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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Will Trump Act to End Homelessness?

Many Venetians have contacted President Trump to help with the homelessness in Los Angeles.  Barbara Gibson sent article from Patriot for America indicating that an executive order was forthcoming that would give police authority to act.  Article

Greyhound Offers Free Ride Home to Runaway Kids

Greyhound bus will give free trips home for runaway kids.

City Permits Planters to Put in Front of Businesses

City launches new permitting programs for people to obtain permits for planters so that people can put them in front of their businesses. Venice Update thinks there always was a planter permitting process but it just took a long time and the City was unaware of the need but perhaps this is new and for businesses.

It is expensive. One has to weigh the benefits.

City Launches Sidewalk Permit Programs in Wake of New Regulations

Dr. Braskow Discusses the Homeless and “Demedicalization of Mental Illness”

Dr. Joel T. Braslow, UCLA Professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences, will speak of  “The Demedicalization of Mental Illness” from 7 to 8:30 pm, Monday, 27 January at the Pacific Palisades Library, 861 Alma Real Drive, Pacific Palisades.

Have changing attitudes about mental illness allowed people to languish on the streets?  Dr. Braslow will discuss the factors that have led to demedicalization, its consequences and ways to address the issues it presents.

Government authorities have defined homelessness as a housing problem. Dr. Braslow and his research collaborators take a broader view and examine sociocultural, economic and medical attitudinal changes.

  • We no longer consider homeless persons to be gravely disabled, even though it is their disorder that drives their inability to find shelter and to function in general.
  • More people with severe psychiatric illnesses are now denied admission to hospitals. 
  • We no longer see homelessness as an acute psychiatric emergency in need of immediate intervention.

Homeless Go “Far” with Being Homeless

(Photo by Rick Swinger.) Homeless person brought in a shed at Penmar Park on Rose.

Homeless have operated like they own the streets and have shouted such to many residents.  Residents and homeowners just shake they heads at the blatant examples that the homeless provide and wonder when “someone will protect the residents.”

“Streets of Shame” Features Venice at Penmar Golf Course on Rose

Another “Streets of Shame” broadcast featuring Venice and pinpointing Rose at Penmar Golf course which has  materialized recently.

Contributed by Rick Swinger


Burglaries Plague Neighborhoods

By Judy Goldman

Note: This report seems to be the echo of many neighborhoods.

The man in this photo was very aggressive when caught trying to break through a fence with a homemade harpoon type weapon. He also threw a hard object at the car windshield. Does anybody recognize him? (He covered his face when he noticed the camera, the outfit, however, is distinctive)

This is the 3rd incident this week.

There were also two burglaries a few days ago, one on Sunset and another on Dudley. Surveillance photos from both incidents were given to Police and reports have been filed. The suspect in the surveillance photos from two of the incidents look similar.

One suspect climbed over a front walk-street fence at 5:30 PM on Sunday12/19, ransacked an outdoor storage area and broke into a locked car inside the driveway of a gated property and took two pairs of prescription glasses, an iPod, a tool kit and other items.

A resident on Sunset reported a man trespassing and stealing something of little value. A photo was included in both police reports. A detective will be investigating all 3 incidents next week.

When LAPD officers arrived they expressed frustration and dismay. They explained that they receive frequent reports of similar incidents in North Venice – and only two officers are on duty in this area at any given time, except when shifts change and four officers overlap and are on duty at the same time for a brief period.

US Supreme Court Decision and Consequences

By Darryl DuFay
The decision by the US Supreme Court has produced five articles in  Los Angeles Times.  They are listed below.   Also included is a comment from the Union Rescue Mission Newsletter, which is located in Skid Row.  Also provided is a question asked by the Venice Update.
Supreme Court allows homeless to keep sleeping on the sidewalk
A crucial question for the unhoused
The courts have tied cities’ hands on homelessness
The Boise decision survives
Justices’ message to cities: Build more housing
Comment from the Union Rescue Mission.
The homeless number of 59,000 is for the County of Los Angeles with ten million people.  The City of Los Angeles has 36,000 homeless. The City has four million of the ten million people.
One out of 10 people who are homeless in the United States lives in LA.
The question arises from the Venice Update:  If you were homeless in the United States, wouldn’t you want to be homeless here?  Los Angeles seems to be on the road to house the nations homeless.

US Supreme Court Says “No” to Hearing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision

US Supreme Court justices said “no” to hearing the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision regarding homelessness on the sidewalks.  Many states within the 9th circuit asked the US Supreme Court to hear the case to at least define the situation more clearly.

LA Times article.

Homeless Housing Costs are Touted at 500K, 700K Plus; How About 5K?

Heidi Roberts and John Betz of Venice have a proven system of housing the homeless for $5000 a piece.

They buy duplexes with many bedrooms.  In each bedroom they put two people.  Everyone lives together and energize and motivate each other.

Heidi and John have also  learned it pays to have a “peer” person to help, one who has had similar problems.

Heidi says they have an 84 percent track record.  The people are housed and they have accomplished one other thing in their lives — gotten a job, gotten off drugs, etc.

Mayor Eric Garcetti recently visited one of their places and talked with some of the tenants.  One would hope the mayor sees this as an alternative to a new apartment for each.

The pod cast with Heidi talking about the projects  is at https://www.insearchofsanity.org/podcast-episodes.html.  Heidi’s part is about ten minutes from 38:40 to 51.