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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Walgreens Sports New Signs

Walgreen 1

Walgreens, with the cooperation of the owner of the chain stores at the same Lincoln-Washington corner, is displaying signs aimed to limit the traffic in the shopping center.

What Walgreens and the owner of the chain stores are trying to do is make the entrance to shopping center off of Lincoln only. Exit would be onto Carter with a right turn only leading to the alley or to Washington.

The corner with two ingress/egress openings on Carter is a favorite for overloaded traffic on Washington. Many going east exit Washington at the Oxford light and do the Oxford-Berkeley-Carter trek. Others use the alley paralleling Washington and enter from various streets.

It is also a favorite when traffic wants to go west.

Both cut-through situations are continuous in the Oxford Triangle throughout the day. Residents in the Oxford Triangle certainly do not like the cut-through traffic.
The Oxford Triangle needs a traffic quieting system such as Costco has surrounding their store.

Dumpster Empty


You have to put stuff in, not around the dumpster.

Anatomy of a Home Invasion

By Mark Ryavec

On April 8th of this year, around 4:30 AM, a transient living in Venice was crazy on drugs, yelling at the top of his lungs that “he has a gun,” on Horizon Avenue near Riviera.

Several residents were awakened by his loud ravings and called the police. The police did not respond, the police said, since it was just another drug addict acting out in Venice.

A young mother of two in a duplex was awakened and went down her stairs to investigate. She heard the transient yelling at the top of his lungs and then heard noises that she thought came from him fighting with someone in the street. As she descended her stairs she realized that he was trying to kick in her front door.

She called the police but they still would not send a squad car because he was outside.

She grabbed her 5 and 7 year old children and fled down the back stairway to her neighbor’s on the first floor. She and her children and her neighbor and the neighbor’s young children heard the transient yelling as he went up the stairs. Not being able to kick down the door, he had broken the glass plate in the top of the 100-year old door and dove through it, cutting himself extensively in the process. He was momentarily stopped by a child guard at the top of the stairway, but he got past it and proceeded to go into the young woman’s living room and then into the bathroom, which he demolished and in the process covered it in blood. He ripped both pedestal sinks off the wall, which the police later told the resident would have taken Herculean strength and indicated he was on probably PCP.

Quickly realizing that they were not safe downstairs, both single moms fled with their children to a neighbor’s across the street who offered them sanctuary.

From the time she called the police to the time they arrived, 25 minutes elapsed.

The police and emergency medical personnel surrounded the duplex and then entered the house. They found the transient fighting with a shower curtain on the floor of the bathroom, drenched in his own blood. It took six cops and EMTs to subdue him and carry him to a waiting ambulance.

The transient had a criminal record in Idaho. He is not from California. He is to be confined in a mental hospital for one year.

The young woman’s in-laws, who owned the property, sold it. The young woman has moved to a new residence that has three doors to pass through before one can enter the home.

She and her oldest daughter have PTSD and are both in counseling; the young woman could not sleep for the first month after the break-in.

This is the sixth home invasion in our small neighborhood that I know of since April.

And Traveling Mayor Eric, City Attorney Mike Feuer (AKA The Poodle), Councilman Bonin (AKA The Homeless Advocate) and Chief Charlie Beck (Well, we can’t arrest our way out of this mess in Venice) are doing precisely what to stop the next home invasion in Venice by transients that continue to be allowed to camp on Venice Beach, on 3rd Street and on Venice Boulevard?


Rains Came; More to Come


Peninsula had a few wet intersections, such as this one at Mast. Buccaneer was a little more flooded. Note that building on left could use some sand bags.

There was debris in the channel at the jetty leading to the ocean.

Compared with other parts of Los Angeles, this week’s rain did little damage in Venice area. It scattered palms all over Venice, interrupted electrical power here and there, and flooded a few streets.

Christmas is chugging along

On Dickson, 800 block. Yard is filled with Christmas.

Herold HouseA_edited-1
Christmas Card house at the corner of Howard and Thatcher turns into a party each year for families with kids. It is a countdown for Santa.

Line up
And they wait in line.

Some are into the wonderment of Santa and Christmas and

Yes, others are more reluctant. That is not a smile.

Environmental Groups Protest Tree Removal

Members of various environmental groups concerned about the Oxford Basin redevelopment assembled last Tuesday to protest. County was supposed to start removing diseased trees that day. Removal as of press date has not been initiated.

Third Gets Dumpster

dumpster on Third
The area between Sunset and Rose called 3rd has finally gotten a dumpster. Dumpster arrived last month on last Friday before Thanksgiving. Whether to give 3rd a dumpster was a contention among many for years but it has finally occurred.

Wanna Be Dumpster

Gate at Ralph’s –A Mystery!

Update was informed Monday night, 8 December, that gate behind Ralph’s next to Regatta complex had been welded shut. Tuesday morning took picture below of gate open. Perhaps, it wasn’t the original gate. Don’t know.

Sent photo with gate open to person who told Update that gate was shut and never received any info back. Sent note with open gate to resident of a Regatta resident. Got note back stating that gate was open.

Resident of Regatta emailed Friday that gate was welded shut, as shown. Resident plans to investigate and let Update know.

Next to the welded-shut gate is the open hole in the chain link fence. Update will probably not hear about anything until that opening is closed.

The fence separates the City and County land. Originally, the County wanted no openings from City into County park area. The opening at Thatcher was the first such opening much to the chagrin of the County Beaches and Harbors department.

Next came a couple of openings in back yards from houses facing Oxford Blvd. Think most of those have been shut for safety reasons.

When the original opening occurred behind Ralph’s is unknown. Regatta, Cove, and Waterside each have personal gated openings now.

Matt Wersinger of Del Rey Neighborhood Council proposed that Ralph’s opening be improved for bikers and was working on such.

Gate open from at least 9 December until close to 13 December.

Welded shut as of at least 13 December.

Opening next to welded gate.

Latest Sign on the Poop Route


Many signs have been put up for apartment residents walking their dogs on Berkeley and Thatcher. Apartment dwellers just have a problem picking up after their animals and they even have designated walk areas in their own complexes. Neighbors get creative.

Venice Sign Lighting




Venice Symphony Orchestra wooed and rocked the crowd prior to  lighting of the sign.


Pink was the celebrity guest.