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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Triangle Residents Discover Oil at Thatcher Yard … or Maybe

Most people would be elated to find out there was an oil well in their backyard.  Not so for the Oxford Triangle residents, the Thatcher Yard project in particular.

It was brought out in the first City Planning meeting for the 98-unit Thatcher Yard project 21 October that an abandoned oil well may be on the 2.11-acre site at the end of Thatcher Ave.  Whether it is there or not, does not matter at this point.  All feel the question of its possible presence must be determined one way or the other prior to the project going thru.

No one seemed to have any complaints regarding the project other than the oil. One person asked about the timing for the Thatcher gate installation. It was brought up by the City Planner Juliet Oh that a condition could be put on the project so that the proposed road gate on Thatcher at Princeton (west of Thatcher) be installed prior to all demolition and construction traffic. Other than that there were only comments regarding the oil well.

Those present for the hearing.

Another City Planning meeting will be held 21 November at Van Nuys City Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, 14410 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys 91401. No specific time of day is stated. City Planner Juliet Oh said the meeting begins at 8:30 am, so items are noticed as being heard “after 8:30 am.”

Diane and Carl Hoppe somehow were instigators of the possibility of this capped oil well being on the Thatcher Yard property.   Dr. Tom Williams, senior technical advisor for Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community and Patricia McPherson, environmentalist and familiar with the oil projects that have had devastating  consequences both spoke on the necessity to check this out. The City, as explained by a consultant for the Thomas Safran Association had no knowledge of the well based on their various methods for tracking wells.

The Thomas Safran Associates representatives totally agreed that this would have to be checked.

Earlier this year there was a well blowout on a construction site near Via Marina.

Dr. Tom Williams explained that a “magnetometer was required to find the metal 18-inch capped well.  The cap must be removed by a crew from health and safety.  They must drill thru the cement 600 feet deep and remove all of whatever is in there.  Then it must be re-capped with concrete.  He said the City feels it will cost $500,000 to $2 million dollars.” 

Technically, Dr. Williams explained it as such:

The “Core Hole” (also corehole) is recognized by DOGGR/DOC as Well API# 0403705612 drilled to 6000+ft depth and with a steel casing of 18+in diam and 905ft depth.

May we please call it an “oil well”.

The Casing was set in place with 300 sacks of cement and backfilled with drilling mud to near surface.  The casing was capped by a steel plate.

With almost 100 years, the mud should be assumed to have settled and without any cementing. As such it would NOT conform with current DOGGR plugging and abandonment requirements.

Without mention of any communications with DOC/DOGGR, the reports to date must be considered as preliminary and require DOGGR review and considerations.

Although, currently, the project appears to be moving forward the absence of DOGGR review and recommendations appear critical to the timing and funding of the Project.

Check out the DOGGR requirements:
California Department of Conservation    Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources   APRIL 2019 Article 4.  Regulation of Operations

Venice Carries the Burden of the Homeless for CD11

By Darryl DuFay

LAHSA, after many requests, has submitted the Data Summery of homeless within each Council District 11 (CD11) community.  This was reported in the Update in June but this is the latest official count.

This summary allows Venetians, and perhaps the politicians, to see the impact of the homeless that is burdening Venice in comparison with other communities. Figures show that Venice has 47 percent of CD11 homeless. Is not Venice’s 3 square mile community, the smallest community within CD11 which makes the impact even more.  Somehow, the smallest area with the largest homeless count does not appear equitable.

Below are the homeless figures within each  community and that numbers’ percentage of CD11 homeless.

Venice Homeless Count for Year Changes to 10 Percent Increase from 13 Percent; Other Breakdown Categories Available

The latest LAHSA figure for 2019 Venice homeless is 1075, a 10 percent increase from last year. It was reported in June to be 1101 for Venice which gave Venice a 13 percent increase. The increase for CD11 remains the same at 2284. Also a breakdown for types of disabilities and other categories became available.

The Venice Update had an article in June of last year that gave the numbers for other areas in CD11 but the breakdown for Venice categories for homeless was not available at that time.

By Darryl DuFay

Having a Council District 11 (CD11) and Venice summary of categories allows one to see the types of homeless in Venice in comparison with all of CD11. Below is a breakdown for some of the major categories and shows the Venice percentage of CD11.

Total Homeless Population.

CD11 2,284
Venice 1,075 47%

Transition Age Youth (TAY) 18 – 24

CD11 202
Venice 141 70%

Serious Mental Illness *

CD11 654
Venice 302 46%

Substance Use Disorder *

CD11 296
Venice 177 60%

Physical Disability *

CD11 442
Venice 208 47%

Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

CD11 1,182
Venice 511 43%

* Health/Disability indicators are not mutually exclusive (a person may report more than one). These figures are only for 18 years and over.

Signs Go Up on Sunset, No Motorhomes

No Parking signs for oversized vehicles on Sunset at Pacific went up last week opening parking for Google visitors and customers of Gold’s Gym.

The Google headquarters on Main has been filled with motorhomes in front, on both sides of Main and they wrapped around the south side to park on both sides of Sunset.

The motorhomes on Main are still there, but since Sunset has gotten signs, it appears that Main too will likely get signs.

a href=”https://veniceupdate.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Main1.jpg”>

Encampment Update — 18 October 2019

It appears more people are being drawn to Venice. Hampton is almost as bad as 3rd but without a scheduled cleanup. Ocean and South Venice Blvd are repopulating. Mildred is also starting to repopulate. Westminster Park had about six campers and the wooden tenters are gone. Lincoln is collecting motor homes and growing in trash. Overall, it appears the influx of campers to Venice has grown this week.

