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Chaplin Does His Thing

Chaplin Does His Thing

Blending in with the landscape, one could certainly just walk past the latest, a zoetrope creation by Robin Murez. It just happens to be there at 1400 block of Abbot Kinney like a gem waiting to be polished. It says “SPIN.”

Spin it and Charlie Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” of yesterday reappears before your eyes. It’s a chance to witness the magic of Chaplin doing his thing.

The sign says “The first time Charlie Chaplin portrayed his iconic ‘Little Tramp’ character was in his film, “Kid Auto Races in Venice,” filmed where our Venice Dog Park now stands.”

“Take a Spin” is just down the street and the “Wheel of Fortune” is just up the street from Murez’s latest.

An Answer for Fruit Tree Overload

If you have a fruit tree that suddenly has more fruit than you can use, call Food Forward at 818-530-4125. They will arrange for someone to pick the fruit.  All fruit goes to the hungry. There website is foodforward.org.  They advertise themselves as “food forward is Southern California’s volunteer powered produce recovery resource.

Here’s to You Cowboy!

I hardly knew him, yet we were simpatico, on the same wavelength.  I called him Cowboy.  He phoned just the other night while coming home from his mother’s.  It was a full moon.  We talked about nothing important–our publications, cancer, family, a full moon, the election.  We got disconnected and he called back.  I could tell he was very tired.

Most thought we were competitors. He, YoVenice.  Me, the Update.  We each did different types of publications and each respected the other because of it.

At some point he took on the role of a teacher, big brother.  Probably wanted to humiliate me as big brothers tend to do but with growth being the result.  He continuously chastised me for not having a website.  If he saw something wrong with my newsletter, he would be the first to let me know but in a factual way.

Every time we emailed, he said I had to get a website.  In fact he offered to do a website for me.  He sent me the instructions on how to post, how to add a photo, and let me use his website until I felt secure doing it.  I realized at that point I had to take a class to do a website and learn all the intricacies. After I got my website up and running, he was one of the first to see it before it went public.

When I publically announced my website, I said it went viral.  He let me know that wasn’t what “viral” meant.  Here I thought I had just become a techie only to have my corrective teacher, big brother let me know that wasn’t what “viral” meant.  Recently he emailed to tell me that I had to reference the website on my email newsletter.  This I did.

Our last few emails were about his cancer. He told me about his father and his cancer. He sent me a photo of the room where he took his chemo and wrote YoVenice.  He let me know he didn’t think he would make it or knew he wouldn’t but he didn’t say that.  We didn’t talk of death.

Last VNC election.  I was one of the vote counters two years ago, and yet, Bret beat me publicizing the results. We joked about that for a long time.  I vowed to beat him next time and told him so.   He had plans for some kind of x-ray vision coupled with some telemetric system ramped up in his imagination that would beat me next time too.  The full-moon night, I told him I was going to beat him this time.  He calmly said “You can have this one.”

Someone very dear to me, to Venice passed away yesterday.  He made a difference. Bret Haller of YoVenice died of cancer 9 April 2014.  My heartfelt condolences to his family.


Note:  This was published in YoVenice by WatchDawg Rick Feibush this morning. Felt it was only fitting for Bret to beat me one more time.

It’s the Wheel of Whimsy of Yester-Year

Wheel of Fortune
Robin Murez, who seems to have that special knack of capturing a single moment of joyful excitement in a simple product that replicates yesterday, just installed her latest–the whimsical, wishful Wheel of Fortune. Owners of the Green House Smoke Shop on Abbot Kinney–Bunny Lua and Sandor Caplan–watch as Murez checks out placement for the wheel. The plaque states: “This Wheel of Fortune harkens back to the mirth, mystery & mayhem of those colorful days on the banks of the Grand Lagoon (now Windward Circle) in Venice Beach, CA.” The Wheel of Fortune is at 1428 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Murez’s “Take a Peek” is at corner of Andalusia and Abbot Kinney. Spin it and find out what lies ahead! More of her work can be seen at www.robinmurez.com and www.venicepublicart.com.

