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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 14 June 2019

(14 June 2019) The bad news is that Hampton, both north and south of Rose, are growing. Fourth between Sunset and Rose seems to consistently have tenters now. Fourth south of Sunset has the one tenter who is messy and not compliant. Tenters use to be confined to 3rd but now 4th is getting them too. There was a tenter spotted in the 91 Freeway median which is a great fire hazard.

The good news is that the lady at the post office, of many months ago, has a place to stay thanks to Brian Ulf, Chair of SHARE. Brian was notified months ago regarding the post office lady but it was only recently that Brian mentioned he had found her a place way back when.

Other than the good and the bad, new encampments seem to come and go quickly lately. There were about six tenters on Lincoln near Washington one night, but the next day, they were gone. Carter, near Lincoln and Washington, had about four to six tenters during the week but then they were gone. Thatcher had one tenter for about three days but then he left; he was on private property.

Individual tenters pop up here and there.  One will see them at a bus stop, in a doorway, or suddenly on the sidewalk.  They seem to come and quickly go.  Occasionally, they stay and attract until it becomes an encampment.

In general, things are so much more under control than they were.  Staples is gone as is Venice Way, 7th Ave, Penmar Park, the Thai restaurant alley.  These were tragedies.  Individuals, neighborhoods worked together to stop these encampments.  The remaining encampments are so much more under control.  There is less trash for one thing.  Exceptions are 3rd and OFW,  which are not covered in the encampment update.

Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd continues to be a violation. There were four individual tenters there Friday. It is most discouraging because it seems to be almost gone and then there it is all over again. North Venice seems to be clear.

Westminster Senior Center Park hasn’t changed much since last week. One area near the entrance looked like it might have a few tenters. The two fellows in the wooden tent were still there.

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, is growing on both sides of the street. Thursday they were all over the street but Friday they looked like they were close to compliance.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, is still the master plan for the community working with the homeless. Paul who has a business there on the west side of the street said they have a cleaning crew that comes and power washes the sidewalk and then they have a crew on alternate days that sanitizes the sidewalk. Besides that they have Dave who is kind and considerate to all homeless. He makes sure they do what they are suppose to do in the morning. Another man cleans the sidewalk of debris. Dave comes back in the late afternoon to make sure all is well and escorts women to their cars if necessary. They have recently had a rough group move in. Dave works a split shift. Paul who has a business there told the owner what was happening and the owner took care of the cleaning of the sidewalk and hired Dave for “security ” or perhaps, the term should be “ambassador.” All has worked well for homeless and the employees since the owner took the steps to clean the sidewalk and to provide security.

4th Ave, south of Sunset, has one tenter and he makes the place non compliant and makes a mess.

4th Ave, north of Sunset and south of Rose and in parallel with 3rd Ave, is growing. Most of the tenters are close to the opening for public storage and others are at the other end of the block. This part of 4th has been growing each week. They do not have to move for cleaning each week so many prefer that.

Kenny is still on Lincoln with about five other tenters at Flower. Kenny with his dog Joey was doing needle point. Shown is the one he is working on now. He showed this writer a scene that took him a year. He said there was something happening with his check and he should have been getting more. Perhaps, he will get money from four years back and then he will get a motel that will take dogs.

Naples alley has a tent and a pile of debris. Around the alley on Coeur d’Alene is a growing encampment just across from McDonalds restaurant.

Encampment Update — 30 May 2019

The good reportings keep happening! So rewarding to report when things like this happen. Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd has been cleared and cleaned. North Venice Blvd is pretty much cleared too. This one is thanks to SLO Jennifer Muther. Muther said if activity started again to email her at 36051@lapd.online and call 877-ask-lapd.

The Los Angeles Hope team was out to offer services to homeless and watch as Sanitation cleaned the area early this week. Supervisor Kuehl claims that 14,000 have been placed in permanent housing in the last 18 months. The CES team is throughout Venice canvassing and providing supportive services.

The photo shows what it looked like Thursday morning. Wednesday it was totally clear of homeless and the debris. Saw Paul, supervisor of the BID Clean Team, during the morning and he said there was one guy who left the blue tarp and the cart this morning.  He tries to possess the area and this is his way of doing it. Paul said the guy had been arrested a couple of times but comes back to that spot. Paul said he would be over later that morning to remove the tarp and the cart. Friday’s Farmers Market will be pleasant this week.