Ocean is definitely an attraction for campers to camp on the private property. North Venice Blvd was clear except for a few who sleep in their cars. South Venice Blvd, on the other hand, had campers from Pacific to Dell and then campers near Ocean.

Mildred is starting to bring campers back. The area near Pacific had a fellow with bikes. On down Mildred a couple of places looked like there were people settling.

Westminster Senior Center park is definitely growing. There were at least six campers. One was on the sidewalk leaving questionable ADA room.

A sign was posted near 3rd Ave that there was to be a special cleaning Wednesday. It was determined that the special cleaning was for Hampton. People on Hampton prepared and nothing happened.It has been determined that normal cleaning will resume next week.  Sanitation was directed to do only spot cleaning.  First two photos show what Hampton on west side looked like before cleaning. Third photo shows what Sunset looked liked when the residents placed their stuff out of the way. Fourth photo shows what it looked like when it was ready for the cleanup team. 



Hampton north of Rose still has the camper at St. Joseph Center.

3rd Ave had not been cleaned for two weeks but will be cleaned next week.

Fourth Ave was clear from Sunset to Vernon.

Lincoln Blvd is looking very trashy. Motorhomes surround it and Sanitation has not cleaned the area for at least a month. Sanitation and a crew of LAHSA people were there. The LAHSA people in a group said they were offering assistance. Sanitation was picking up trash that the residents did not want. There was no sanitization of the area.

Staples has campers who built between the planters and behind them to the street.

3rd To Get Special Cleaning Wednesday

3rd Ave between Rose and Sunset will be cleaned Wednesday, 16 October. It is normally cleaned on Fridays, but because of the fires, Sanitation was called away. One doesn’t know if this is a special cleaning or a new schedule. Sounds like, it addition to cleaning, bulky items will be removed.

Encampment Update — 10 October

South Venice Blvd and Westminster Senior Center Park are increasing in number of encampments as is Hampton Ave, north of Rose on the east side in front of St. Joseph’s Center and Lincoln at Flower. There is a new group in a Vernon alley near Hampton that rapped around to Vernon.

There is an encampment in the grassy areas on south side of 90 freeway at Culver. This is a fire danger area and Mayor Garcetti said that people can just be moved out, no postings are necessary. All encampments on both sides were removed a couple weeks ago.

South Venice Blvd from Pacific to Dell has several campers as does Dell to Ocean.

Westminster Park had probably six different campers on the west side at Pacific. Not possible to get them all in one picture.

Hampton, south of Rose, both sides were the same. The west side looks as bad as 3rd Ave.

Hampton, north of Rose, on east side in front of St. Joseph Center is growing.

Third Ave was not cleaned this past week. David Graham-Caso of Bonin’s office was emailed to see if there was a reason. So far no response.  Someone mentioned it was not cleaned last week either.

Fourth Ave from Rose to Vernon was clear.

Lincoln Blvd at Flower has an increased in number, probably 15, but hard to take a picture.

Staples, north side, appears to have more people and more stuff moving in and around the planters.

Naples was active with one working on a bike and another storage of belongings

Carter at Walgreens is active/not active. It is so transitional.

Thatcher at Washington had a new guy with a lot of stuff. He replaced the guy with the car that would sprawl all over the sidewalk. Now no one is there.
(Photo courtesy of Wolf Seeberg.)

There is a new encampment in a Vernon alley that wrapped around to Vernon.

LAPD Joins in Breast Cancer Month With Pink Car

LAPD joins in Breast Cancer Month with bright pink cruiser.

Ring Questions Homeless Building Projects in Venice; A Video Telling Story of Why This Housing Costs So Much

Edward Ring’s story of the homeless housing proposed for Venice so echoes the thoughts and feelings of Venice residents. His story got national recognition 10 October when it was discussed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Ring writes for the California Policy Center.

There are 40K residents and 1K homeless in Venice and Venice gets torn apart using prime pieces of property to house those homeless Venetians know as 90 percent transient and 75 percent addicted. Ring touched on the fact that if the politicians really cared about the homeless they would sell the lands and provide for so many more homeless in other areas. Now the plan to is build better homeless housing than the surrounding residents have who live in area.

One of the things Ring did not touch on was how much of the CD11 homeless housing was being dumped in Venice, not to mention how much already exists in Venice. A per square mile figure would be great. Brentwood and Pacific Palisades have none. Another thing he did not mention was the Thatcher Yard 98-unit project, the 32-units on Rose for PSH, and the proposed 40 units on Lincoln for youth. He only mentioned the Venice Median and the Bridge Housing.

Ring’s article.

Following is a video showing why the housing costs so much. Start at 33 min. Even LA City Controller Ron Galperin questions the costs of the units.

Poverty, Politics and Profit

Mayor’s Faucet Provides for Clean Bodies and Lots of Laughs

(All photos courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Young homeless resident of 3rd Ave gets creative using the Mayor’s drinking fountain and a cooler box. Mayor Eric Garcetti authorized the fountain on 3rd Ave in Venice to provide fresh water. Since, the residents have surprised all with their fountain innovations. The homeless modified the plumbing so that it will provide water other than for drinking. Sanitation reported the modification several seeks ago.