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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

We Didn’t Start the Fire, Venice is Burning


Special thanks to Billy Joel, Performed by Mark Lennon of the band, Venice,
Produced by Nico Ruderman, Lyrics by Sean Obrien

Mike Bonin, Sheila Kuell, Gavin Newsome, what a fool
Autum Burke, Ted Lieu, Ben Allen have no clue
Garcetti, Eunuch in a trance, Scott Weiner in his pants
Third St., Boardwalk, Oakwood cant get a cop
Needles, feces, drug dealers, ocean breeze
Rubbish fires, Baseball bats chop shops, tons of rats
Encampments, Cherynoble, Carol Sobel thinks she’s noble
Rape, murder, suicide, no bail, it’s genocide
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Venice is burning, since Bonin’s been earning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, as we tried to fight it.
Blue tarps, Got Junk, Venice in a funk
Out of State, imports, no support, Supreme Court
Prostitution, vandalism, saturation, devastation
Sanitation, hesitation, Venice annihilation
Nero on the roof, Government has no proof
Pelosi, ice cream, I just want to scream
Harris, VP, abandoned us to live her dream
People squatting on the Beach, methamphetamine
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Penmar is burning, since Bonin’s been learning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, but we’ve tried to fight it.
RV’s, heaps of trash, they wonder why we clash
Rising crime, too much grime, brother can you spare a dime
Hair cuts, trim suits, bureaucratic lawsuits
Jones Act, Boise, failed leaders, crazy
Tax base shrinking, City Council winking
Zombies peeing, Residents fleeing
Puppet show, quid pro quo, no go, Skid Row
Rezone, methadone, Venice a containment zone
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Third Street is burning, since Bonin’s been churning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, but we’ve tried to fight it.
Dogtown upside down, violent shantytown
Dereliction, mental crisis, drug addiction, hepatitis
Heroin, weed, booze, storm drains full of ooze
Echo Park clean up, Venice remains a dump
Covid, Bonin’s dream, no Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream
Sirens daily, Where’s The Guy who plays the ukulele
We didn’t’ start the Fire
The Boardwalk is burning, since Bonin’s been earning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, As we’ve tried to fight it.
Homeless advocates, vagrants dropping pants
Sunset, Hampton, shelter box with a gun
Developers lobby, residents groggy
Venice a containment zone, I can’t leave my home
Tents around the school, beach and Rose cesspool
Venice strives, Lost Lives, but they all have knives
Too much alcohol, cant containment them all
Back again, bohemian, Monster on the Median
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Venice is burning, since Bonin’s been earning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, A new day will dawn,
Venice goes on and on and on and on and on and on an on and on and on and on

Baptist Church in Venice Might be Revisited for Historical Status

LA Times columnist Robin Abcarean, who happens to live in Venice, has a column on “The mansionization of a Black church in Venice.” She claims Councilman Mike Bonin has second thoughts about the “historical importance” of the church and might consider possibly revisiting its historical status.

LA Times article.

Judge Carter Tries to Get Officials Moving on an Area So that Enforcement Can Begin

US District Judge David O. Carter has tried to get  those who sue the city on behalf of the homeless,  those business people who are suing the city,   the politicians who have had their say and opportunities to all get together and provide a plan by this Wednesday (20 May) to implement Friday just to house those living under the bypasses, near the freeways, etc. calling that area not healthy.  It came about when someone suggested using the Caltrans lot near 16th and Maple for homeless and then it was decided that was too close to the freeway to be healthy.  Wednesday there is to be a plan and implementation is to take place Friday.  See story.

Mayor Garcetti has claimed it is not a good idea because these people might go into the neighborhoods.  The CDC has said it might spread the flu to neighborhoods.   Why would they think these people do not go into the neighborhoods now?  One man from an anti-poverty group said he didn’t know how it could be enforced without the police.  Mark Ryavec said they go to the freeway underpasses because it provides some shelter.  LAHSA says they are concentrating on 65 and older.  Councilman Bonin wants to include Penmar Park.  The judge is trying to determine a group they can and should be helped so that enforcement can start.  If enforcement is not accomplished soon, Los Angeles could be caught in a larger fight for life caused by the utter lack of sanitation that is occurring.  Enforcement has to start somewhere.

