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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Camping Restrictions on Venice Beach to be Lifted

All camping restrictions of LAMC 63.44 from the Ocean to and including the Venice Boardwalk will not be enforced by the LAPD, according to Venice Field Deputy Nisa Kove.

This goes along with the City’s agreement ban on no enforcement of the LAMC 41.18, which has similar restrictions for Los Angeles. Apparently, the latter is voluntary by district and one councilman is not enforcing it in his district.

Meanwhile, Kove announced that the Venice Bridge Housing had 88 occupants in the adult section and 43 in the youth section. The full capacity should be 100/54. Based on the Ninth Circuit Court decision of an available bed for people on the street, one asks of the City where does enforcement stand?

“The law is being misapplied as it has been from the start,” according to one Fight Back Venice reader. “No legal reason 41.18 cannot be enforced — like most laws — on a person by person basis in Venice against anyone who is offered but refuses to take Bridge Home beds.”

US District Court Judge David O. Carter has an alliance that is removing homeless from the freeway areas for a start so enforcement of the City laws can start somewhere.

It all becomes confusing for both the homeless and residents. All parking restriction enforcement has been removed also until 1 October.

LAPD given directive not to enforce ‘no camping law’ on beach for now

Park Rangers Enforce LAMC 63.44 at Venice Beach

(Photo courtesy of Mark Ryavec.)

Park Rangers with a crew started enforcing LAMC 63.44 regarding bulky items (items larger than what will fit into a City  60-gallon trash can) and tents and such structures in the Recreation and Parks area of the Venice Beach last Monday.  The rangers concentrated solely on the green area.

Rangers are suppose to be enforcing laws at the Recreation and Parks areas of Los Angeles.  Because the Ranger force became so small, the LAPD has been enforcing the laws.  More rangers have been hired.  Now it is a joint effort.

Ranger Zachary Pompa, who was in charge, said that they are now working under the United Homeless Response Center (UHTC) headed by Mayor Eric Garcetti.  Pompa said that if there is a problem one can report such at lapark.org.  Pompa said he did not know when they would be back.  The LAPD was suppose to be working with them that day but LAPD did not show up.

They started at Windward and worked their way north hoping to get to the Santa Monica border before 1:30 pm that day.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Ryavec.)

The park bench area at Windward was cleared but within a few minutes  it was repopulating.  When the Rangers were asked about that, they said they could go back if they had time.

One fellow was asked to move his structure and belongings from the grassy area.  The fellow explained that he was selling on the boardwalk.  He moved all his stuff across to the east side of the boardwalk.

Underneath the area where the fellow had been living was a water drain.