapi/meetings/document/66666

Fight Back Venice says “since Venice has no friendly representation whatsoever at City Hall, we need to get as many emails on file opposing the Project as we possibly can by Friday, 15 May.

“Our goal is 1,000 emails, so please, take 10 seconds to send the one-click email yourself and rally as many friends and family members as you possibly can to do the same by taking 3 more seconds to forward this email to them.”

A short video about VCHC’s Lincoln Apartments Project is available here: https://www.fightbackvenice.org/

Dog Killed on Boardwalk by Dog Owned by Homeless Woman

(Photo credited to twitter.com/Veniceintel.)
This is the woman identified as the person who had the dog that attacked and killed the little dog recently on the Venice Boardwalk and bit the lady trying to help her dog and two other women, both trying to help. This picture is used here as an identifiable forewarning for others walking their dogs. Encircled is a butane tank and an axe that were used to fight off the dog.

A woman was injured and her dog was killed by a vicious dog owned by a homeless person recently on the Venice Boardwalk. Below is a letter sent to Chief Michel Moore by local resident describing the incident and stating the fact that residents are faced frequently with vicious dogs owned by homeless.

Dear Chief Moore,

Last night I was walking my dog on the boardwalk early evening. On my way home the BoardWalk was blocked off with ambulances and police cars on Thornton and Ocean Front Walk. When I got home I learned that a resident who was walking her small dog was viciously attacked by 1 of 2 dogs owned by a homeless woman who has been reported over and over for the same issues.

The woman’s dog was killed. She was taken to the hospital and needed 13 stitches in 3 locations. Who is going to pay for her medical bills? California is a strict liability state when it comes to dog attacks, this is a not a 1 free first bite state. Normally the owner would have the liability to pay for this woman’s medical bills, but since you refuse to enforce the law among the worst offenders, she is in a position where she will have to pay these costs herself. We love our dogs, they are our best friends, so we are going to try to break up the dog fight to save our dogs.

Note: A video was provided but the woman who was attacked asked that it be removed so the reference to the video has been removed.

You can watch the hysteria of the dog attack on this video. It’s very disturbing and shocking. You will even see a homeless man pull out an axe and try to kill the dog which had bitten the woman. This looks like a scene out of a third world country.

Attached is an email that I wrote to Councilmember Bonin on October 8th, 2019 bringing up the fact that dogs owned by homeless people were becoming a huge problem, I myself have been lunged at while walking my dog a few times now. I copied yourself, the Mayor, and the City Attorney as well. Councilmember Bonin never responded to my email.

What happened yesterday was unnecessary. It was caused out of gross negligence by the City and failure to protect its citizens. Many of us have been warning you about this specific issue for some time and no action has been taken. We have warned the City that something bad was bound to happen, now it has, and this resident happened to walk by at the wrong time.

I look forward to working with this resident, to help her collect as much evidence as she needs documenting that the City knew about this issue and failed to act, so that she can sue the City of LA for damages. Perhaps once she wins her lawsuit will the City start doing anything to prevent this from unnecessarily happening to anyone else. It is my understanding that LAPD has known about this problematic group of homeless people for sometime now, but there is nothing they can do about the situation.

What can we do to find a solution? How can you take these animals away from negligent owners who abuse and weaponize them. breed and sell them illegally? I keep my dog up to date with all immunizations. How can you enforce that everyone follow the same rules in order to protect the health of the public? What if anything, can you offer as a solution to get out to the boardwalk today and start taking action? I belive that you can find some method of enforcement to stop this from happening to anyone else.

Soledad Ursua
Venice Beach Resident

Venice BID Gives Statistics for March

Venice BID gives statistics for March. Our services now include using biodegradable OdoBan products to sanitize high-touch areas of the district, such as cross walk buttons, parking meters, and outdoor seating including take away areas around restaurants.

Councilman Bonin to Have Telephone Town Hall Regarding Coronavirus

are interested, click here to patch you into the main call.

Stories of the Week — 13 – 19 April

(Anonymous submittal.Container on Rose. See second story submittal by Darryl DuFay.)

Stories of the Week are from 13 to 19 April. Always the last story will be first. These are stories that Venetians should have the opportunity to read. Some comments may be thrown in too. Right now the news is the virus and we have the web site for Venice tally, the LA Times, and the local TV Stations. Other than the specific Venice count, you are bombarded with news.


Ten nurses suspended for refusing to treat covad patients without N95 masks.

Rick Swinger

Not a mention of mental health or drug addiction. Not a mention of David Busch blocking the clean up efforts of Care plus, tiki bar and public storage steam clean ups. Please comment so folks don’t buy into this. They need to hear the truth!

Darryl DuFay

Under what is happening at VA, Councilman Mike Bonin mentions using a “safe parking” pilot in one of the beach parking lots. Venice is not designated as such.

Judge gives a tentative ruling regarding seizure of bulky items that leaves
“no check of any kind” on the power of the sanitation department to seize and destroy things on the street.


US District Judge David Carter takes the county attorneys to Skid Row to show them how they fall short in addressing the Coronavirus.

Videos Show Lack of Law and Order on 3rd Ave, Venice

Rick Swinger

Following is a series of videos taken on 3rd Ave, Venice, and are examples of our local government’s failure to uphold law and order.

Ah Shucks! Me Too?

Sign of the Times!