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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Ocean Ave Encampment Gone, Only the Debris Remains

Encampment at Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is gone thanks to SLO Jennifer Munther and her team. The encampment was on private property — the landscape area between wall and sidewalk, a violation of penal code 602.

“Officers had an arrest at the encampment this morning and warned others for trespassing and will continue to follow-up on their warnings,” wrote Officer Muther. “In addition, I have advised multiple resources to assist with the area and enforce the 602 penal code. In addition, our HOPE unit was out there after the arrest and cleaned up the area.”

Sanitation will probably be there tomorrow, Friday, to clean up the rest. Ocean Ave has a lot of debris as does North Venice Blvd from this encampment. One person was rummaging thru the stuff.   Members of the BID Safe and Clean team were picking up the shopping carts and hazardous material.

This encampment on Ocean was left after North and South Venice Blvd were cleared and cleaned. Folks at Ocean flaunted their presence, letting people know they were not moving. It encouraged others to start to move back to North and South Venice Blvd. There is one encampment on North Venice now but it is not in violation of anything. All encampments on both sides of North Venice Blvd are gone with the one exception. It is just the debris that is left.

Encampment Update — 5 April 2019

The good news is that two places disappeared this week–McDonalds and the post office. Both clean. The bad news is that two places increased in size–North Venice Blvd and Penmar Park.

Ocean Ave, which is one encampment from South to North Venice Blvd, spilled over into North Venice Blvd with two encampments and one closer to Dell. There is also a new one on the north side of the blvd. One wonders when the city, the Venice attorney, the signs will settle this. Note the one behind the Farners’ Market sign has his outdoor grill, canopy, with tent underneath.

The car continues to grow. The garbage can next to it is spilling over as well as trash growing under the car. Both
front and back windows are covered. It is not in a state of being road worthy. One sympathizer said that the car was all “they” had. Understand, but wouldn’t one realize such and act accordingly. Apparently not. The car operator and occupants need drug rehab as soon as possible.

California Vehicle Code 22669 states:

Motor vehicles which are parked, resting, or otherwise immobilized on any highway or public right-of-way and which lack an engine, transmission, wheels, tires, doors, windshield, or any other part or equipment necessary to operate safely on the highways of this state, are hereby declared a hazard to public health, safety, and welfare and may be removed immediately upon discovery by a peace officer or other designated employee of the state, county, or city

Westminster Senior Center Park has two encampments on the south side of the park.

Hampton Drive, both north and south of Rose, are the same as they were last week. Fourth, south of Sunset, is also the same as last week.

7th Ave is the same but it looks like there is at least a 10-foot clearance at the one entrance. Shogun at the north end says he is returning to Santa Cruz … more country.

Penmar Park has repopulated. There are tents from one end to the other. One cannot see them from the shade covering them in the photo. There is room for more. Garbage is being stacked in the middle and the alley looks like it is starting to be a target.

The alley hideout behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd has decreased in garbage size impressively. One fellow said they had been taking amounts of garbage daily to other trash cans. One gal is rather hostile, otherwise campers are fine.

It was a pleasure to go around the McDonalds area. The alley was clean; nothing had been stowed at Harding, and the encampment without ADA compliance was gone.

Venice’s Old Post Office Area No Longer Has Encampment

(Photo courtesy of Alan Parsons.)

In front of Venice’s old post office area at Windward, a lady stayed for weeks and weeks.  She got on the encampment list because of her situation.  She was asked if she wanted services, help.  Nothing.  She had an unsanitary mess around her.  She said she would clean up her mess which she did  She sat thru all the rains.  Then recently someone came to camp beside her.  That lasted a week or two. Last week, only one remained, and now both are gone, and area is clear.

Encampment Update — 29 March

A couple of the areas have increased and a couple decreased.  Westminster Senior Center park has been added and McDonald’s has been removed.   The area behind the Thai Restaurant was cleaned by Sanitation Wednesday, decreasing that debris considerably.

Both 7th Ave and Penmar Park increased in tents.  Fourth decreased in tents as did McDonald’s area.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is the same.  In fact, North Venice Blvd looks the same.  The vans have moved to the north side of the street, the car that is growing continues to root itself, and the couch and garbage are gone.  Ocean encampment just seems to expand around the North and South Venice Blvd.

The Grand Canal is the same, except the pipe was removed from the walk way, and the graffiti was removed.

The post office had only one resident.  One cannot tell whether the lady moved or the new resident moved.

Westminster Park at the Westminster Senior Center had two separate encampments.  One in the front and one on the north side.  Those on the north side use to be the ones on Main.


Hampton Drive, south of Rose, was the same.  Safe Team from the BID were there to wake people.  They were not ADA compliant.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, people were leaving from the west side of the street, getting ready for the street to be cleaned by the commercial owners.

Fourth, just south of Sunset, looked like it had fewer residents than last time and Fourth, north of Sunset, had a lot of storage “stuff” from 3rd because of cleanup day on 3rd.  There are no encampments on this side of 4th.

