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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

SEC Zone Started Monday As Originally Planned

Allison Wilhite, deputy for the Venice Bridge Home, says the Special Enforcement and Cleaning Zone (SECZ) started Monday, 9 March.  Just an hour or so ago Venice Update reported Update didn’t know when the SEC Zone would start because Update was not answered when it queried.

This is a new project.  Everyone is working to make the home for the 154 people feel like a home where they are safe, fed, and free to get off addiction, free to get a job, free to start their life all over.  That opened for people to start moving  in the 25tth of February — two weeks from last Monday.  It should be filled this week.

Monday, 9 March, the SECZ started as planned.

Since then it has been a mad house to get the other things working that have been planned for the SECZ.  It appears to be an hour-by-hour  story as the services unfold.

Update just reported a story of the 3rd Ave as one of the worst streets.  Apparently, a Care Team has been on the street Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and coming up this Friday to pick up needles, trash, hazardous waste.  Friday a team will be there to enforce LAMC 56,11, which should take most of the debris.

The police cannot enforce the tents down rule because of the rain.  But, Update, has been assured that there is a car with two police men assigned to the SEC zone.

Once again the following explains the enhanced services provided to the area.  It does take time for all services to start and get moving.



If Venice had a “Street of Shame,” it would be 3rd Ave this week

Oh, my goodness. Third Ave in Venice breaks all the rules — the sidewalk ADA rule to allow 36 inches for wheelchairs, the bulky item (LAMC 56.11) of fitting into a 60-gallon trash can, and over the curb taking parking to name only what this writer sees.

The unwritten law of putting trash in front of and at the side of single-family residences on 3rd and Rose is just rude and contemptible.

There is a sign that says there will be a “Major Cleanup” Friday, the 13th. All of this should go. Signs are usually posted for cleanup on Fridays. They have never specified a “major” cleanup. But a “major” one is necessary.

Perhaps, this will signal the start of the SEC zone, which 3rd Ave is definitely in.  Update will be taking photos Friday to make sure this is all removed and cleaned.

Dr. Drew Says Not Housing Crisis, Addiction, Mentally Ill

Dr. Drew says it is not a housing problem.  It is addiction, mentally ill and we have made drugs legal without enforcement.

Dr. Drew


LUPC to Hear the Proposed 40-Unit Site on Lincoln Blvd, Monday, 3 February


Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) will hear the proposed 40-unit project by Venice Community Housing,  Monday, 3 February, 7 pm at the SPY building, 2469 Lincoln.

The project to be located at 2469 – 2471 Lincoln Blvd will have 40 units of affordable/PSH housing that will include studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms.  The ground floor will still be used for Safe Place for Youth.  Project particulars.

LUPC Agenda.


City Approves Mobile Bathroom Facility Monies for Two Encampments

Two encampments–3rd and Rose and the Venice Blvd under the 405 Freeway at Globe will receive monies for mobile bathrooms and showers and rat-proof trash cans. Whether these facilities are the traveling kind or not is not specified in article. It is assumed that the showers are. Rose at 3rd has had this service before and has it once a week now. YoVenice article.

Victim Refuses to Press Charges

The homeless woman who was allegedly raped according to eye witnesses refused to press charges. YoVenice article.

All you ever wanted to know about the homeless crisis …

By Darryl DuFay

This  LA Times article  can make you an expert on the homeless crisis. Well if it doesn’t make you an expert it will drown you in the real complexities that exist and shows to what extent the State of California is preparing to direct and/or force you to go.

Expert’s short list:

1.  Change the State’s Constitution to address homelessness..
2.  Require the homeless to use the shelters or housing that is provided.
3.  Where is the money coming from?
4.  Should it be permanent housing or temporary shelters?
5.  How do you stop communities from pushing their homeless into a neighbor’s community?
6.  Compel communities to house most of the homeless people.  If they don’t, the state courts will do it for them.

Homeless Man Attempts to Take Child

Homeless person attempts to kidnap little girl, witnesses say in Venice at Washington Square, west of Pacific a few days ago.  LA Times reports that 150 violent crimes have occurred in Venice in the last six months.

Trump’s Homeless Czar Makes Plans for California

Regina Weller, formerly of LAPD Homeless Task Force, said you have to wait for an alcoholic or a druggie to ask for help before you can help him.  She said “You never put one with addiction in with those who are not addicted.  Bad apple will spoil the barrel.”

This use to be the modus operandi but is it still valid with the numbers of homeless?

LA’s homeless attitude is get them housed and then help them.   It is being tested in the bridge homes or about to be tested.  How effective it is or will be no one really knows at this point.  Meantime homelessness continues to grow.

President Donald Trump’s homeless czar has helped several cities throughout the United States already.  Two cities mentioned have cut homelessness in half.  Read his story.


If it doesn’t work, change the law …

By Darryl DuFay

We have just seen how Sacramento eliminated the protection of CEQA by changing the law with the passage of AB1197 adversely affecting the MTA “Bridge-Home” homeless shelter project and the proposed Venice “Monster on the Median” 140 units.

Now for their next planned move hidden in plain sight in today’s LA Times article.

Below is a paragraph from the article.  Need to add the following information. The year is 2004 and Proposition 63 is passed.  A 1% income tax surcharge on millionaires.  Money is specially to be used for persons with mental health programs but not for construction.  Million of unspent dollars build up.  Twelve years later as the homeless problems explodes the legislature moved to use this money for homeless projects including construction.  A lawsuit was filed.  The reaction was Proposition 2 which legally modified Prop 63 and allowed expanded uses including construction for homeless with mental health issues.

Present day.  Prop “HHH” $1.2 billion dollars for homeless construction has been allocated.  Because there is no more money, we are informed that they proposed to use Proposition 2 money for the “Median” project.

Now the revealing statement in the the paragraph below — “revamp the existing law.”   We have seen what they did with AB1197.  Does anyone think that will not happen again?

There is additional information in the article.  You need to click on the sentence that starts with “Critics have ….”