Told Paul that I had seen two guys sleeping in the lot where Farmers Market is and he said the lots from Pacific to Ocean now have security. So those two will be awakened. It would be nice if security included the Library area as there are usually a couple separate tenters hanging.

Two vans were on North Venice Blvd. The one van looked like the beginning of the car that was towed not long ago. All vehicles on the public streets must be movable.

Westminster Senior Center Park
Park had a new tenant on the north side of the park. The two travelers with the homemade tents are still there but in compliance on the sidewalk.

Hampton Drive, South of Rose
Noticeable difference in the attitude of the tenters on Hampton. They were all in compliance with ADA requirements and the area looked clean in comparison with previous weeks. Paul of the BID Clean Team said there was mainly new tenters and they were keeping in clean and in compliance. Paul said he was going to steam clean the area next week. Across the street are a couple of tenters and they appear to be in ADA compliance.

Hampton Drive, North of Rose
Tenters are leaving the area or have left when I arrive and the sidewalks are steam cleaned by the businesses there. Everyone cooperates and appreciates. This has been going on for months now. It is hard to believe what it was before. Just cooperation of the police, Sanitation, the businesses, and a good group of homeless have made this a model of a sad situation handled by all.

4th Ave, South of Sunset
This area decreased to only one tenter and debris that is left. This tenter is rather messy so maybe the others went to 4th just south of Rose. There were three tenters there. This is an area to watch.

Penmar Park
The trash heap of the west is over. Implementation of the walking path has begun. One tenter has settled in between the bollards and the gate. Think it is the older man with the dog whose name is heaven spelled backward. He is not an addict and does not want housing he says.

Encampment Behind Thai Restaurant
The encampment behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln is still empty. Have no idea where these people went.

Individual Encampments
Lincoln at Mildred
The individual encampments usually grow or the person moves on. The one on Lincoln at Mildred looks like it has grown considerably since started by one person. It is across from the St. Joseph Center on Lincoln so that is an attraction. Last week it had a van and two motor homes parked in front.

Kenny, with his dog Snowy, is sitting there waiting for his wife Tara to get back from St. Joseph Center. They are suppose to have a voucher for a motel today from St. Joseph and that is to keep them until they get section 8 housing.

Kenny is from Ohio and has been in California for two months. He says Ohio is too hard on him and he needs a back operation. They are going to take the couple next to them on the sidewalk with them when they get the motel. Reminds me of the 60’s or 70’s when they would bus people in from the South because California had better social services, social security, etc.Kenny is an example of a homeless person who needs housing.Now apparently, the word is out that California has vouches and section 8 housing. The two motorhomes were parked on a side street.

Coeur d’Alene across from McDonalds
This encampment has grown from one to two to at least five. These people are rather hostile. They are next to the Naples alley. Someone got into the Naples alley debris and spread it all around. Darrell will take care of that when he returns Friday. SLO Javier Ramirez has been notified.

Thatcher Yard
Thatcher yard encampment left last week as reported and has not returned. The debris has been cleaned up by the neighbors.

Encampment Update –24 May 2019

Encampment west of Penmar Park is gone!! At one time, it was one of the worst trash-ridden of all the Venice encampments.  It sat on a vacant piece of land snuggled between single-family residences and the Penmar Golf Course, just off of Rose Ave.

Right now men are cleaning it up and a new landscaped walking path is on it way. The neighborhood raised over $80,000 to make a landscaped pathway to beautify the area.

Here are photos of just some of trash  from the encampment taken at different times.

Last week the Thai restaurant alley at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice was vacated and cleaned. A couple weeks before that 7th Ave across the street from residential was cleaned and cleared and bollards were placed at the property line. The elimination of these three encampments were the result of individuals, neighborhoods making things happen.  These three were part of the worst.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is about the same. Looks like a couple of tenters moved to Venice Way.

Westminster Senior Center Park looks like it may have an encampment at the north side of the building.

Hampton, south of Rose is growing and on both sides of the street.

