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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice has its own trash and vermin

Dumping on Ocean Front Walk. (All photos are by Rick Swinger.)

By Venice Update Contributor

LA Preserve wrote a commentary regarding Steve Lopez’s article on the rats and dumping in Los Angeles.

Note:   After reviewing this article, Venice Update asks: Is it possible to sue the City regarding the health and safety risk imposed on Venetians?

You have seen photos of the garbage at Penmar, at 7th, at alley behind Thai restaurant. you have seen the garbage as you drive home. You have picked up feces near you if not in front of your house. So you do have some recognition of this situation.  It is unlike other cities in CD11 but similar to Skid Row.  Thought it was only fair to read one about the dumping in Venice.

The Venice Update has printed many stories and photos by Rick Swinger who has started a “No Dumping” campaign in Venice. The No Dumping encompasses both feces on the streets and dumping of produce and other food items.  He has a t-shirt making his point. (By the way, some Update readers have complained that the trash photos are too graphic.)


He requested rat proof trash cans for 3rd Ave where the trash is so bad that Bureau of Sanitation comes once a week.  He got instead what he calls rat feeders. City then provided plastic liners. He has been very vocal regarding the rat population on 3rd Ave and has sighted rat holes, dead rats, and has requested the County to investigate.

With all this going on, a group recently protested on 3rd Ave that instead of cleaning the place all the time, that bathrooms would do it.  One private individual did such.  He provided two and asked that clothing not be put down the hole.  The bathrooms were removed after three weeks.  There are bathrooms at the parking lot on Rose, a couple blocks from 3rd, and they have security at night.

Swinger has, at his own expense, run a test of the water at the beach where 3rd Ave dumps.  It is off the charts, yet signs have not been adequately posted to prevent kids from wading in the pool of water which is next to a playground.  Swinger is an environmentalist and lives near the infested area. He tries to make people aware.  He has established a facebook page (Stop Illegal Dumping in Venice Beach) that covers what he is saying.  He has talked with Dr. Drew about typhus epidemic and has corresponded with Elizabeth Greenwood, the deputy city attorney, who is suing the City for 5 million after contracting typhus.

How serious is all this?     Andy Bates, CEO of Union Mission lost a foot from MRSA contracted by walking on the filthy streets of Skid Row. Dr. Drew predicts an epidemic before Garcetti figures it out,

What causes this to happen in Venice?  It is the No.1 provider per capita of low income and supportive housing units on the west side of Los Angeles as defined by the borders of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission. Furthermore, the Venice Community Plan Area (CPA) is the 8th largest provider per capita of low income and supportive housing units out of all 37 CPA in the City of Los Angeles. Venice has the services so this is the destination for the the United States homeless. There couldn’t be a larger, more accommodating  target — housing and services.

These figures do not include the 472 units planned for Venice.  Is it no wonder Venetians chant “vexit” meaning Venice exit.  There is little chance that it can happen since it would take approval of the City Council and it is the CD11 Councilman Mike Bonin who chairs the dumping here.  Venice has 25 times what Pacific Palisades has and Beverly Hills and Beverly Crest have none.  Venice just cannot get relief from this.  When Venetians say “enough” the services in Venice and the rest of the City holler NIMBY.

Are  Venetians moving?  Yes, they are.  Someone said the other day that it may be called Mike Bonin’s Hole before we know it.  Perhaps, when even he thinks it’s bad, Venice will be allowed to exit the City.

PATH Selected to Manage Venice Bridge Home at MTA Lot

VENICE – The Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority has selected People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) to manage and operate the bridge housing facility set to open in Venice this summer, Councilmember Mike Bonin announced today.

PATH, one of the nation’s most successful and respected homeless service providers, will be the lead operator of the site and will work with the Venice-based Safe Place for Youth, which will also provide services at the temporary facility, which will provide 100 beds for adults and 54 beds for youth.

“I am thrilled to be moving forward with such an excellent team,” Bonin said. “PATH and SPY are highly regarded service providers with a history of success, years of experience in the community, and a great track record of working with neighbors. I am confident they will make Bridge Home Venice a success.”

Councilman Mike Bonin’s Newsletter Says He Will Not Support the Glencoe-Maxella Development as Planned

Yesterday, developers released their draft environmental document for the proposed Paseo Marina project located at Glencoe and Maxella Avenues in Del Rey. A local blog erroneously reported that the massive development would break ground next year.


I do not support the current Paseo Marina proposal, and will not approve the zone change and other entitlements they seek.

While I would welcome additional housing at the Marina Marketplace location, at nearly 700 units, the current project is drastically over-sized, would significantly increase traffic congestion, and would destroy a walkable neighborhood known and appreciated for having amenities nearby. The project is proposing to eliminate the vast majority of restaurants and shops that locals rely on, forcing thousands of people to hop in their car for basic services they currently walk to.