30 Names Removed

Thirty more names were removed from the Triangle Update email list. If one hasn’t opened an Update in last couple months, the name gets removed from list. If you want your name back, email the Update at triangleupdate@gmail.com.

Yes, It’s Raining in Venice!

a.  Drain Bubbles
Shown are the Oxford Avenue bubbles. Friday the second storm hit. It rained off and on Thursday night and early Friday morning. Rain is forecast off and on possibly thru Sunday. Along with the rain came wind. Following are photos of area Around Rose, At the Beach and Ocean Front Walk, the Peninsula, the Oxford Retention Basin (Duck Pond), and Friday’s Farmers’ Market.

Around Rose
By 7:30 the homeless on 3rd had gone. Only thing left of them was some debris. On Hampton and Rose, this person prepared for the worst.
a rosie

At the Beach and Ocean Front Walk
a bike path correct
Bike path at Rose.

a. protected
Some protected valuables.

a.  unprotected
Some unprotected valuables.

a.  man in orange
Work continues as usual for Recreation and Parks. These are trash can collections that are to be dumped into dumpster for pickup. Man in orange is getting ready to transfer the trash.

a. Man in rain coat correct
Adaptable rain gear.

a.  wind
Very windy when raining in morning.

Speedway near Brooks.

a.  man finds shelter
Some found shelter from the rain.

a. barefooted man corrected
One happy-go-lucky homeless man saw the camera and said “Oh you want to see how deep it is.” He immediately waked to the deep end and gave the pose.

a.  Market corrected
On Market and dry.

a.  man headed to OFW
Travelling down Windward ready to hit the OFW.

a. top down corrected
Not time for top down.

a. waiting for the sun corrected
Some on grassy knoll wait for the sun to shine.

a. at 18th corrected
Near 18th.

a. got the chair
One has to be comfortable.

Peninsula and the Speedway
Speedway on the Peninsula definitely needs a drainage system. For the most part the speedway was a puddle and in some areas a deep puddle. Water was draining into garages. It was Spinnaker to Anchorage going north. Spinnaker and Ironsides (not shown) were also under water.

a.mast corrected

a. Catamaran

a.  in the garage corrected
Catamaran in the garages.

a. Buccameer corrected
Buccaneer tops them all with waves.

a.  anchorage
Anchorage didn’t want to be left out.

Duck Pond or Oxford Retention Basin
a. jetty
At the jetty–high tide. Oxford Retention Basin gates that allow water to go to ocean cannot be opened when tide is high. Oxford Triangle at Oxford used to flood because of drain water backup during the rain.

a. Dickson drain ful
Drain at west end of Dickson is filled. And what is happening around the corner?

a. cascade and bubbles
This is around the corner on Oxford Avenue. The two sewer covers are now bolted down yet one can see there are two escape holes in the one. The other is seeping water around the rim in the street near the car. The drain shown is showing a waterfall from Harbor Crossing homes.

a. cascade water
Drain on Oxford Avenue (south side) is the last drain before the Oxford Retention Basin. This picture shows water from Harbor Crossing cascading over the drain hole and filling up the drain.

a. Oxford Ave, north
Richard and Frank wait for a part so that they can start pumping water from Oxford Avenue drain, north of Washington, to the Mildred area. This diverts the water from the Oxford Retention Basin and Mildred area can handle it. Frank said they have been on call since the very early morning. He said he had three hours sleep.

a.  oxford basin corrected,c
And yes, it is rising. And yes, it is still raining.

a. gates

Friday’s Farmers’ Marketa. farmers'market

It’s Poop Poetry!

c Poop Funny (internetl)

On Electric & 5th–Robin Murez

Abbot KinneyWhen standing at corner in front of the pole, back up or go forward. You will see Abbot Kinney’s face displayed depending on where you stand. To the right is some Venice history which seems to be a penchant for Robin Murez and her art. Not only is her art “people operated” and a fun-surprise but one also gets a taste of history.