Fourth Ave is growing.  Fourth between Vernon and Sunset on the east side is the one that has been watched.  Thursday noticed that 4th between Sunset and Rose on the west side has many tenters.  It will be observed next week to see if that is an encampment. Fourth between Sunset and Rose parallels 3rd Ave.

Machado, which is next to 7th Ave., started to get encampments so one resident immediately put out planter boxes but it looks like more boxes, to the corner, are needed.

The individual encampment at Flower on west side of Lincoln has grown to several tenters and several motor homes and vans.

The Naples alley is clear but full of debris.

The individual encampment on Coeur d’Alene across from McDonalds on Lincoln is growing. This is where kids walk to Coeur d’Alene school.

The individual encampment at the end of Thatcher that kept growing is gone. Only the debris remains for the owners of the property to clean up.



Naples Alley — What a Saga!

The alley behind Naples and Lincoln was a saga of itself last week. Update was asked by a neighborhood resident to add the Naples alley to the Encampment Update. The alley deserved a story of its own, at least for now.

Drove over saw two encampments with a lot of bikes in between. People were still waking up. The alley was half passable. Next day the neighborhood resident sent photos of what he said was a drug deal and a satchel full of syringes. This was sent to SLO Javier Ramirez Thursday morning with other photos.

Friday the tenters were gone. Only their debris lingered in the alley and it was considerable.

A gal was sitting in the alley away from the debris. I asked her if the people were gone and she said she didn’t know. She said she had nothing to do with them.

The gal was upset. We talked she said her boyfriend had left her for her best friend and she was heartbroken. We talked for a while. I introduced myself and she gave me her name. Her name was Emily.

That opened a whole new conversation. I told her I lost my niece to drugs last month and her name was Emily. I told her that at this point there is DNA and a toxicology report to determine if my Emily was injected, whether it was manslaughter, a bad dose, or just a drug over dose. My Emily had been clean for three years. She had reported someone where she worked about dealing in drugs. So! She quit that job and was preparing to do the Appalachian Trail.

Drug addicts quit and go back and repeat this scenario multiple times I have been told many times lately.

Emily and I talked about the dark side of life she was leading and asked why she didn’t go home to Oregon. Her mother had just lost a husband and was wrapped up in that she said. Well, wouldn’t that be a good time to be with her. No was the answer.

She had been on meth and was clean for one month. She said it takes a while to get your head cleared from meth. She had been to college and getting a job should not have been a problem. She said she had had a few jobs here. She said as soon as the meth was cleared from her head, she would make a decision. This boyfriend really had a hold on her.

She was a dear, sweet girl, hung up on a guy, who had gotten into drugs and had gotten clean for a month, which is a start. What next for this young lady?

Friday afternoon went back to see if the campers had returned. The alley was cleaned and a new camper was there. It was my friend Darrell and don’t know his last name and am not sure am spelling his first properly.

Darrell is a tall, black man who collect bottles and cans in the area over the weekend to supplement his income. He says he makes a couple hundred each weekend. He stays in the alley.

He is the one who cleaned the alley. He collects bottles and cans but never leaves the area messy.

Darrell says he stays in the Naples alley each week. When asked how he got rid of the others, he said “I told them I had to clean the alley.” And they left. Neighbors on Naples love him. One can see why. Darryl said the alley was filled with needles (probably the needles that weren’t in the satchel).The lady who has the van comes by to pick his weekend collection.

This writer has known Darrell for years. He is a clean, happy, considerate, bottle-can collector who does not leave a mess and always has a good word to say. Apologies … photo is of a black man hidden in the dark tree and his shirt is grey next to a grey fence.

Encampment Update — 17 May 2019

Before — 3 May 2019

After — 17 May 2019

(Both Photos have been lightened to remove some of the shadow.)

This is a good day! Some days are better than others and I repeat “This is a Good Day.” The alley at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Venice Blvd that housed between 10 and 14 young, self-proclaimed drug addicts is cleaned and clear. It was cleared and cleaned last Friday but the gang was moving back in before sunset. This Friday is was cleaned and clear of any encampments or debris from such. Even most of the graffiti was removed.

