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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Parking Restrictions to be Reinstated, 1 October

Thursday, 1 October is the day the parking restrictions are supposed to be reinstated for the City.

To school or not to school this fall gets more confusing

By Darryl DuFay

The opening or not of schools in the Fall gets more convoluted.  The truth is no one really knows what to do.  This is a valuable summary of the players involved and where we are at right now.


Should kids go back to school in September?

By Darryl DuFay

An LA Times article dealt with opening the schools in the Fall.


Here is information from the CA Dept. of Public Health and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) looking at the demographics for the age group that encompasses K – 12. There is no consistent demographic age grouping for K – 12.  CA reports for ages 5-17.  The CDC uses 5 -14.

 The US population is 328 million.  CA is 40 million.  What can be agreed upon is that K – 12 students have had few if any deaths from COVID-19.  In CA the number is zero for ages 5 -17.  In the entire United States the CDC number is 14 for ages  5 – 14.

Venice increases Covid-19 cases considerably, 29 percent; MDR 35 percent

Venice jumps considerably from 83 to 107 Covid-19 cases in the period of 21 June to 4 July at 8 pm. Marina del Rey goes from 20 to 27 in same period. Venice still has only 2 deaths and Marina del Rey, 1.

To get the latest update, go to CDC website.

Venice has 83 Covid-19 cases and two deaths as of 8 pm Sunday, 21 June. Marina del Rey has 19 cases and 1 death.

Venice Reports 94 Covid-19 Cases; Marina del Rey, 20

Venice has 94 Covid-19 cases and two deaths as of 8 pm Sunday, 30 June. Marina del Rey has 20 cases and 1 death. To get the latest update, go to CDC website.

Venice has 83 Covid-19 cases; Marina del Rey has 19

Venice has 83 Covid-19 cases and two deaths as of 8 pm Sunday, 21 June. Marina del Rey has 19 cases and 1 death. To get the latest update, go to CDC website.

Venice has 67 Covid-19 cases; Marina del Rey, 15

As of 8 pm 3 June, Venice reported 67 cases of corona virus, now referred to as Covid-19 with 2 death. Marina del Rey had 15 cases with 1 death. To get the daily count, go to CDC website.

Judge Carter Tries to Get Officials Moving on an Area So that Enforcement Can Begin

US District Judge David O. Carter has tried to get  those who sue the city on behalf of the homeless,  those business people who are suing the city,   the politicians who have had their say and opportunities to all get together and provide a plan by this Wednesday (20 May) to implement Friday just to house those living under the bypasses, near the freeways, etc. calling that area not healthy.  It came about when someone suggested using the Caltrans lot near 16th and Maple for homeless and then it was decided that was too close to the freeway to be healthy.  Wednesday there is to be a plan and implementation is to take place Friday.  See story.

Mayor Garcetti has claimed it is not a good idea because these people might go into the neighborhoods.  The CDC has said it might spread the flu to neighborhoods.   Why would they think these people do not go into the neighborhoods now?  One man from an anti-poverty group said he didn’t know how it could be enforced without the police.  Mark Ryavec said they go to the freeway underpasses because it provides some shelter.  LAHSA says they are concentrating on 65 and older.  Councilman Bonin wants to include Penmar Park.  The judge is trying to determine a group they can and should be helped so that enforcement can start.  If enforcement is not accomplished soon, Los Angeles could be caught in a larger fight for life caused by the utter lack of sanitation that is occurring.  Enforcement has to start somewhere.

The LA Times had a story that showed only about half the places leased are used and it looked like LA lagged behind other counties because of lack of preparing places and adequate staff.  See story.





Dockweiler Prepared for Homeless Coronavirus Victims



Los Angeles County lines up Class A and Class C motor homes for homeless coronavirus victims according to gate keeper at Dockweiler State Beach, just south of the entrance to the park that dead ends at Imperial Highway.

North side of entrance is empty and will stay empty in preparation for more motor homes if needed. All roads to park are closed and guarded by police.

No one seemed to know how long they had been there but that they were all empty to be used for housing homeless who had the coronavirus.

County has been queried to verify the usage so story will be changed as info is obtained.

Stewart Oxcars reported that on Motor Ave in a park parking lot near Pico there are hundreds of trailers parked.  They looked empty he wrote.   He queried the Council office but has received no reply,

A representative from the County called Friday to say that Cheviot Hills (Motor) had motor homes as did Westchester.  He said, like Dockweiler, they are to be used to house homeless who have Coronavirus.   He thought that some of the trailers on Dockweiler were being used but not according to the police.




Venice has 56 Cases of Coronavirus and MDR, 13

As of noon 12 May, Venice had 56 reported cases of Coronavirus and Marina del Rey had 13. For the latest go to the CDC website.