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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Skeletal Bike is Gone, Lock Left

bike lock

A skeletal bike that was here was removed by Street Services, or possibly, someone else.

To have a skeletal bike removed in the City of Los Angeles, go to BSS.

Angelo Miller is in charge. He goes out and “notifies” that bike will be removed. Waits so many days and then the bike is removed. Don’t know whether Miller’s team removed this bike or whether it was removed by someone else. Takes close to two weeks.

LAPD can cite an owner of skeletal bike if owner is present and if police are aware of 56.11.

To have a bike removed from park areas, and OFW, which is part of the Venice Beach Recreation Area, one has to go thru Bureau of Sanitation. Contact District Director Debbie Dyner Harris at: debbie.dynerharris@lacity.org

Me Too!!

Me too
One can write his own captain on this one.

Yard Used for Practice


Local firemen and women use City Maintenance Yard on Thatcher for practice. City yard is scheduled for demolition for sometime in near future. The vacant yard will be fenced thereafter.


skeletal bikes on park

Skeletal bikes attached near the V in Venice Park were removed last Friday. They were first sighted 11 August, reported 14 August to Debbie Dyner-Harris, District Director, and removed 28 August. Skeletal bikes in Venice Recreational Park have a different system for removal.

Ice Rink Coming

ice skating rink

Install seasonal ice skating venue in Windward Plaza Park between Ocean front Walk and Venice Beach. Venue will be comprised of ice rink, boards, two equipment tents, two modular skate rental and office units, and two temporary 16-foot high light and sound towers, all atop a temporary subfloor and deck structure approximatgely three-feet above grade, 160-fee wide, and 66-feet deep. Venue is proposed to be installed, operated, and removed between November and January annually. Install permanent approximately seven-foot high electric switchboard rated at 1200 amps in the vicinity of the seasonal ice skating venue. Install up to seventeen 26-foot high permanent security lighting poles throughout Windward Plaza Park.

1800 Ocean Front Walk

Challis–Honoring, Sharing, Eating, Dancing

(Photo was taken by Yolanda Gonzalez when the two were at beauty trade show.)

A Celebration of Life for Challis Macpherson will be held 9 September 2015, 6 to 10 pm at the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club, 13915 Panay Way, Marina del Rey. It is across from Chart House Restaurant. Plenty of free parking.

The date is Challis’ 79th birthday. She wanted to have a surprise birthday so “The Girls” and her family and friends know she wouldn’t miss this for the world. Come eat with her, share with her, dance with her, honor her. She will have a hat on, painted shoes, which was her latest, and an outlandish, eye-catching outfit. Challis would be pleased if anyone could outdo her. So dress appropriately, and of course, casually.

Stories of Challis will be welcome … even the good ones.

RSVP to Challis.macpherson@verizon.net. (Need to know ahead of time whether it will take two yacht clubs.)

Water Usage Restrictions


This was put out by Culver City and lists Los Angeles Department of Water restrictions and it says “mandatory.” Update has not seen any “mandatory” restrictions for LA City.

320 Sunset Gets it All

320 Sunset

The “project” at 320 Sunset gets approval for all that owner sought.

The project at 320 Sunset, that wanted to be a bakery/retail, then changed its mind and wanted to become restaurant with outdoor seating and liquor, got approval this week from Planning for everything.

Gjusta received approval for a full liquor dispensary, outdoor seating 13-1/2 feet from an apartment house or crate seating in part of an noncoveted parking lot, and change of use from bakery/retail to restaurant. The lease for the parking lot is 10 years.

Update could not follow all the appeals so Robin Rudisill was asked if maybe a step had been skipped.

Robin Rudisill, chair of the Land Use and Planning Committee for the Venice Neighborhood Council, said she might have a statement later.

Boxed Community Gardens “Growing” in Oakwood–Have a bite!




Community gardens – boxes and tubs of vegetables and flowers — are springing up on 6th and 7th Avenues from Rose south. Some intersections have boxes on all four corners.

One wonders what is going on. Sign says a “501c.3 founded in Venice is a community garden project based on positive intention whose purpose is to create abundance and unity.” The claim is that every “patch of soil or empty space has the potential to feed a community with nutrition, connection, and hope. The food grown will be shared amongst the neighborhood and donated to children and others in need of organic, nutritious food. Contact communityhealinggardens.org or email at communityhealinggardens@gmail.com.”

One wonders why the planting was in a box rather than in the ground but “wonderful community idea and wonderful show of community spirit,” remarked one passerby.

William Attaway to Have Last Show at Studio


William Attaway, better knows as just “Attaway,” will have his last solo show at his studio at 334 Sunset Sunday, 16 August, from 4 to 7 pm.


The 25-foot mosaic structure at the playground at the Venice Beach park was one of his many creations in Venice as was the mural at the Tabor apartments. He has been a Venice fixture for 35 years.


Attaway doesn’t know where he is going but he hopes to start an Art District on Sunset and 3rd. He has been displaying his art on Sunset in the parkway across the street from his studio. He wants to set art up in the parkways around the area, such as area backed up on 3rd as well as his Sunset place.