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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

528 San Juan to be Heard by Zoning Administrator

528 San Juan will be heard by Zoning Administrator 11:30 am. 19 September at 1645 Corinth Avenue, 90045.

Owner wants to construct a second story addition to an existing single- family dwelling and detached garage consisting of a 1,100 square foot second-story addition to an existing 951 square-foot, single-story residence with a 504 square-foot roof terrace, and a 550 square-foot addition to an existing 544 square-foot detached garage, with a maximum height of 22 feet 6.

Questions and comments should be sent to Kellen Hoime at Kellen.Hoime@lacity.org, 213-473-9769. Reference DIR-2016-1319-CDP


13700 Marina Point Drive will be heard 9 am, 1 September at West Los Angeles Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave., LA 90025.

TelePacific Communicatons wants to install and operate an unmanned wireless telecommunications facility consisting of five (5) microwave dishes and nine (9) panel antennas, with two (2) equipment cabinets, all atop an existing 254- foot tall residential building, with a 10-foot screening structure;

TelePacific Communications also wants the wireless telecommunications facility to allow a maximum height of 264 feet above street level in lieu of the maximum 61 feet as otherwise permitted in the Oxford Triangle Specific Plan (OTSP)within the C4(OX)-2D Zone. This area is zoned C4-OX which has a separate height requirement than mentioned in the OTSP.

Comments and questions may be addressed to Iris Wan at Iris.Wan@lacity.org or 213-978-1297.  Ref: ZA 2016-612 (CUW).

Wan has communicated that she has a letter of approval from the Venice Neighborhood Council, dated 17 May 2016.


Single-Family Housing Today; Tomorrow Single-Family Plus One?

By Barbara Broide, A West LA Homeowner

It is important that you and your community be aware of the pending action of the LA City Council to legalize Second Dwelling Unit (SDU)/Granny Units across the City to state standards which allow for SDU’s of up to 1200 square feet with no minimum lot size requirement and which will essentially re-zone R1/single family neighborhoods into multi-family duplex properties.

The article from CityWatch (see link below) summarizes the current situation. Neighborhood councils should consider making CIS statements and/or emergency motions to oppose the current recommendations. Individuals should consider writing as stakeholders/taxpayers.

SEE: http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/the-la-beat/11502-on-the-brink-of-folly-will-city-council-unwittingly-upzone-la-s-single-family-neighborhoods

The last paragraph from the CityWatch article closes with:

“The Council can easily reject the Department’s proposed repeal ordinance and act to protect our single-family neighborhoods. For example, the Council can simply amend the SDU ordinance to keep the current protective standards while removing the discretionary CUP elements. Alternatively, the Council can decouple the grandfathering provisions to protect the reliance interests of property owners whose SDUs were stopped by LADBS and issue a new administrative memorandum that applies the existing SDU protections ministerially. Anyone who cares about their neighborhood should call or email their Councilmember immediately to stop the repeal ordinance!”

The Planning Dept. staff report can be found at:

You may wish to write your Councilmember, the full Council and Mayor to voice your opposition to the measure under expedited consideration which will repeal existing subsections of the LA Municipal Code (sections 12.24 W.43 and 12.24 W.44) and by default place the City under the STATE’S Granny Unit law. The City’s standards limit SDUs to 640 square feet with minimum lot size requirements. As noted in the staff report, “the City’s standards are more flexible and tailored in some ways………”

If the City wishes to update its SDU ordinance, it should not repeal the ordinance and give up our local control (and the policy that was adopted as a result of broad community participation) to the state’s less detailed and more permissive standards. There should be a citywide discussion of what kind of revisions are to be considered.

Contact City Council ASAP re: CF 16-0348.

STR Is There/Will There Be Enforcement?

The Venice Canals Action Committee reports that the same short-term rental house on Sherman Canal that international attorney Ed Rucker provided the facts to the City for enforcement/prosecution of violation of the short-term rental law is once again being used as an Airbnb short-term rental.

The old or present LA Planning ordinance states that single-family residences cannot be rented for short-term rentals. The new, proposed ordinance that will govern short-term rentals states that one can use a portion of a single-family residence as a short-term rental if the owner resides on the property and then for no more than 120 or 180 days.

In this case, the owner is in violation with either the old or the new ordinance.

Short Term Rentals (STR) have been bantered around significantly of late and followed by the press, organizations have sprung up to protect neighborhoods, unlimited meetings and town halls have occurred to stop this disruption. What started out as a protection for neighborhoods soon evolved into preserving the rent-controlled rental inventory, and seems to have found traction in the latter, as evidenced by the recent law suits, such as in Venice against Venice Suites and Venice Beach Suites.

Law suits have occurred with cities and Airbnb. Will Airbnb collect the taxes, will they register their clients?

But the bottom line is will there be enforcement in neighborhoods? Neighborhoods want to know. Neighborhoods do not care about the transient tax collections. They do not care if Airbnb registers the units. They want that house with the transient occupants out of the neighborhood. They want that party house out of the neighborhood for sure. They want a neighborhood, not a block of houses rented as hotels.

Violation of neighborhoods was the original reason Keep Neighborhoods First and other organizations, not in Venice, were organized. That party house is what was illegal before and will be, according to the new planning document, unless the owner lives on the property and rents for only 120 or 180 days of the year.

The question is: Does this provide more loop holes?–Did the owner just step out? Who keeps track of the days? And many, many more questions.

