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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Front Door Steps

Thatcher Residents
Couple has taken up residence in the Thatcher Maintenance Yard. Shown is their front yard entrance/exit. Girl was upset when being photographed. Her comment was “Call the police. They’re not going to come.”

Yard Gets Boarded

The empty yard has been an attraction to the homeless. Lately homeless have individually come and used it. Windows were broken recently and a house across the street had its window broken. Hopefully, this will keep the vandalism and graffiti out of the area.

Yard to be Boarded

c Thatcher Maint Yard
Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus made recommendations to city authorities last week to have yard boarded. Sanitation Wastewater Manager Terry Dickinson this week said his men would clean up graffiti, clean the exterior yard, and that someone had taken measurements for boarding up the place. Dickinson also stated that the trailer in the middle of the yard would be removed probably.

The yard has been the place for the homeless to come and go since late last December. Not much action occurred until this last week at the behest of Gregg Jacobus.

Thatcher Yard Gets Graffiti and Overnighters

a graffiti
a Open Window
a police checkout

Once again homeless have been seen entering and exiting the Sanitation portion of Thatcher Maintenance Yard.  Graffiti has followed or proceeded.  This has been going on since last week of December 2013. 

Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus was notified and his plan is to approach the City with the idea of boarding the yard up to prevent any entrance.

Former Senior Lead Officer Drake Madison went thru the building Saturday along with other officers to make sure it was vacant.

Yard Gets Warning

Fireman wites on window

keep out




Mr. Finger Graffiti is a good guy.  Thatcher Maintenance Yard was hit with a lot of graffiti last week of year.  A couple neighbors took care of that along with Mr. Graffiti a Go-Go.  The maintenance yard windows kept opening and there was never one around to close this last one. It stayed open for several days.  Saw the fire truck Sunday night and asked the driver if he was there because of window.  He said no but asked about it.  Told him the story. Well, he jumped out of his truck and closed it.  Then he wrote in the window dust “KEEP OUT LAPD.” It was mentioned to him that LAPD had said they couldn’t close it.  He quipped back without hesitation “They’re not strong enough.”  Forgot to ask his name.

Mr. Graffiti a Go-Go

Graffiti a Go-G0

Eulogio Munoz of Pacific Graffiti Solutions, the City’s high-speed graffiti removal service, removes graffiti from the rear of the Thatcher Maintenance Yard.  Front of the yard had a large graffiti display that was removed by local neighbors the day before.  Both were this week.  In addition, the yard had two windows open, first one and then the other.  Homeless inside.   It has been reported to police.  Police have reported it for “boarding up.”  How long “boarding up”

2014 Happenings–Firestone-Walker On Tap

Fw proposed

One of the major “happenings” for Venice this year will be the advent of the Firestone-Walker Brewery to be located in the old Sizzler, World Gym on Washington Blvd almost at Lincoln.

Adam Firestone and David Walker are brothers-in-law who want to bring their beer, their microbrewery, their “brand” to Los Angeles and they feel Venice is the place. They did check into other buildings within the local area but none fit the requirements of the owners.  It was particularly parking that attracted them.  They wanted adequate parking.

They have planned a 200-seat restaurant/microbrewery in the 8000 square-foot, one-story building at 3205 Washington.

It is the two-story building, which seeks sales for off-site consumption, that seems to be questionable to some in immediate community. The building is 4500 square feet and is planned for offices, educational facilities, and less than 1000 square feet will be used for “branding” products.

According to Wikipedia, branding is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.”   To Adam Firestone branding items are sweatshirts, tee-shirts, memorabilia beer packaged like a bottle of wine, etc.

Adam Firestone was queried about the two-story building where they plan to use less than 1000 square feet for branding.  What is it that he plans?  He was asked to paint a picture of what it will be.

Firestone Replies 

“We plan on using a part of the lower floor (the north end adjacent to Washington) as a retail shop.  It would mimic the shop we have at the main brewery in Paso Robles where we showcase our beers and branded merchandise (logo clothing, branded glassware, books etc.).  This serves as a showroom for our beers and to help build the brand.

“Those that have tasted the beers in the restaurant have the ability to select a beer to take home.  Our beers are considerably more expensive than premium domestic (Bud, Miller etc.) and in some cases range over $50/bottle.  Many of them are collected and traded by aficionados.  So in a sense this serves as a factory showroom.

“There is nothing sold that will invite transients, loiters, substance abusers or the like.  We know this corner has become a magnet for criminal activity and we believe this project will go a long way towards displacing that activity permanently.

“We understand that there exists a general concern against liquor stores being added to the neighborhood.  We share that concern.  Our retail area is not a liquor store.  There are no large cans in brown paper bags to be opened and drunk on a park bench.  We are not a convenience store and won’t have a door entrance onto Washington to make access “convenient”.  We don’t sell lottery tickets, matches, energy drinks or cash checks.    Nor do we sell cigarettes, cigars or any tobacco products. And, it shutters by dark (6 p.m.).  This is intended as a destination to help build our brand, not for quick convenience.

“Last, the ABC license for brewpub retail is not a retail liquor license.  It is limited to sale of products we make (i.e. it doesn’t allow for sale of other brands).  A developer could seek such a regular liquor store license on another property in this same zone district.  But this project will offer them no precedence.  If anything, it’s sets a limiting precedence. “

Yard Trims Trees on West Side


Yard Trees

Friday the Thatcher Maintenance Yard trimmed their side of the large trees extending into their property on west side.  Owner had already trimmed trees on owner’s side.


Arsonist Sentenced


Person is shown being taken into custody for setting fire in Thatcher Maintenance Yard.

Young man who tried to set a fire on the roof of the Thatcher Maintenance Yard in June of last year was convicted of arson and sentenced to 18 months in prison according to Kevin Thornton of Thatcher who reported the fire in June and testified at the trial.