The LA Times had a story that showed only about half the places leased are used and it looked like LA lagged behind other counties because of lack of preparing places and adequate staff.  See story.





For those who own rental properties …

As one government employee once said and this is not verbatim “One should never let the opportunities of a good crisis go to waste … .” Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin have both declared that this is the opportunity to pick up rental properties … and from legislation they have created. What countries does this remind you of from history?

Telephone number for Councilman Mike Bonin is 213-444-3508, not number listed.

City Opens Emergency Shelters, Works with State, Federal to House Homeless, Priority to Seniors

Oakwood Recreation Center is to open to house those on the street. In addition bathrooms are being distributed to areas of homelessness. Fourth St got an ADA bathroom. Penmar Park has a hand washing station and a fresh water dispenser. It is assumed other facilities are forthcoming.

Third Ave maintains the two bathrooms and hand washing station along with the attendant from 7 am to 7 pm. Showers come twice a week. Third has the fresh water dispenser. Bulky items still prevail.

Only one tenter remains on Lincoln Blvd.

There was only one tenter at the Lincoln encampment that use to wrap from the front to the north side and be filled with tenters. When asked where everyone was, the one tenter said they had all gone to the shelter. It is assumed that is the Bridge Home shelter, which they all said they would not go to.

This from the Office of Councilman Mike Bonin as the City mobilizes to house the homeless,

As part of a continuing effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus, Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered the use of 42 city facilities to temporarily house people experiencing homelessness. Five of those facilities are on the Westside.

The temporary shelter at the Westwood Recreation Center will open as soon as later today. In the coming days, shelters are expected to open at the Westchester Recreation Center, the Pacific Palisades Recreation Center, the Oakwood Recreation Center, and the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center. All of these sites are designated emergency centers used in the case of natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes. Additionally, the emergency winter shelter at the West LA Armory will remain open until at least April 20.

These actions are happening while Governor Gavin Newsom works to implement a plan to house the unhoused in hotels and motels across the state. Under the plan, the state would lease the property and local counties would control the operations. According to the governor’s office, they have identified 950 sites in 53 counties.

Mayor Garcetti’s order to use city facilities is part of a broad and multi-faceted effort to protect the public health and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Public health officials have warned that people living on the streets are tremendously susceptible to contracting the virus, and have urged local governments to move people inside swiftly.

People designated by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority as most vulnerable and most at-risk, especially people over 55 or suffering from other ailments, will have top priority for the available beds. Beds will be spaced more than 6 feet apart to adhere to social distancing guidelines. City departments will provide the beds, personal hygiene kits, and showers. Government agencies and nonprofits will provide meals. The facilities will provide rigorous health monitoring, be open 24 hours per day, provide storage, and have full-time staff, including social workers and security. LADOT will provide transportation to the shelters.

LAFD Emergency Medical Technicians and other street medicine providers are assigned to each new facility to screen clients upon intake, monitor the health of program participants on an ongoing basis, and escalate health concerns using established protocols to move clients to higher levels of care. If someone tests positive for COVID-19 in one of the new or existing shelter settings, they will be triaged into an isolation unit, where they would be treated by the healthcare system.

As federal, state, county and city governments respond to this widening crisis, information is changing rapidly. Some of the designated sites are subject to change. We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest information. For more information about the City of Los Angeles’ response to the novel coronavirus crisis, please visit https://corona-virus.la/.

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to get through this crisis.

From Councilman Mike Bonin Regarding Housing the Homeless Using City Facilities and Properties