Local Coastal Plan Meet, 3 August



934 Amoroso Place will be heard at 1 pm 15 August at West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner wants to remodel an existing single-family dwelling with a 765 square-foot first floor addition and a 1,050 square-foot second floor addition at the rear of the property for a total floor area of 2,648 square feet, while retaining an existing 369 square foot two-car garage, with a maximum building height of 26 feet on a Walk Street.

Questions and comments can be submitted to Zoning Administrator Lakisha Hull, 213-978-1319, Lakisha.Hull@lacity.org. Ref Case No. ZA2015-4600-ZAA


210 Linnie Canal will be heard at 11:30 am 15 August at West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner seeks a Coastal Development Permit for construction of a new three-story, 4,075 square-foot single family residence with an attached 457 square-foot three-car garage and with a pool on a vacant 3,513 square-foot lot.

Questions and comments can be directed to Kellen Hoime at 213-473-9769, Kellen.Hoime@lacity.org. Ref Case No. DIR-2016-1422-CDP-SPP-MEL


4721 – 4811 Alla Road will be heard at 10 am, 18 August at the West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner wants a change  of use for 24,051 square feet of existing warehouse to office use, add 7,926 square feet of office use, and renovate  86,644 square feet of existing office use.  Owner also wants a Conditional Use Permit  to permit deviations from commercial corner establishment/mini-shopping center requirements by allowing 25% building transparency in lieu of 50% transparency as required. Owner also wants to allow on-site tandem parking otherwise not permitted and a waiver to install a 5-foot wide landscape buffer along the northern property line.

Comments and questions can be submitted to Zoning Administrator Matthew Quan, 213-978-1320, matthew.quan@lacity.org.




2312 Ocean Ave. will be heard 1 August at 10 am, West Los Angeles Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner wants to remodel and add 88 square feet to an existing one story and add a new 455 square-foot second story.

Comments and questions can be addressed to Juliet Oh, 213-978-1186, Juliet.oh@lacity.org. Reference Case No. DIR-2016-0583-CDP


683 Sunset Ave. will be heard 1 August at 10:30 am, West Los Angeles Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner want to demolish a one-story, single-family dwelling with detached garage and construct a new, two-story, 2996 square-foot, single-family dwelling with an attached two-car garage and an additional space on site.

Comments and questions can be addressed to Juliet Oh, 213-978-1186, Juliet.oh@lacity.org. Reference Case No. ZA-2015-2749-CDP-MEL

Mildred, Sidewalk Saga Continues




California Coastal Commission (CCC) required the four new houses in 600 block of Mildred to remove the walls.  Whether they will be required to put in a sidewalk is yet to be seen.

According to Rob Mitchell, who discovered the lack of sidewalks and talked to the City Council Office regarding this, the Coastal Commission has required the developer to remove the walls 30 inches from curb.  Curb itself is 6 inches.

“They were required to remove the walls to 30″ from the curb. Seems their lawyer and the CCC are arguing if that’s all they have to do, ” Mitchell wrote.  “At present, I’m concerned it’s going to be an empty victory, and that the area will remain unusable by pedestrians, due to landscaping right to the curb, and uneven ground beyond that.” Looks like it is 30 inches from block to inside of curb.

One would think Building and Safety would be weighing in on this one.  The prints indicated sidewalks.

The American Disabilities Act, effective 1990, requires sidewalks or accessible routes to meet certain requirements.  The picture is taken from the ADA handbook of standards for new construction, chapter 4, 402 Accessible Routes.

EXCEPTION: The clear width shall be permitted to be reduced to 32 inches (815 mm) minimum for a length of 24 inches (610 mm) maximum provided that reduced width segments are separated by segments that are 48 inches (1220 mm) long minimum and 36 inches (915 mm) wide minimum.


Figure 403.5.1 Clear Width of an Accessible Route



“Via Dolce Park” Hearing Scheduled for 29 June

By Robin Rudisill

Public Hearing scheduled for tomorrow/Wednesday June 29th, 2:30 pm, re. the City CDP for the project on the east bank of the Grand Canal for “Via Dolce Park” (located in the Marina Peninsula Subarea of the Venice Coastal Zone).

The hearing will take place in the Community Room at Bonin’s Westchester offices, on Manchester just east of Lincoln Blvd.

Written comments on the project will be accepted through Thursday June 30th, 4 pm.

As this is in the Dual Permit Jurisdiction Coastal Zone there will be another review, public process, and permit issued by the Coastal Commission’s Long Beach District Office.

This is a City CDP being done by Public Works, Bureau of Engineering, so the process for getting notices out is different than for the City Planning hearing notices, for which individuals can sign up to receive them via email.

If anyone knows how to sign up for the Public Hearing Notices from Public Works, please let me know!  For this project, notices went to all Interested Parties and the neighbors within 100′.


3128 Thatcher Ave will be heard 18 July at 11:30, West Los Angeles Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner wants to demolish a 1,376 square-foot, one-story single- family dwelling and two-car garage, and construct a 2,750 square-foot, two-story, single-family dwelling with a roof access, and a 416 square foot two-car garage and one car carport with a studio above with 416 square feet, and a maximum building height of 25 feet.

Comments and questions should be directed to Lakisha Hull, lakisha.hull@lacity.org, 213-978-1319. Reference Case: DIR-2015-4181-CDP-M