Katy Tucker, president of the board for the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, wrote Councilman Mike Bonin that it was not acceptable to have this encampment so close to 160 young boys and girls. How right she is.

Venice has seen some major changes in the encampment areas of late. The clearing of the alley, the red bollards in place in the middle of the 7th Ave sidewalk and the elimination of the poster car on Venice Blvd are big signs of encouragement for Venice and those are within the last 30 days. 7th Ave was second only to 3rd in number of tenters and rowdiness. The bollards were major.

Venetians get tired of the homeless making remarks that they own the streets and the sidewalks and arrogantly flaunt their lawlessness. None of the homeless are from California and to have them act and talk like this is their city and tell Venetians they can and will operate as they please, infuriates the locals.

Ocean Ave and North Venice Blvd
It is the same. The poster car is gone. There are more encampments on the south side of North Venice Blvd. There is another dumping of clothing and stuff on the north side of North Venice Blvd. SLO Jennifer Muther is back from vacation so things should clean up.

Muther answered my email asking about what is going on with Ocean and surrounding area because it was going well before her vacation. She answered and wrote “I have made several requests to multiple resources to assist, including city council.”

Westminster Senior Center Park
The park area is clean of all encampments except the sidewalk in front still has the two wooden tents on wheels. They stay on the sidewalk and leave the passage space required by ADA. Oft hand do not know the rules for encampment in parks.

Hampton, south of Rose
Hampton, south of Rose, has grown a little and Friday had trouble providing ADA access.

Hampton, north of Rose
This area once again is showcase stuff. It is the cooperation of the tenters, the LAPD, the Clean Team, the property owners that make this work. There was a pile of stuff left in the street by one tenter but otherwise it was proof that the system works. Far cry from what was across the street last year.

4th Ave
Tenters here are blocking the sidewalk.

7th Ave
7th Ave proudly shows the red bollards in the middle of the sidewalk and no tenters.

Penmar Park
For some reason each time Penmar Park encampment is seen, it looks totally different. Tents move around and one reconfigures each week. This time they added residents, who with their generator, charge scooters. The place was cleaned and it looked it. Garbage accumulates quickly in that area.

Individual Encampments
As explained a few weeks ago, some tenters are venturing off to be by themselves. Some stay and when they do, they attract others. Others move along. A few weeks ago several places were shown where there were individual tenters. Most of those are gone. One on Lincoln is catching on and attracting others including a couple of motor homes that hide them from the street.

One area in the Oxford Triangle started with one, got to be two, then one and now back to two. In the Triangle they are on private property and in a fire lane. The police have beeb out. They will move away but then return. They don’t want to get on the Marina property, which is the other side of the fence, because the police immediately move them on. There is another tenter but is not shown. He too is on private property.

One across the street from MacDonalds on Coeur d’Alene has two and sometimes only one. Neither are ADA compliant. One commenter made the comment that this is the sidewalk kids use to go to Coeur d’Alene school.

Encampment Update — 10 May 2019

This week was encouraging.   The poster child for Venice homelessness on Venice Blvd was towed thanks to LAPD.  Penmar Park was cleaned as was the alley encampment  at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd
Area is the same,  One fellow on Ocean is in violation of ADA requirement and both are in violation of penal code 601 for being on private property.

The problem is that North Venice Blvd is repopulating because of Ocean.  With the exception of the one hanging out into the street, they are not in violation.  That is Mike’s green tent.  Mike is an artist who has been around a long time in Venice.   He watched this writer take a photo and made the comment that photo would make a good coffee table book.  We talked for a while and I took the photo of the clown on the back of his sweatshirt that a local artist on the boardwalk had done.   Forgot to ask why he was carrying those big scissors.

The area on the north side, where BID cannot help with the Clean Team, seems to attract trash … in the street, on the sidewalk.

Westminster Senior Center Park
The park has three areas. The one under the tree is gone. There is one in the park near the center on the north side. The other two are parked on the sidewalk. The ones with the wooden tents are travelers. They were parked at the library months ago. They constructed their wooden tents and bike all over. They told this writer that they neither drink nor do alcohol.

