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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Oxford Triangle Feels Effect of Oxford Retention Basin Being Filled

Oxford Triangle area near Dickson bubbles with the water overflow from the Oxford Retention Basin, formerly known as the duck pond.

The basin was reworked to prevent such back up. There are gate locks that open and allow basin water to dump into the ocean, but when there is a high tide or a bad lock, the basin water still continues to back up into the streets of the Oxford Triangle.

First of Affordable/Homeless/PSH Housing to Go Before LUPC, 2 May

The 98-unit affordable/homeless/permanent supportive housing project at the formerly City Yard on Thatcher Ave in the Oxford Triangle will be reviewed by the Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC), Thursday, 2 May, 6:45 at Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Ave.

Safran Explains Building for Thatcher Yard to Oxford Triangle Residents

Residents of the Oxford Triangle assembled Saturday morning to hear representatives of Thomas Safran Associates explain what they plan to put on the old Thatcher Maintenance Yard.

The property, which was to be rezoned RD1.5, makes use of two 35 percent bonuses.

Safran’s plan is to put 98 affordable units on the property, 68 will be for seniors and 30 for families. Half of the 98 units will be for formerly homeless individuals and half of that half will be for permanent supportive housing. The affordable units will be for low and extremely low incomes. Permanent supportive housing is for people who have been homeless and have a disability, such as a physical disability, reliance on drugs or alcohol.

Next step is to go thru the land use and planning committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Del Rey LUPC Approves Safran’s Senior/PSHProject for Oxford Triangle

By Reta Moser (News-Editorial)

Del Rey Neighborhood Council approved Thomas Safran’s plan for the 98-unit development of senior/psh for the Oxford Triangle, which is in the Venice Neighborhood Council district, not the Del Rey Council district.

The Venice Update feels this is highly disrespectful, irregular, and probably self-serving for a land use and planning committee and the neighborhood council to approve of another district’s project before they have even started the project approval process.

Normally, projects are brought first to the community surrounding where project will be built. After that approval, a developer will take it to the local land use and planning committee (LUPC) for honing. The project is then recommended for passage/rejection to the local neighborhood council.

In this case the Oxford Triangle neighborhood would approve the project, it would then go thru the Venice LUPC, and then the Venice Neighborhood Council. None of this happened, nor has the process even started. The Oxford Triangle has not even approved a project yet, which is step one.

One should note that the Del Rey council and LUPC both hold their meetings in the building built and controlled by Thomas Safran, proposed developer of the Oxford Triangle project. Thomas Safran has invited the Oxford Triangle Association to meet with him in the same building for discussion of his building plans for the Triangle.

Safran’s building is on Culver Blvd and is one of the buildings that was built during Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s tenure. It is often referred to as Del Rey’s contribution to the homeless. Rosendahl asked Safran to take 25-35 psh into the 100-unit-plus building and Safran kindly obliged. The Oxford Triangle site is nestled within 350 single-family homes, 500 feet from the ocean, and would have an ocean view. Comparing these two projects is comparing oranges to broccoli.

From their letter:

Whereas Del Rey as a community has been one of the most supportive in Los Angeles towards permanent supportive housing however the Del Rey NC has otherwise been largely absent from the current push by City and County agencies on the ground;

While Del Rey has done its part in supporting such projects within our community, and look forward to receiving future proposals, we also believe that all our surrounding communities must do the same and provide truly local solutions of all kinds.

Venice certainly has been told to takes its part for the homeless and when one says part, one means the “burden” of all CD11 with the exception of 72 units near Bundy, which is on commercial land.  Yes, Del Rey we will give you all these projects for your backyard.

The Oxford Triangle project,  almost totally surrounded by single family homes,  would be the equivalent of placing this on one of the Mar Vista hills with a view and then move the hill 500 feet to the water.

Furthermore, Venice  has a 140-unit project that Councilman Mike Bonin has proposed for the Venice Median that they would love to give to someone.  It too is close to the ocean.

And yes, the contentious Bridge Housing is another 154-unit project planned for Venice that would fill Del Rey LUPC and neighborhood council altruistic thoughts for others.

Why didn’t Venice attend meeting and object?

City Council representative Chuy Orozco contacted the Venice Update about the LUPC meeting two hours before the meeting. Chuck Cowley did attend. The Triangle at that time had no design, no number of units.

Matthew Royce, chair of the Venice LUPC, was never notified. Ira Koslov, President of the Venice Neighborhood Council was never notified.

The Venice Update sincerely feels that the only way to settle this equitably is to give Del Rey the Thomas Safran 98-unit affordable/psh project for their area.

Safran Submits for Permits to Build


Thomas Safran Associates submitted paperwork for permits and coastal commission review relating to Oxford Triangle proposed 98-unit homeless project proposed for the Thatcher Yard.

Karen Kennedy of the Oxford Triangle Association (OTA) said this was a standard procedure for a developer to submit for permits and coastal commission review and approval. It is part of the process and was expected, she said. The OTA has requested a complete set of the application submittals for CPC-2018-5593-CU-DB-CDP-MEL-SSPP-WDI-SPR. Definitions of the code by Kennedy:

CU – Conditional Use (for a public private venture in a PF Zone)
DB – Density Bonus (for the affordable housing)
CDP – Coastal Development Permit (for a project in the coastal zone)
MEL – Mello Compliance (re: housing in the coastal zone)
SPP – Specific Plan Project Permit Compliance (for a project located within the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan, Oxford Triangle Subarea)
WDI – Waiver of Dedication or Improvement (to NOT widen and improve the cul-de-sac on Oxford to accommodate more traffic/circulation)
SPR – Site Plan Review (for any project which creates more than 50 dwelling units)

Fight Back Venice and OTA File Law Suits Against City — No Environmental Review

Fight Back Venice and the Oxford Triangle Association (OTA) each filed a similar law suit against the City stating that the City failed to consider the environmental impact of the permanent supportive housing and the motel conversion ordinances when they passed them.  Jamie Hall is the attorney for both suits.

See LA Times.



Oxford Triangle Association Reaches Out to Residents

The newly formed Oxford Triangle Association (OTA) is reaching out to members of the community in an effort to unite all residents to fight the proposed rezoning and redevelopment of the Thatcher Maintenance Yard at the corner of Thatcher and Princeton.

“Our goal is to unite as a community so that we have one voice speaking for the Oxford Triangle community and to interface with all neighboring communities,” wrote Karen Kennedy. “The Oxford Triangle Association was formed to raise funds for an attorney for this specific issue only. The organizers are actively seeking participation and volunteers in this united effort to fight the City and Mike Bonin, who is behind the City efforts to change the very nature and fabric of our neighborhood(s).”

Contact OxfordTriangle@gmail.com and/or go to the OTA website www.oxfordtriangleassociation.com