At first glance and from a distance, one could assume someone “graffitied” the sidewalk. Well, it is Venice. What else? As one approaches, one knows there is something to this…some kind of pattern, purpose. It becomes a puzzle to figure out. Then one sees the history. When one stands directly in front of the pole and the face of Abbot Kinney suddenly appears, one wants to either hide his exuberance (See if anyone else thinks he is crazy.) or scream out loud his discovery … or, like a crazy person, grab some stranger off the street to share this magic. www.robinmurez.com

Take A Peek–A Touch of Venice

a Take a Peek Pole

a Peek Sign









This little welded box with a sign telling the story stands unobtrusively at Abbot Kinney and Andalusia.  Pole invites all to “take a peek.”    It is a peek of Venice of yesterday in the middle of Abbot Kinney of today. Took this gawker back to the days of yore before wide screen TV and certainly before digital art … back to the days of the picture boxes that are in museums now.  Just delightful.

This is another Robin Murez creation that is “just there.”  All of her work seems to fit in with the surroundings and sometimes it even has to be pointed out and maybe explained before one gets the warmth of the total wonderment.

One of her pieces was a Venice Neighborhood Book Park on a pole on Andalusia and Altair. It says “neighborhood” bigger than any neon sign could flash.  It was a community lending library for a neighborhood.  The lending library was a feature photo in a previous Update.

Murez is the one involved with the public property at the end of 522 Venice Blvd.   Actually, Murez can spot an area that needs a “touch” without any help.  She looks for spaces such as the corner of Ocean and Venice that need a touch to make it beautiful and Venice.   She doesn’t do just corners but that is another story.  Update will feature many of her pieces of art throughout this coming year.  Her work can be seen at www.robinmurez.com and www.venicepublicart.com.

Update Goes Viral–What a Blast!

Triangle Update is now on the web in addition to being distributed via email. It has been on the web since January, but only a few knew-less than 20. Address is TriangleUpdate.com. You will find this year’s emails all archived there but only this year’s.

Sometimes emails don’t get put on the web until a couple days after email distribution. But they do get there and both versions will continue to be published for some time.

But a name change should occur.

Need New Name
More area is covered now than when Update first started, and frankly, no one knows what a “Triangle” is. So submit your ideas. Some ideas have been Venice Update, Venice News, Venice Voice, Venice One, Venice Scene, Boogie Report, Boogie Board, The Boogie.

Update is a news blog written to inform, to titillate, and more blah-blah regarding certain things in Venice. Occasionally, there is a personal opinion, but it is stated as such. Update’s purpose, once again, is to be a news source. As a news source, it strives, really strives, to be an accurate, unbiased news service, one willing to present both sides. Update has a Comment section that loves personal opinion and was created specifically for steam removal.

Makes No Money
And the answer is “no.” Update makes no money. It has no income. Update is not a 501- whatever that qualifies for grants, tax-free donations, and other government subsidies. It has never taken a donation, accepted a grant or a subsidy. Never asked for one and is not asking now. There just is no hidden agenda here. Maybe someday Update will sell advertising.

Right now, Update is all done by one crazy person, getting crazier by the day.

And yah, since you asked …It would like to see Venice drug free, clean-no litter or graffiti, no crime, all homeless housed, with parks fun and for families and all businesses abiding by their conditions of approval with adequate parking. Update will always work toward this goal. Then residents could quibble over calling it Utopian Venice or Venice the Utopia.

Volunteers are welcome; please email the Update. One person can’t cover everything.

If you are on the email list and have not gotten an Update lately, check your spam or check Google’s “promotion” heading. For those who are on the list and haven’t opened the Update in the last three months, your contact info will be removed from the list. If you want to be added, just send your email address to email at end of Update.