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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd Gets Rat-proof Trash Cans

Activists Rick Swinger got his rat-free trash cans for 3rd Ave in Venice.  Swinger has championed the cans publicly since he asked for them at the original town hall years ago.  They have been in the works somewhere since then.

At one time, the Venice Update offered to pay for them, and then Rick said he would split the cost.  That got filed along with the original request.  Everyone knows that rat-free trash cans keep the rats hungry.  Hungry rats leave the area.  Google now has rat traps on their property because of a health department inspection requested by Swinger for 3rd Ave.  He has also asked all vendors and service agencies to stop dumping food on 3rd but that request has hit deaf ears.

We Didn’t Start the Fire, Venice is Burning


Special thanks to Billy Joel, Performed by Mark Lennon of the band, Venice,
Produced by Nico Ruderman, Lyrics by Sean Obrien

Mike Bonin, Sheila Kuell, Gavin Newsome, what a fool
Autum Burke, Ted Lieu, Ben Allen have no clue
Garcetti, Eunuch in a trance, Scott Weiner in his pants
Third St., Boardwalk, Oakwood cant get a cop
Needles, feces, drug dealers, ocean breeze
Rubbish fires, Baseball bats chop shops, tons of rats
Encampments, Cherynoble, Carol Sobel thinks she’s noble
Rape, murder, suicide, no bail, it’s genocide
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Venice is burning, since Bonin’s been earning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, as we tried to fight it.
Blue tarps, Got Junk, Venice in a funk
Out of State, imports, no support, Supreme Court
Prostitution, vandalism, saturation, devastation
Sanitation, hesitation, Venice annihilation
Nero on the roof, Government has no proof
Pelosi, ice cream, I just want to scream
Harris, VP, abandoned us to live her dream
People squatting on the Beach, methamphetamine
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Penmar is burning, since Bonin’s been learning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, but we’ve tried to fight it.
RV’s, heaps of trash, they wonder why we clash
Rising crime, too much grime, brother can you spare a dime
Hair cuts, trim suits, bureaucratic lawsuits
Jones Act, Boise, failed leaders, crazy
Tax base shrinking, City Council winking
Zombies peeing, Residents fleeing
Puppet show, quid pro quo, no go, Skid Row
Rezone, methadone, Venice a containment zone
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Third Street is burning, since Bonin’s been churning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, but we’ve tried to fight it.
Dogtown upside down, violent shantytown
Dereliction, mental crisis, drug addiction, hepatitis
Heroin, weed, booze, storm drains full of ooze
Echo Park clean up, Venice remains a dump
Covid, Bonin’s dream, no Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream
Sirens daily, Where’s The Guy who plays the ukulele
We didn’t’ start the Fire
The Boardwalk is burning, since Bonin’s been earning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, Venice is blighted, As we’ve tried to fight it.
Homeless advocates, vagrants dropping pants
Sunset, Hampton, shelter box with a gun
Developers lobby, residents groggy
Venice a containment zone, I can’t leave my home
Tents around the school, beach and Rose cesspool
Venice strives, Lost Lives, but they all have knives
Too much alcohol, cant containment them all
Back again, bohemian, Monster on the Median
We didn’t’ start the Fire
Venice is burning, since Bonin’s been earning
We didn’t’ start the Fire, A new day will dawn,
Venice goes on and on and on and on and on and on an on and on and on and on

3rd To Get Special Cleaning Wednesday

3rd Ave between Rose and Sunset will be cleaned Wednesday, 16 October. It is normally cleaned on Fridays, but because of the fires, Sanitation was called away. One doesn’t know if this is a special cleaning or a new schedule. Sounds like, it addition to cleaning, bulky items will be removed.

Hampton Dr, Ocean Ave, North and South Venice Blvd Get Cleared and Cleaned

(7 September 2019) What a difference a day makes!  The encampment update was written and pictured Thursday.  Friday morning Ocean Front Walk and 3rd Ave were cleaned as they always are. But this Friday, a coordinated effort by Bureau of Sanitation, LAPD, and the Venice BID had Hampton Drive from Rose to Sunset vacated, disinfected, and pressure washed.   Ocean Ave, North and South Venice Blvd were also cleared and cleaned of debris.

Bureau of Sanitation can enforce LAMC 56.11 that says you can only have items that fit into a 60-gallon can so the “stuff” remaining after everyone had cleared the streets was removed.  The picture below is an example of what Sanitation  workers  deal  with  each day — garbage and large items.  This was  3rd  Ave,  west  side,  last  Friday.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Sanitation disinfects the streets using the small truck. The big truck is for biohazard materials.
(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Paul, supervisor of one of the BID Clean Teams, is shown pressure washing the sidewalk on Hampton, which is done after the sidewalk is disinfected.

Below is Hampton, west side, after it was cleared and cleaned. Connie Brooks was walking down the sidewalk and said “What a pleasure it is to use the sidewalk.”

