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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

County Health Installs Rat Bait Stations on Google Property on Hampton

(20 August 2019) Pedro Gutierrez of the LA County Public Health Department said he installed 10 rat bate stations on the Google property at 320 Hampton Drive.

Rats are overpopulating the area due to the 3rd Ave Encampment with the unhealthy sanitation conditions Gutierrez told Rick Swinger.

The stations were installed around the perimeter of the Google property on Hampton from Rose to the end of their property near Sunset and 3rd Ave to Hampton Drive.

Swinger finds out E.Coli pond filled with sand

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Rick Swinger, local Rose-3rd Ave activist, has also been active in trying to slow beach goers and the County Health Department that the Venice water drain at Rose is contaminated.

This month he did an E.coli test and it came up positive. The report he gave to Councilman Mike Bonin Saturday, who said he would give it to County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. Then later Rick found out the pond had been filled in with sand.

“Not the way to fix E.coli,” said Rick. “What happens when it rains?”

Swinger Gets Kit Together and Finds E.coli


(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)


Rick Swinger got his E.coli testing kit in order, with the ice this time, and did his testing of the Rose Ave water drain water at the beach. It is a pond near the kiddies playground.

Yes.  The test showed 17.5 times what it should be.  

“Drinking this contaminated water would certainly be a way of contacting E.coli according to the laboratory technician,” said Rick Swinger.   Less than 1 is normal.  This is 17.5 times what it should be.  Wading in the pond with an open sore would be another way.”  Mayo Clinic says Seniors and children are most susceptible.

“Santa Monica has 12 signs warning people about the dangers of their water drains at the beach,” said Swinger.  ” We have none.  I have called the county health department several times and they don’t seem to care, but now I am going to send them the report.”