Moreover, the impact on traffic on Lincoln Boulevard, near the end of the 90 Freeway and in a corridor connecting Venice and Del Rey with Westchester and Playa del Rey, would be severe. Voters have approved funding for Bus Rapid Transit on Lincoln Boulevard, but completion is years away, and service would be insufficient to accommodate the demand created by this project.

The zone change being sought is particularly inappropriate given that the City recently launched an update of the neighborhood’s Community Plan, which will be its zoning and development blueprint for the next decade. The Community Plan Update process is an opportunity to take a holistic look at where we should put new housing and commercial opportunities. Rezoning an over six-acre site to allow for a mixed-use development in the middle of that process is wrong and counter-intuitive, and I will not approve it.

Councilman Bonin to Speak About “Underground Natural Gas Storage Operations” at Sierra Club

Councilman Mike Bonin will address the Sierra Club Tuesday, 19 February, 7 to 8:30 pm, Burton Chase Park, 13650 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey.

Bonin will discuss “SoCal Gas Underground Natural Gas Storage Operations underlying parts of Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista and Westchester. How does this affect 700,000 residents in our local neighborhood and inhabitants of the Ballona Wetlands? What should you know about SoCal Gas’ pressurized underground gas storage field operations?

Venice Gets No. 4 Scrambled Crosswalk in Los Angeles — Washington and Pacific Blvd

(Photo courtesy of David Graham-Caso, Chief of Staff to Councilman Bonin.)

(29 Aug 2018)Councilman Mike Bonin, LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds, and Glabe Hartley, Cow’s End owner walk abreast with other dignitaries behind to celebrate the Venice Scrambled Crosswalk opening early Tuesday morning.

Other people had tried it and loved it as cars that had normally been allowed to make a right on a red light honked.

Bikes and Scooters are considered vehicles in California; therefore, they can cross when pedestrians cross only if they walk their bikes or scooters. If they ride, they must go with the cars.

This is one of the most used and confusing intersections in Venice. Not all corners allowed pedestrians, and there were right turns that could turn into walkers. Also there is a bike path in the middle of Washington Blvd, going west,  with cars turning right and cars going forward. All that was confusing is eliminated in the “scramble.” Now it is all stop and cross.  Bikes in the middle can walk their bikes or wait for the light. Getting to the light for bikers is still done carefully.

Several groups engaged the councilman in conversation regarding the MTA lot for a “bridge housing” site. Part of the conversation was recorded but everyone was talking and questions and answers are not distinct.  Just a bad recording.

Via Dolce Park Opens to Public


Councilman Mike Bonin dedicated the pocket park at Via Dolce last Saturday along with neighbors and their children. The park is on Via Dolce near Washington Blvd and is also bordered by the Grand Canal.


Nick, Cityhood Chair, Not Happy with Bonin or Encampments; Pushes for Cityhood



By Nick Antonicello, chairman of the Venice Neighborhood Council ad-hoc committee on Cityhood

The encampment at Staples on Lincoln Boulevard in the heart of Venice has now surged to the mouth of the driveway and the entire sidewalk at the entrance as well as the other side of the building across from Chase Bank.

While Councilman Mike Bonin takes victory laps for scamming Venetians into thinking his meeting this week was some kind of legitimate exchange of opinions, he is already moving forward and really doesn’t care what the average person thinks!

He is proudly constructing a ghetto and slum by the sea and he is daring you to stop him!

This is his typical, Machiavellian and condescending politics in action by busing in a bunch of bureaucrats that make money and profit off the misery of the un-housed and nothing changes!

Bill Rosendahl served eight years as councilman and did nothing. Mike Bonin has served some five years as a councilman and sits under the threat of a recall and still does nothing!

That’s 13 years of broken promises and failed public policies and he wonders why the residents of Venice believe he’s nothing but a liar?

Photos were taken on June 15th.

Cityhood for Venice is the only viable option to address the issue of homelessness and so much more. We need Venetians running and governing Venice, not career politicians earning over $1,000,000 in salary and perks courtesy of taxpayers during their term of office!

Nick Antonicello is the Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee on Venice Cityhood and can be reached at nantoni@mindspring.com

Earth Day Sunday 22 April — Plant and Beautify

By Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy for Councilman Mike Bonin,

On Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd, community members are hitting the streets of Venice to grow food and beautify their neighborhood one raised garden box at a time!