Hampton, south of Rose
Hampton, south of Rose, retained its full contingency of tents. All violated the ADA law. The lady, who was walking, just walked in the street to get by.

Hampton, north of Rose
Hampton, north of Rose is usually exemplary. The west side of the street had a few who were slow to move.

4th Ave
Fourth Ave has a fewer campers but one is totally noncompliant with ADA.

7th Ave
Seventh is still clean and clear and has the red bollards. One person was looking for a place to light and then realized the area was not the place. Drove around the block and homeless are stopping on Machado.

Penmar Park
The area west of Penmar Park with the encampment was cleaned last Wednesday. The alley was also cleaned this time. They picked up the trash that was in the middle but everything still looked messy and littered. Asked one camper if Sanitation raked the area and he said “yes they did.” Perhaps, it is the reconfiguration or placement of the tents that makes it look littered. Some keep reconfiguring their areas.

Alley behind the Thai Restaurant
This is the area where young kids on drugs (they told this writer) have lived for some time. When this writer was alerted to the area, trash was lined up to the garage or the length of the open area. The SLO for the area was emailed and he said sanitation was scheduled to come. A story was done on the fact that they were living in an alley.  See story on the background.  It is illegal to block an alley.

Last week Katy Tucker,  board president of the  Boys and Girls Club of Venice, wrote a letter addressed to Councilman Mike Bonin and Deputy Taylor Bazley stating “I feel it is imperative to bring to your attention a serious health and safety issue that is potentially harmful to the 160+ youth who visit our facility on a daily basis.”

Friday was a major cleanup.  The young people left with all they could take.   All the rest of the stuff was removed.

By 3 pm they were moving back.

Ms Tucker  should consider alley vacation as soon as possible.  She will certainly have the support of the people who live in residences on the other side.

Encampment Update — 3 May 2019

It is so nice to see 7th Ave behind Whole Foods with its bollards. This homeless site was directly across from homes.

Reminiscing one remembers the encampments in the median of the 90 Freeway creating a fire hazard, the solicitors at the corners on Washington and Lincoln and the 90 Freeway. Remember the encampment at Lake, the encampment that surrounded Staples and ended up next to Lincoln Hardware before it left. Remember the encampment on Venice Way next to the Post Office annex. This is where the shooter came from that shot someone on Windward. Who could forget the Canal saga. Harrison and Harding had encampments. McDonald’s restaurant use to be surrounded by homeless. Most of these encampments have been handled by Citizens in the neighborhood who purchased planters and plants. Others have been handled by the LAPD.

7th Ave
Sidewalk on 7th Ave behind Whole Foods market is empty. (See photo above.)  The leasing company that leases to Whole Foods found out their property line goes to middle of sidewalk so they have put bollards in the middle of the sidewalk to show their property line.

The people who stayed on 7th were there for a short time. Charlie was there from Colorado and “won’t go back until the weather gets better.” Shogun left for Santa Cruz. Jake worked in construction and could work if he wanted, but he chose the beach lifestyle. Those were just a few this writer got to know. These three would never accept housing. The others changed each week. Noticed that Machado Ave next to 7th has an encampment.

Penmar Park
Penmar Park looks like it lost some tenters. Officers Perez and Lin were there and were asking people to put down their tents or fix them so that they were open on all sides.Perez said the HOPE team had been out many times. No one seemed to want housing or services. Perez said Sanitation was scheduled to return soon, just when he didn’t know. People have been lining the alley again with trash and pushing stuff in the middle of the lot.

Casey is one of the tenters and she was helping another tenter put down his tent because he wasn’t there. Casey said there were about six tents and eleven people living there. Most people were couples but her boyfriend is away for awhile. She has been there since Memorial Day and the 4th is her 30th Birthday. I talked to Casey about calling SHARE which has collaborative housing. She said she and her boyfriend use to have two dogs so people put them on the bottom of the list. Now they don’t have dogs. At SHARE they could share a bedroom when he comes back.  She will wait for her  boyfriend first.