Dear Friends,
In the middle of this public health crisis, there is no time for delay or hesitation: we must immediately find ways to house our unhoused, and we must do everything to prevent more people from falling into homelessness.
Yesterday, City Council approved a series of measures I co-authored, directing city agencies to immediately use city facilities and properties for housing, to push the state to move faster on housing people in hotels and motels, and in the meantime, to open more restrooms and showers for people who are still unsheltered, and to stop evicting people from tents and leaving them without protection from the elements. People living outdoors cannot follow public health advice, putting everyone – unhoused and housed – at risk of contracting and spreading the virus.
At the same time, we directed our City Attorney to draft a broad emergency ordinance to halt evictions and prevent tenants from falling into homelessness in the middle of this public health crisis. We also directed City Attorney to craft ordinances: giving greater protections to workers being laid off as a result of emergency measures to halt the spread of the virus; and giving more health protections to the front-line service workers at LAX who risk exposure to COVID-19.
Thank you to Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Gilbert Cedillo, Los Angeles City Council President Emeritus Herb J. Wesson, Jr., Paul Koretz, Jose Huizar and Council President Nury Martinez for their great partnership on these pieces of legislation. And kudos to all my colleagues for the other smart, strong actions taken today to help address this crisis. And much, much love to the grassroots and neighborhood leaders demanding action and forcing progress. 
This is a defining moment for our city and our neighborhoods — and it demands leadership and action. Thank you for your patience and partnership as we get through this crisis together. Please find some helpful information and links below. 

Nisa Kove Selected as New Venice Field Deputy

VENICE, CA (February 16, 2020) – City Councilmember Mike Bonin today announced the hiring of Nisa Kove as Venice Field Deputy, a position that will allow Kove to work with her neighbors in Venice to get things done in the neighborhood she has called home for more than a decade.

“I am excited to work with Nisa and to have a Venice parent on staff, working with me and our team to make the community a great place to live, work and enjoy,” said Bonin. “Nisa has been active in civic life in Venice and will hit the ground running on day one to start delivering for neighbors in Venice.”

Kove has been a Venice resident since 2007 and has worked closely with many of the leaders and groups in Venice as an elected member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and as chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee. Kove has a long and accomplished history in marketing, having worked for a number of major media and advertising companies, and she has also worked as an organizer for a group dedicated to the engagement and mobilization of school parents. Kove is passionate about education, and is an active volunteer in her neighborhood schools, working with local artists and environmental organizations to beautify campuses. Kove is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

“I am honored to be representing my community,” said Kove. “There is a lot of work to do, and I’m confident that together, we can lead Venice into a new decade of optimism, unity, and trust.”

Kove, who will resign her position on the Venice Neighborhood Council to take the job with Team Bonin, will start work on Tuesday, February 18. She will partner with Tristen Marler, who handles constituent casework in Venice, and Allison Wilhite, who is Bonin’s point person on the bridge housing set to open in Venice February 25.

For more information about Mike Bonin and his team, please visit www.11thdistrict.com.

MTA Lot on Sunset Has Bomb Threat — Only Info Available is from Councilman Mike Bonin’s Facebook Page

Note: LA Times has just come out with a story.

Last night (2 January 2020), the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a report of suspicious devices that looked like bombs at the site of the future bridge housing in Venice. Streets were closed and nearby homes were evacuated for several hours, while the LAPD Bomb Squad analyzed the devices.

According to LAPD, there were three separate devices. While they were apparently designed to look like explosive devices, LAPD’s bomb squad determined that none of them contained the necessary fuel to cause an explosion. LAPD removed the devices, conducted a safety sweep of the area, reopened streets, and allowed people back into their homes.

LAPD‘s Major Crimes Division is investigating. Anyone with information that could assist in the investigation should contact 1-877-LAPD 24-7 (1-877-527-3247).

This is an appalling incident perpetrated by a disturbed and cowardly person or persons. If it was meant to slow or halt progress on providing bridge housing, it failed. It is unacceptable and inhumane for people to be living and dying in sidewalk encampments in our neighborhoods. It is imperative that we get people off the streets. We will not be intimidated, and we will not back down from providing solutions to our homelessness crisis.

I am grateful to the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department, especially those in LAPD Pacific Division and the LAPD BOMB Squad, for their quick, professional and exemplary work last night. And I am grateful to the neighborhood residents, who responded patiently and calmly to this attempt to frighten and inconvenience them.

Councilman Bonin to Have Two Town Halls in November — Homelessness and Public Safety

These two town halls — 6 and 13 November — are sponsored by CD11 and will be held 6:30 pm in West LA at Daniel Webster Middle School auditorium, 11330 Graham Pl 90064, which is near the intersection of the 10 and 405 freeways.

Larry O’Connor Talks About Councilman Mike Bonin Leaving Homeless Man With Campfire Burning on Centinela

Larry O’Connor on his KABC talk show talked about Councilman Mike Bonin leaving a homeless man on Centinela with a campfire burning.