Seventh Ave behind Whole Foods is packed solid.  In fact, it is doubtful there is a 10- foot clearance between the driveways for the Whole Food trucks.  That is a violation of the Jones Settlement. There is no ADA clearance. One lady has her living room established.




Penmar Park area has added a few tents since last week.

McDonald’s general area is better.  The encampment in the alley is gone so the alley is passable.  There is a storage area on the street next to McDonald’s but that is it.

The hideout behind the Thai restaurant at the Northeast Corner of Lincoln and Venice has been cleaned.  It reduced the area to at least half but left a lot of  “stuff” behind.   The 10 kids in tents in the alley are still there.  One resident supposedly is looking into the legality of the alley being blocked.



Encampment Update — 22 March 2018

Just when one thinks things can get better, things change. Looks like most of the encampments have increased in size since last week when it was stated that things were getting better. New to the Update is Westminster Park. This week activity around McDonald’s restaurant on Lincoln was included. Fourth Ave between Rose and Sunset had a lot of storage. Hopefully, it is from 3rd because Friday is cleaning day and not a new encampment.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd continues to grow. Encampment now fills  Ocean Ave totally between North and South Venice Blvd. Garbage and a couch sitting on North Venice across from a non-ADA compliant encampment on North Venice Blvd did not help the scene. And the car that is not street drivable continues to grow on North Venice.

There are all kinds of rumors about this area. The sign situation has been discussed. It is now rumored that there is a generator that runs at night on Ocean to charge scooters. Neighbors have complained. There are two new tenters on South Venice Blvd, west of Dell.

The Grand Canal site between North and South Venice Blvd got some graffiti and it looks like someone threw a pole down the ramp. There are always a couple of guys hanging there.

Lady at old postoffice on Windward has another sitter. Does not look like either are ADA compliant.

Westminster Senior Center Park had a couple of encampments. Think one group consisted of the people who had been on Main Street next to the school. Not suppose to park at the park. One person is hostile. 

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, has two separate encampments and they seem to be about the same size.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, which had no tenters last week had a couple of storages on the east side. It is assumed they were from the west side. West side is washed each day. Friday the guy who does the washing said his compressor was not working so washing might not happen on West side.

Fourth, south of Sunset, looks like it might have gained a couple tenters. But 4th, south of Rose, was filled with “stuff” being stored. Hopefully, it was from 3rd for weekly cleaning.

7th Ave behind Whole Foods at Rose is one total encampment — corner to corner.  There might be room for a couple of little tents but otherwise, the area is full. All but one tent was up and no one was ADA compliant. It is near St. Joseph’s Bread and Roses and supposedly they serve food. Food and public restrooms are a big draw for the homeless. Whole Foods has a public restroom.

Penmar Park, west of golf course, added a couple tents.

The hideout behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd is still about the same. Sanitation has not come. The kids look like they have re-stacked the “extra stuff” to look like there is less. This is the area where it really is a thoroughfare but has a fence and provides refuge for 10 tenters.  What is to be done with this area is not know at this time.

The area at McDonald’s restaurant on Lincoln was added because occasionally it will look crowded with homeless and the area surrounding occasionally looks seedy. There is one encampment next to the motel and one in the alley. The alley is not passable easily. Near the area is Harding where planters have been put and where homeless store stuff between.

Motorhomes and vans are still across the street from Google and in front of the Frank Geary designed building occupied by Google.  Sunset, at the side of Google, is another row of motorhomes.

Encampment Update — 8 March

Welcome to Venice. Two chaps on northwest corner of Lincoln and Washington are beating on a water bottle and an empty orange bucket thinking they are making music. Perhaps, it is time to get the names of the nearest relatives and show them what their loved ones are so proudly doing in Venice. It would be a good thing for a local charity to take this on–communicate with relatives.

One person, suggested that the parents or guardians of those under 18 should be notified and charged for all damages incurred by their cherubs.

Last week had a lot of rain and that makes the debris flow to the drains but cleans the streets. There does not seem to be an influx of tenters at the places covered; nor is there a drastic decrease.

Venice Blvd at Farmers Market needs to get the sign situation solved. The signs are such that they do not properly cover the landscape area of the Farmers Market as explained in last week’s Update. At present time, one of the resident – fellows on Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd feels very entitled. He came after this writer, across two lanes of traffic, and do not know what he said but this writer remembers what was said to him and he backed off.

Who are these people who feel entitled to tell people what they can and cannot do?   Who are these people who feel entitled enough to set up living in a public area or even a private area?  This chap is on private property and with the proper sign, he will be removed. Right now he is telling all that he does not have to leave. Think this guy did not want his picture taken. Well, he is in a public place.

The one who came after this writer is just stepping off the curb.

Both the car and the brown van on North Venice Blvd with all the stuff on top of and hanging out of were  gone. The brown van that people claimed had not been moved was impounded by SLO Jennifer Munther. The van owner removed all the stuff from the van and used areas on both North and South Venice Blvd landscaping. Below is the stuff removed and on North Venice Blvd. What happened to the stuff on South Venice Blvd is not known.