Alley Behind Thai Restaurant
The property behind the Thai restaurant looks like it is gaining in tenters. One fellow said there were 14. There were only 10 before,

Ocean Ave Between North and South Venice Blvd
Ocean Ave between South and North Venice Blvd has not changed much since last week. They are still in violation of Penal Code 601 and the ADA accessibility. North Venice continues to grow and the car is still grounded there attracting vagrants.
Guess enforcement awaits SLO Jennifer Muther who comes back from vacation 12 May.

Fourth south of Sunset
Fourth looks like it is growing. It has been mostly people who stay off the sidewalk but this time it had a couple people who were violating that law.

Westminster Senior Center Park
Westminster park at the senior center had three encampments last week. This week it has one more.

Hampton Drive
Hampton Dr south of Rose only has the one area of encampments. Hampton north of Rose is still the poster child. It has encampments but they leave in morning, place gets cleaned, and the people return.

Encampment Update — 26 April 2019

Seventh Ave is a total evolution … for the better. It is encouragement for all of Venice.Fourth has a couple more tenters. Penmar Park, which was cleaned Monday, has fewer tenters. Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd continues to operate and encourage encampments on North Venice Blvd. Also have noticed the last few weeks that individual tenters are abandoning the safety or antagonization of a group and finding places to camp by themselves.

What is happening with Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is unknown. SLO Jennifer Muther is on vacation until 12 May. Meanwhile, Ocean Ave grows and North Venice Blvd at Ocean continues to grow and all of this is a violation of one kind or another. The north side of North Venice Blvd has been cleaned of all the debris.

Ocean Ave and North Venice Blvd
People continue to camp on the private property between the wall and the sidewalk in violation of LAMC 602. Picture shows them on the sidewalk also.

The car that grows on the Blvd is joined with a van that has a generator and some other things attached to it both in front and behind, making both vehicles in violation of California Vehicle Code 22669.

One tenter is in violation of some code regarding lobbing over into the public street as well as violating the ADA law.

Since SLO Jennifer Muther is on vacation, Sergeant Kevin Lowe, who is in charge of the SLO, was contacted but no answer yet.

Westminster Senior Center Park
Park has three encampments. Two are the same. The third one is new or has moved from another place in the park.

Hampton, south of Rose
There were two separate encampments. One has left the area and the remaining encampment looks a little smaller than it was.

Hampton, north of Rose
This is still the poster for homelessness. Approximately 10 sleep on west side of street. In the morning they are all up and out of the way. A contractor cleans the sidewalk. At night they return.

Fourth Ave has increased in number of tenters, and with the exception of one, they are all ADA compliant.

7th Ave
There are no more homeless. That blight behind Whole Foods and in front of residential street is gone. Bright red cones line the sidewalk from one end of the block to the other. The cones divide the sidewalk from the property owned by the leasing company. It is over for the homeless. The property owner, who leases to Whole Foods, says his property line goes to the middle of the 10-foot sidewalk. One cannot live on private property in accordance with Penal Code 602. In addition, it was mentioned that Bread and Roses, a few doors west on Rose where people are fed for free, is temporarily closed. Monday Sanitation came and Whole Foods helped in the cleanup with Sanitation and the LAPD.

Penmar Park
Area west of Penmar Park was cleaned last Monday. There was still a lot of debris around and the alley garbage is increasing. One of the residents mentioned that Sanitation does not pick up the papers laying around. When asked where everyone had gone, the lady shrugged her shoulders and said that they would be back. Several tents were not there. Photos show the area in three sections.

Hideout Behind Thai
The area in the alley behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd is increasing in activity and bikes but the number living there seems to be the same. Someone should call the City. This is definitely an alley. Either that or allow homeowners to buy the alley.

Individual areas
The first one is off Venice Blvd past the fire station and across the street from Empty Space. The second one is at Penmar Park. The third one is in a culvert behind the French Cafe off Abbot Kinney Blvd. The fourth one is on Lincoln Blvd not far from Rose.

Encampment Update — 19 April 2019

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is a pain. It just does not stop. SLO Jennifer Muther said it was going to be cleaned up last week. It was. People were removed but Sanitation did not come along to remove the debris left behind.  People looked at it as a gift from heaven and moved in. There was another arrest Thursday, but by Friday, several were living in one of the areas and another fellow was working on cardboard for a shelter.

