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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Hollywood’s Rich and Famous are Fleeing City Because of Liberal Politics that Plague LA

Hollywood’s Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals


You Can; You Should Not

By Darryl DuFay

Mayor Asks for Special Patrols Around Civic Center and Other City Buildings; 3rd Ave – Hampton Drive Residents Want the Same Protection

Mayor Eric Garcetti asks for foot and mounted patrols around the Civic Center and other City buildings after City employees said they felt unsafe.

Homeowners who face 3rd Ave and Hampton Drive have asked for foot patrols. One resident recorded the scene at 3rd and Rose for 24 hours. It was found that there were five fights, three using weapons. That was one 24-hour period. This does not count the verbal threats and abuse that residents encounter day and night. This does not count the filth the residents encounter.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose on the west side, has been doing something about the homeless for years. They hired a security guard to escort employees to their cars or to the building. They wash and sanitize the sidewalks every day and ask the homeless to move all belongings in accordance with the law. The sidewalks are power washed at least once a week. The homeless appreciate the service. It costs the business owners.

This was sent to Update 19 November. It comes from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office. The third paragraph seems to be cut off.

Mayor Proposes Exempting CEQA from All Homeless Housing Projects

Mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed a resolution that all homeless housing projects be exempt from providing CEQA in support of AB1197.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provides a process for evaluating the environmental effects of a project including but not limited to water quality, land use and agricultural resources, transportation and circulation, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

This would exempt all Measure HHH bond projects and emergency shelter projects funded by the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) and SEEK amendment from CEQA requirements.

Mayor Proposes Ordinance to Protect Brush Areas from Encampments

(26 August 2019) Mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed an ordinance that would allow police to remove trespassers in areas where there is a risk of a fire by orally telling them to leave. Currently authorities have to have signs posted every 500 feet. Ordinance is to go before the Public Safety committee.

Locally, the area between the 91 Freeway was set fire a few years ago by homeless encampments.

LA Times article.

Survey so far says Metro 6 Lot is place for “Bridge Housing;” take the survey

Metro 6 map

The Metro 6 lot has been targeted for Mayor Garcetti’s “Bridge Housing” program. This is the site according to Councilman Mike Bonin’s office “most commonly suggested by neighbors” who have taken the survey.

The site in question is located at Sunset between Pacific and Main and was formerly used by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) for buses. It is in the process of being demolished in preparation for new construction.

Take the survey. It is after Mayor Garcetti’s speech.

Single-Family Housing Today; Tomorrow Single-Family Plus One?

By Barbara Broide, A West LA Homeowner

It is important that you and your community be aware of the pending action of the LA City Council to legalize Second Dwelling Unit (SDU)/Granny Units across the City to state standards which allow for SDU’s of up to 1200 square feet with no minimum lot size requirement and which will essentially re-zone R1/single family neighborhoods into multi-family duplex properties.

The article from CityWatch (see link below) summarizes the current situation. Neighborhood councils should consider making CIS statements and/or emergency motions to oppose the current recommendations. Individuals should consider writing as stakeholders/taxpayers.

SEE: http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/the-la-beat/11502-on-the-brink-of-folly-will-city-council-unwittingly-upzone-la-s-single-family-neighborhoods

The last paragraph from the CityWatch article closes with:

“The Council can easily reject the Department’s proposed repeal ordinance and act to protect our single-family neighborhoods. For example, the Council can simply amend the SDU ordinance to keep the current protective standards while removing the discretionary CUP elements. Alternatively, the Council can decouple the grandfathering provisions to protect the reliance interests of property owners whose SDUs were stopped by LADBS and issue a new administrative memorandum that applies the existing SDU protections ministerially. Anyone who cares about their neighborhood should call or email their Councilmember immediately to stop the repeal ordinance!”

The Planning Dept. staff report can be found at:

You may wish to write your Councilmember, the full Council and Mayor to voice your opposition to the measure under expedited consideration which will repeal existing subsections of the LA Municipal Code (sections 12.24 W.43 and 12.24 W.44) and by default place the City under the STATE’S Granny Unit law. The City’s standards limit SDUs to 640 square feet with minimum lot size requirements. As noted in the staff report, “the City’s standards are more flexible and tailored in some ways………”

If the City wishes to update its SDU ordinance, it should not repeal the ordinance and give up our local control (and the policy that was adopted as a result of broad community participation) to the state’s less detailed and more permissive standards. There should be a citywide discussion of what kind of revisions are to be considered.

Contact City Council ASAP re: CF 16-0348.

Garcetti Speaks of Immigrants


I’m writing this reminder because this is important. Whatever you did on the Fourth of July, you’ll recognize the quote above. It is a testament to an enduring truth: the American Dream has never solely applied to citizens of the United States. It applies to anyone who dares to believe that they can build a better life and future for themselves and their family. That’s what makes this the greatest country on earth.

But now, as the dreams of five million hard-working immigrants are put on hold, our country needs you to stand up for one of our most important ideals.

When the Texas court halted the President’s executive order on immigration, it threatened the livelihoods and the future of millions who hold out hope in the promise of the American Dream. These are families — often children — who have spent years building lives and strengthening communities in the United States.

Stand up for our neighbors and our families. Add your name to our list of supporters who believe in the promise of the American Dream.

From Mayor Eric Garcetti …


Imagine you have a friend that does everything for you: cooks, cleans, and even keeps you alive. What’s more, this friend travels hundreds of miles every time you need it.

Water is that friend.
We are now in the fourth consecutive year of drought in California. If we want our friend to be there for us in the future, we need to get creative about how we save water.

Start with some simple steps, like taking shorter showers and fixing leaky faucets. You can make a big difference by switching out water-thirsty lawns for beautiful, California-friendly landscaping. The city will even pay you $3.75 per square foot of lawn you replace.

Let’s do this. Let’s pledge to use our friend wisely and spread the word on ways to save water.
Water might not be able to speak for itself, but everyone and everything that depends on our friend will appreciate every drop that we save. Thank you for all you do.
Eric Garcetti
, Mayor

P.S. Your action can inspire others. Be part of the solution, spread the word, and help #SavetheDropLA.