Whether Ocean Ave, North and South Venice Blvd, and Hampton Dr will be on the roster for weekly cleanups is not known at this time.

Hampton was repopulated almost immediately. Ocean and North and South Venice Blvd did have some “stuff” that hadn’t been picked up but it had not completely repopulated yet. There were people gathering near the canal on North Venice. There was an encampment at the library and one at the pocket park across from Tesuque Market.

Ocean Ave

North Venice Blvd

Bonin Questions Effectivity of the Homeless Street Cleanings

Councilman Mike Bonin in the City Council Homeless and Poverty committee has made a motion to have Bureau of Sanitation, Los Angeles Police Department, and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and other agencies to report on the “efficiency of existing clean-up efforts,” detailing key objectives and providing metrics of success or failure. The following questions should be answered:

1. Are we improving public health?
2. Are we helping or hurting efforts to get people out of encampments and into housing and services?
3. What is the appropriate role of law enforcement in clean-ups?
4. What is the appropriate level of oversight and community engagement?

Third Gets Cleaned Again Today — Fifth in a Row

By Rick Swinger

Friday, May 3rd clean up on 3rd Ave. What a mess today with all the illegal dumping coming from Public Storage! What happened to their “No Dumping” signs?
We can see the benefits of those “Temporary No Parking” signs LADOT finally put up on 3rd. We have had five major cleanings in a row with the full force only these street cleaning trucks can provide when there are no cars parked on 3rd.

I told Watershed Enviromental Protection today of all those rodent nests next to the fence line of Google and the tents. They had a look for themselves today as we are still waiting to hear from the LA County Health Vector Management to get back to us.

Meanwhile, Steve is camped on the other side of Google on Hampton, south of Rose, was cooking up some fried chicken today. I feel sorry for him having to cook and eat on this filthy street next to Google on Hampton.

Signs were up days before the 3rd street cleaning, and of course, no medicine or valuables were taken by Sanitation and no signs of any of those protesters from VCHC and “Services Not Sweeps” were seen today.

Protest on 3rd Against Friday Clean Sweeps; Meanwhile, Greenwood Files Lawsuit Against City for Unclean Streets

By Rick Swinger

A group for “services not sweeps” descended on Rose and 3rd Saturday with banners, posters, and even a porta potty. The only thing missing was the homeless on 3rd! I guess they all went to the beach which is what I should have done. 

There was one homeless that was there for a moment but she told the crowd she works and camps on 3rd and wants the sweeps for they clean up the trash and other debris. 

So here is a group that is protesting for a group of homeless on 3rd who actually like the way LAPD and LA Sanitation do their jobs here on Fridays. Another thing I noticed was that I have never seen anyone from this group at the Friday clean ups that I have been covering for weeks now. That’s Venice!

Addendum added to story … 

Note: Meanwhile Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Greenwood is suing the City of LA for five million dollars because the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the City Council allowed “garbage and human feces” to accumulate on the streets outside City Hall East, ‘recklessly endangering the public’ by allowing rats and fleas to thrive.

Greenwood is the person who contracted  typhus as a result of debris.  She says. “The rotting trash and raw sewage is the soup that grows typhus.”

Perhaps the neighbors around 3rd should consider a similar lawsuit.  Maybe, they can unite with the homeless.  Rick Swinger has taken enough photos of dead Norwegian rats, has done the E coli tests at the beach, has picked up enough human feces in the vicinity that he has a t-shirt selling about “No Dumping.”

LA Times article.

Video misinterpreted … Here are the facts

There is a video circulating of a young BID Clean worker explaining that he does not get near private property of the homeless. That is correct and was the intent. Unfortunately, it was taken by some to mean debris could not be cleaned within a certain proximity to private property,

The video was never published by the Venice Update but was put on a private news site, and hopefully, has been removed as suggested. The video was recorded by Rick Swinger.

“The BID does not have a policy stating that we cannot clean within 100 feet of living space and workers may interpret what is a respectful amount of space,” stated Mallory Powers Loring, director of donor engagement and communications for Chrysalis. Chrysalis supplies all the Clean team members for the BID.

“To help foster community, we build relationships with and actively offer assistance to all Venice community members. Cleaning our neighborhood including the living space of our unhoused community members is done in a way that prioritizes the individual’s dignity and rights,” Loring went on to say.

“This is an unfortunate misinterpretation of what was said,” said Reta Moser of the Venice Update. “It was not released by the Update, nor would it have been released without further verification. The members of the Safe and Clean team are the best group of people I have run into in the field. They work hard and don’t miss a beat. If you mention there is graffiti over there, it will be gone the next time you look. They are concerned, cooperative, courteous, and considerate.”

Claudia Ramirez Dons Outfit to Clean Her Alley

Claudia Ramirez dons gloves, mask, and shovel to clean her alley. She just lacks the haz-mat coverall.

3rd Ave, Friday Before Cleanup

By Rick Swinger

This is 3rd Ave, Friday, 29 March before cleanup. Looks like someone is cooking on 3rd.