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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Rats are Not Just on 3rd Ave

(Photo courtesy of Brian Ulf.)Terrible to publish pictures of dead rats but …

(21 August 2019) Rats are not just on 3rd Ave.

These rats shown were caught by Brian Ulf at 1400 Main St at Market St. He says he has caught eight in the last two weeks. (These look like mice.)

(Photo by Rick Swinger.)

A restaurant on Lincoln Blvd near Rose was temporarily closed. One reason given was “vermin.”

Take stalk of your area and act accordingly. Venetians have been subjected to an unbelievable amount of trash plus human feces. Rats thrive in this. This writer has four bate stations that are serviced every two months. One cannot rid a neighborhood of rats by setting traps in just one house but it helps. Each person should do what he can to rid Venice of the rat infestation.

County Health Installs Rat Bait Stations on Google Property on Hampton

(20 August 2019) Pedro Gutierrez of the LA County Public Health Department said he installed 10 rat bate stations on the Google property at 320 Hampton Drive.

Rats are overpopulating the area due to the 3rd Ave Encampment with the unhealthy sanitation conditions Gutierrez told Rick Swinger.

The stations were installed around the perimeter of the Google property on Hampton from Rose to the end of their property near Sunset and 3rd Ave to Hampton Drive.

Google Cited for Rats and Trash on 3rd Ave

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.) Rat hole shown next to Google fence on 3rd Ave. Area is riddled with similar holes and this is why Google was cited. Sidewalk is where the homeless reside on the west side of 3rd Ave. Fence is the Google property.

(30 July 2019) Google, located on Main St, has been cited by the Los Angeles County Health Department, Vector Control, for rat infestation next to the encampment on 3rd Ave.  Google encompasses two blocks from Main St to 3rd Ave, between Sunset and Rose Ave.

Pedro of Vector Control told Rick Swinger that bate boxes need to be installed and trash cleaned up.

Rick Swinger, who called the County Health Department several months ago, said that this will certainly help but the 1800 individually locked storage units across the street at Public Storage on east side of 3rd are nesting places for rats and with only two county rat inspectors for the whole county, this is just a start to cure the rat infestation in area.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Rick Swinger, at his own expense,  has been providing  flea collars to residents on 3rd Ave who have dogs.   It is the flea that is the culprit, the entity that carries the typhus, bubonic plague.

Rick Swinger has also been outspoken about the Sanitation Department not sanitizing 3rd Ave on Fridays.  Sometimes they sanitize and sometimes they power wash but it is not consistent.


Dr. Drew Talks of Rat Population, Bubonic Plague, No Housing Crisis, Drugs

(13 July 2019) Dr. Drew says the 1.5 percent of the rat population has Bubonic Plague and when it reaches 2 percent, it will transfer to people.

He also says the housing crisis is a hoax. The problem is health and addiction. All the drug addicts moved to California because drugs laws have been relaxed and no one gets hassled.

Rick Swinger, activist and environmentalist, follows Dr. Drew Pinsky and has shared this video.