During the week, tents were up on the private property of Farmers Market and the BID Clean Team told them they had to be removed.

The Grand Canal still remains unoccupied. Someone dropped off a couple of scooters and ran them down the ramp but not in the water.

The lady at the old post office continues to accumulate and accumulate. She is now not ADA compliant but there are so many things happening in Venice.

There are fewer tents on 4th than last week. On the other side of 4th Ave, people are stowing their stuff between the planters while 3rd is being cleaned.  One of the trash cans takes the prize.

Hampton, south of Rose, was about the same. Whether the bolt holding the tent down is still there is not known.

Hampton, north of Rose, is compliant and has been for the last couple of weeks. On the east side there are no tenters. On the west side two business people wake people up at 6:30 and then clean the sidewalks. Mary who was mentioned a couple weeks ago said she really appreciated the sidewalk being cleaned.

Seventh behind Whole Foods seems to be getting a few more people and they are inclined to break the rules. The whole street is not ADA compliant, nor are the tents down. That is SLO Adrian Acosta’s area. His cell is 310-622-3973; email: 37285@LAPD.online.

Penmar Park seems to be the same. Looks like each tenter is making a garbage pile.

The area at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd has not had Sanitation’s cleaning touch. One fellow said the tenters were taking trash out and dumping where they could. It looked much better. SLO Adrian Acosta said Sanitation had been asked to clean up the area.

Encampment Update — 2 March

Venice Update was told that if this sign shown above were displayed so that people could see it from the sidewalk, violators on the private property , including the landscaped area (area between fence and sidewalk) could be removed. This would eliminate all trespassers around Farmers’ Market– North and South Venice Blvd and Ocean Ave.

Right now the sign faces the parking lot, the Farmers’ Market, and excludes the landscaped area. Update was told  the sign needs to be turned or another sign posted. The area between the wall and the sidewalk (landscaped area) is private property too, which should have a “no trespass” area sign. The sidewalk is governed by LAMC 41.18(a),(d).

Note:  A question arises from this statement.  The Farmers’ Market and the landscaping area are private property owned by the City.  Does this mean that all homeowners, all commercial property owners should have signs stating “No Trespassing” at the front of their properties? What kind of world is being established before our very eyes?  Update assumes the City is rushing the proper signs.

Both pictures above are of Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd. The BID Clean Team is cleaning up part of the mess.

A few of the vans and cars on North Venice Blvd are still there. One can tell the police have been after them. The one van with a lot of junk on it is still there.

Note:  It was told to the Venice Update that the brown van had not been moved for several weeks or ticketed because vehicle identification number cannot be found.  Update is sure the law is that one cannot have an unregistered motor vehicle (no VIN) on the road.  The police have been queried regarding this situation.

The blue van buys bottles and cans from people.  Update was told that when the recycle people arrive, so do the drug dealers because the cash from bottles can be put immediately into the purchase of drugs. That is efficiency.

The bad news is that 7th Ave just north of Rose has repopulated and the crowd is spreading debris and is disruptive. They are definitely not ADA compliant. This is behind Whole Foods and across the street from a residential area.

Penmar Park has a few more tents.

A new encampment in an alley behind Deux Ex Machina Emporium of Post at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd was reported to Venice Update. The tenters there said if they had a place to put the debris, they would clean it up themselves. According to the SLO Adrian Acosta, Sanitation has been notified. A story was written about it this week.

Also what is noticeable is that people are storing their stuff between planters on Sunset and Fourth. Whether they are sleeping there is not known.

(Courtesy of Sir Anthony.)
Hampton Drive, south of Rose,  is about the same except notice the second photo shows that a chain has been bolted to the sidewalk to secure the tent. Also note in the photo there is a propane or something type stove.

Note:  LAMC 56.11 states:

No Person shall erect any barrier against or lay string or join any wires, ropes, chains or otherwise attach any Personal Property to any Public Property, including but not limited, to a building or portion or protrusion thereof, fence, bus shelter, trash can, mail box, pole, bench, newsrack, sign, tree, bush, shrub or plant, without the City’s prior written consent. No Person shall erect any barrier against or lay string or joinany wires, ropes, chains or otherwise attach any Personal Property to any private property in such a manner as to create an obstruction on or across any Street or area where the public may be expected to travel.

There should be a fire code law regarding the stove.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, on both the west and east sides were clean and clear.

Venice Blvd at Dell still has an encampment on the parking median.

Small Alley Area at Northeast Corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd

Robert, the young man talking, and Josh under the green tent, would love to have this cleaned up.  All this, they say, was here when they arrived.  If they had a dumpster, they would clean it up.

This encampment is located behind Deux Ex Machina Emporium of Post at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd, 1001 Venice Blvd, Venice.  Access is between the Deux and a Thai restaurant on Lincoln.