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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

County Health Installs Rat Bait Stations on Google Property on Hampton

(20 August 2019) Pedro Gutierrez of the LA County Public Health Department said he installed 10 rat bate stations on the Google property at 320 Hampton Drive.

Rats are overpopulating the area due to the 3rd Ave Encampment with the unhealthy sanitation conditions Gutierrez told Rick Swinger.

The stations were installed around the perimeter of the Google property on Hampton from Rose to the end of their property near Sunset and 3rd Ave to Hampton Drive.

VeniceUpdate.com Was Down

You were not crazy. The site was down for couple days. Am sorry. All should be well now. Thank you for your patience.

Google Hosts Outreach for Community

Google Outreach
Google had a two-hour plus outreach meeting with the community regarding their planned 13,200 square foot mezzanine addition to an existing 68,573 square foot office building at 320 Hampton Drive. For details go to cityhood.org, guest entry, get case report, put in address. Checkout the summary by case manager Jim Murez.

How do you stop people from driving to work?

Pay them. That is what Google does. Employers take heed! Thirty percent of Google employees, according to Tom Williams, site manager for Google Venice, do not drive to work. Fifteen percent bike.

Google offers vanpools, busses, and shuttles. They encourage their employees to walk, bike, take the bus, etc. For this they are paid. Williams explained that they live all over LA. They do not all live in Venice.

The amount varies but as the cost for a place to park goes up, so does the pay check. No one foresees the cost to park in Venice going down. There is a formula that Google uses reflecting several parking places in Venice to obtain the figure. Right now they are paid $120 per month for finding an alternate to the car for transportation to work. On a 30-day month, that is $4 a day.

One person in audience said “Yah, but one is not going to bike from Pacific Palisades … it is hilly.” Williams said “I do.”