Community Healing Gardens and Councilmember Mike Bonin are teaming up for this Earth Day event to plant for spring produce that will go toward feeding the community’s at-risk youth, homeless adults, underserved families and anyone frankly who wants hyper-locally grown veggies and fruits!After we beautify and plant our neighborhood we will come back to Oakwood Park for a celebration! We will have food from CAVA, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Big Daddy’s Pizza Venice, Le Pain Quotidien along with Califia Farms and The Bu Kombucha to quench our thirst! Also, there will be Bike demos from our awesome Venice partner, Solé Bicycles, as well as Metro! And if that wasn’t enough we will raffle off eco prizes from Fjällräven North America Metro Bikes, Cava, and a bike from Solé Bicycles!

WHERE:Oakwood Park, 767 California on the back side of the recreation center building where our garden boxes live.
WHEN:Meet up at 9am; 9:30am – 11:30am we will be hitting the street of 7th Ave from California to Flower in Venice to plant and 12:00pm – 2pm is the food, bike demos, arts/crafts, and raffle!Please bring a reusable water bottle and a hat for shade.  All Ages Welcome.We hope to see you Sunday morning on Earth Day!

DuFay Says Good-bye to CEQA for PSH and Motel Conversion Ordinances

By Darryl DuFay

The Los Angeles City Council was very busy pushing through new laws that will deny surrounding neighborhoods the existing protections to question new homeless projects (See LA Times article below). Those existing protections included an environmental review and a public hearing. The review takes place under the CA Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The Los Angeles City Council has made and affirmed unanimously an “arbitrary proclamation” removing that protection:

“…that there is no substantial evidence supporting a fair argument that the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Ordinance will have a significant effect on the environment….”

“… based on the independent judgement… that no major revisions to the Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) are required and no subsequent Environmental Report (EIR), or Negative Declaration is required for approval of the project. Source: Council File 17-1422.

The new law affects where we live in the Venice Coastal Zone and specifically the Venice Blvd. “median” project with the proposed construction of 140 housing units, including Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and services. CEQA issues specific to the proposed Venice “median” project include traffic mitigation, water and wildlife since the Venice Canals bisect the project, engineering and construction in a designated flood, tsunami, and liquefaction zone, along with “rising sea” concerns of the State of CA currently being raised in the development of the Local Coastal Program. Without the protection of CEQA public input is exclude and approval becomes automatic. It is called “ministerial” or “by right” approval.

What the City Council Action has done.
“Under the [PSH Ordinance] homeless housing projects that meet a list of requirements will be able to AVOID a lengthy process at City Hall that includes environmental review and can trigger a public hearing. The new ordinance will also slash parking requirements and allow “permanent supportive housing” projects to be built taller or denser than otherwise allowed.
The law will allow homeless housing projects to “go through our planning process a lot faster and for less cost,” Councilman Jose Huizar said before Wednesday’s vote. “That’s really what this comes down to.”

“Venice Vision” and its lawyer Jamie Hall were included in the article. “Some neighborhood groups have raised concerns about the new laws. Members of the group Venice Vision have argued that the city is eliminating crucial protections for neighbors by allowing more homeless housing projects to proceed without environmental review or public hearings.

“This is an important problem we need to solve,” their attorney Jamie Hall told the council. “But we need to make sure that we’re thoughtful about this and that we’re not removing all of the protections that we have embodied into our law.”

“People are going to be shocked” when they realize what has happened, Hall said after the meeting.”



LAHSA Report “Homeless Off LA Streets by Year End” Due Soon

Part of encampment on Venice Blvd near Abbot Kinney.

Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency (LAHSA) should be handing in their report to the City Council Homeless and Poverty Committee showing how they plan to remove all homeless from the streets of Los Angeles by the end of 2018.

Councilman Mike Bonin, leap frogging all previous efforts by politicians to end homelessness in Los Angeles, requested that LAHSA, which manages the Measure H 355-million-dollar-per-year income, prepare a plan to get all homeless off the streets of Los Angeles by the end of December 2018.

His motion – emergency response to homelessness was passed by the City Council 27 March, 2018 and the two weeks would have commenced then. Two weeks from date of City Council approval is 10 April.

LAHSA is to present “the framework of an Emergency Response to Homelessness Plan, outlining what steps and funds would be required to provide an alternative to encampments for 100 percent of the Los Angeles homeless population by December 31, 2018.”

Bonin wants the Los Angeles Homeless Coordinator, with the assistance of the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer, and other departments and agencies as appropriate, to prepare a comprehensive list of every public facility in the City of Los Angeles legally eligible to be used to provide shelter, temporary housing, or safe parking.

Bonin wants to know how many people and what percentage of Los Angeles’ homeless population are currently being provided shelter or housing, and what number and what percentage of our homeless population LAHSA aims to shelter or house by the end of the current fiscal year, and the next three years?