One of the problems with Ocean is that it spills over to North Venice Blvd. An area on north side of North Venice has been a third world mockup. Homeless have been going thru the trash for bottles, stuff they can use, and it has created a mess. Guy on south side of North Venice is letting his stuff block the sidewalk against ADA compliance and taking up a parking space by lobbing into the street. The van with the generator has bikes attached in front and back. It is not a movable vehicle. The white car continues to fester on the Blvd adding to the blight.

The great news is that the pup tent across the street in the pocket park at Mildred/Ocean/Venice is gone. So much time and money was put into that park to make it safer for traffic and to clean it up. This was done by designer Robin Murez with the help of neighbors.

Westminster Senior Center park area now has four encampments–two on west side and two on the south side.

The good news is that no one is inhabiting the area around the old post office or the Windward Circle area.

Hampton, south of Rose, is not ADA compliant.

Hampton, north of Rose, is still the poster child for homeless, property owners, and LAPD working together. There are approximately 10 tenters and they are gone during the day. The place is steam washed and the campers return at night.

Seventh Ave has noticeably fewer tents. Two fellows were cleaning up their areas. Sanitation had just stopped by and told them they would be back on Monday to clean the area.

Penmar Park area is going to be cleaned Monday. The group at Penmar said someone had cleaned the area during the week. It is true someone cleaned it because the piles of garbage in the middle and other areas were gone. First picture shows a view of more than half the used area. The other photos are close ups on individual areas. Most people are happy to hear that someone is coming to clean.

The area behind the Thai restaurant at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd is so much cleaner. The tenters really wanted it cleaner and one can tell them have been working to get it that way. All garbage can around were full.

Encampment Update — 12 April 2019

The big news this week is that Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is cleared of all homeless residents, and the debris is going to be removed. Homeless continue to stop by and enjoy the features left behind but that is temporary.

Also what has been noticeable is that the solicitors at the 90 Freeway – Lincoln Blvd intersection have been removed. One will see a solicitor popup and then he is gone. It is against the law to solicit at any state highway but seldom enforced. It has been noticeable that there are fewer solicitors at Washington and Lincoln Blvd also. Lincoln is Route 1.

Also noticeable has been the absence of campers along the 90 Freeway from the 405 Freeway offramp to Lincoln Blvd. Many campers thru the years have camped between the north and south bound lanes of the 90 freeway. This has caused at least two fires thru the years.

Ocean Ave, 90 Freeway, and solicitor absence are the works of the LAPD.

Bad News
The bad news is that Westminster Senior Center park has one more encampment than last week. One fellow has put his tent in the pocket park at Ocean/Mildred/Venice.  Penmar Park area continues to grow as does its debris.

Poster Child
Hampton Drive north of Rose, which use to be a tragedy, is the poster child for the cooperation of the homeless, the police, the business owners. Those homeless are up and out of there as business owners clean the sidewalk.

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, is unchanged as is 4th at Sunset.

Ocean Ave
Encampment at Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd was removed thanks to SLO Jennifer Munther and her team. The encampment was on private property — the landscape area between wall and sidewalk, a violation of penal code 602.  See story.

“Officers had an arrest at the encampment this morning and warned others of trespassing and will continue to follow-up on their warnings,” wrote Officer Muther. “In addition, I have advised multiple resources to assist with the area and enforce the 602 penal code. In addition, our HOPE unit was out there after the arrest and cleaned up the area.”

The debris of the encampments on Ocean spilled to North Venice Blvd. At this point it is hard to tell whether there is an encampment on North Venice or not.

Mildred/Ocean/Venice Pocket Park
The pocket park is the one that Robin Murez designed and she and friends implemented at the intersection of Mildred/Ocean/Venice.

Windward Circle
The old postoffice lady is gone but there is a sleeper in Windward Circle.

Westminster Senior Center
Westminster Senior Center has a new encampment. Now it has two on the west side and one on the south side.

7th Ave
Seventh Ave behind Whole Foods Market and across from a residential area continues to be one full block.

Penmar Park Area
The area west of Penmar Park continues to grow in tents and garbage.

Thai Restaurant Area
The area behind the Thai restaurant looks like it may have gained a tent and lost some trash or stuff.