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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Doug Fay Sues Over Duck Pond

Doug Fay who grew up on Howard next to the Oxford Retention Basin says the “duck pond” was designated a bird sanctuary in 1963 and the present project mitigated negative declaration (MND) is inadequate.  The County wants to make it an overflow for storm drains.  Fay says it was the only thing he could do.

“We/I had 30 days after the County Board of Supervisors approved the mitigated negative declaration on December 3, 2013 to file a challenge,” wrote Fay. “The MND is inadequate and the project, as proposed, is unacceptable. At this point in time the only way to seek a better outcome is to litigate for a full environmental impact report (EIR) so alternatives can be considered. Concerned neighbors, LA Audubon, the Sierra Club, Wetlands Defense Fund, and others submitted letters. The County’s responses were inadequate.”

The case challenges the County’s adoption of a mitigated negative declaration (MND) and approval of the project entitled “Oxford Retention Basin Multiuse Enhancement Project.

According to Fay, the project sought grant funding as a habitat restoration project, yet the project is actually a recreational enhancement project, designated to create a walkable area for future and existing residential.

Fay claims that the Oxford Retention Basin was designated a bird sanctuary in 1963. He and others feel the proposed project will have a significant impact on bird species that rely on the area that was set aside to protect them.

His case lists the County, LA Flood Control District, Board of Supervisors, and Department of Public Works as defendants.

Knabe Says “No” to “Ballona” Freeway

County Board of Supervisors Supplemental Agenda for 10 December just in from Douglas Fay states: Recommendation as submitted by Supervisor Knabe: Oppose any and all action taken to change the name of the Marina Freeway to the “Ballona Freeway”; and direct the Chief Executive Officer to send letters to the 11th District Los Angeles Councilman Bonin, Mayor Eric Garcetti, all members of the Los Angeles City Council,
and to appropriate State elected representatives opposing the
proposed freeway name change. (13-5734).