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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Another Death on 3rd Ave at Rose

Police find another body on 3rd Ave at Rose. Scuttlebutt has it that it might be an overdose of intravenous drugs … that person had been deceased many days … that person had been sent home but returned to Venice, to drugs.

Videos Show Lack of Law and Order on 3rd Ave, Venice

Rick Swinger

Following is a series of videos taken on 3rd Ave, Venice, and are examples of our local government’s failure to uphold law and order.

Venice Has Nine Cases of Coronavirus; Homeless Do Not Take Isolation Seriously; City Not Providing SEC Zone

Nine cases of Coronavirus reported in Venice as of Thursday, 26 March, according to LA County Department of Public Health. Non homeless residents fear for their health.

A film was recorded of homeless residents not abiding by the isolation regulation established by the state and city.

City has not implemented the SEC (Special Enforcement and Cleaning) zone as promised starting 9 March in spite of it supposedly being implemented. The City brought in toilets and wash stations here and there making it one large encampment.

There are complaints by housed residents of lack of trash cleanup, bulky-item pickup, and OSHA violations regarding the toilets and the wash stations as well as not maintaining the proper distance and isolation requirements established by State and City authorities. Rick Swinger posted on Councilman Mike Bonin’s Facebook page that operator had no face mask and gloves on and was eating near the wash station. His comment was later removed from Facebook page. During the rain people stayed inside their tents and the trash was removed.

The following are pictures by Rick Swinger of what it happening in encampment areas of Hampton and 3rd and Rose.

3rd Ave Homeless Not Observing Coronavirus Guidelines

By Rick Swinger

Homeless group on 3rd Ave not observing Coronavirus guidelines, Wednesday 25 March.

City Opens Emergency Shelters, Works with State, Federal to House Homeless, Priority to Seniors

Oakwood Recreation Center is to open to house those on the street. In addition bathrooms are being distributed to areas of homelessness. Fourth St got an ADA bathroom. Penmar Park has a hand washing station and a fresh water dispenser. It is assumed other facilities are forthcoming.

Third Ave maintains the two bathrooms and hand washing station along with the attendant from 7 am to 7 pm. Showers come twice a week. Third has the fresh water dispenser. Bulky items still prevail.

Only one tenter remains on Lincoln Blvd.

There was only one tenter at the Lincoln encampment that use to wrap from the front to the north side and be filled with tenters. When asked where everyone was, the one tenter said they had all gone to the shelter. It is assumed that is the Bridge Home shelter, which they all said they would not go to.

This from the Office of Councilman Mike Bonin as the City mobilizes to house the homeless,

As part of a continuing effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus, Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered the use of 42 city facilities to temporarily house people experiencing homelessness. Five of those facilities are on the Westside.

The temporary shelter at the Westwood Recreation Center will open as soon as later today. In the coming days, shelters are expected to open at the Westchester Recreation Center, the Pacific Palisades Recreation Center, the Oakwood Recreation Center, and the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center. All of these sites are designated emergency centers used in the case of natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes. Additionally, the emergency winter shelter at the West LA Armory will remain open until at least April 20.

These actions are happening while Governor Gavin Newsom works to implement a plan to house the unhoused in hotels and motels across the state. Under the plan, the state would lease the property and local counties would control the operations. According to the governor’s office, they have identified 950 sites in 53 counties.

Mayor Garcetti’s order to use city facilities is part of a broad and multi-faceted effort to protect the public health and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Public health officials have warned that people living on the streets are tremendously susceptible to contracting the virus, and have urged local governments to move people inside swiftly.

People designated by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority as most vulnerable and most at-risk, especially people over 55 or suffering from other ailments, will have top priority for the available beds. Beds will be spaced more than 6 feet apart to adhere to social distancing guidelines. City departments will provide the beds, personal hygiene kits, and showers. Government agencies and nonprofits will provide meals. The facilities will provide rigorous health monitoring, be open 24 hours per day, provide storage, and have full-time staff, including social workers and security. LADOT will provide transportation to the shelters.

LAFD Emergency Medical Technicians and other street medicine providers are assigned to each new facility to screen clients upon intake, monitor the health of program participants on an ongoing basis, and escalate health concerns using established protocols to move clients to higher levels of care. If someone tests positive for COVID-19 in one of the new or existing shelter settings, they will be triaged into an isolation unit, where they would be treated by the healthcare system.

As federal, state, county and city governments respond to this widening crisis, information is changing rapidly. Some of the designated sites are subject to change. We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest information. For more information about the City of Los Angeles’ response to the novel coronavirus crisis, please visit https://corona-virus.la/.

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to get through this crisis.

LA City Council Says Tents Can Stay Up; Venice Never Enforced Tents Down; Cleanup on 3rd Ave Questionable

This debris has been moved around since 12 March on 3rd Ave. This photo was taken 16 March. Tuesday, 17 March was still there.

Los Angeles City Council voted to allow tents to stay up from 6 am to 9 pm. Tents in Venice have not complied with rule for years.

What is important is that the trash, the hazardous waste, and 56.11 (bulky item) be enforced.

Third Ave was the only street that had planned cleaning once a week and disinfected once a month with the exception of Ocean Front Walk. The SEC zone established for Venice was to have started 9 March. Nothing happened.

After or before the Bridge Home opened everything stopped. The following was what was promised.

All within a certain area.

Toilets have arrived for 7 am to 7 pm daily with an attendant. Showers came Tuesday and were to be there from 9 am to 1 pm.
This clean team bagged all the trash from the trash cans and left the bagged trash on the sidewalk. The Venice BID supposedly would pick it up. Venice BID comes twice a day. Once at 9 am and in the afternoon. The team that bagged the trash and left it on the sidewalk did not pick up hazardous waste.

LA Times article regarding tents down. Remember that tents are allowed up during the rain.

Toilets, Hand Washing Station, and Showers on 3rd Ave

Two Toilets, one ADA compliant, with a hand washing station and showers are on 3rd Ave in Venice courtesy of Urban Alchemy.

Toilets — two– will remain with a hand washing station from 7 am to 7 pm and a cleaner. This morning it is Randall. Showers are there from 9 to 1 pm. It appears the City is using all kinds of services to provide the toilets and showers to 3rd Ave. According to the City the toilets will be there 7 to 7, seven days a week. Today and tomorrow it will be Urban Alchemy serving people.

It is all rather confusing because they call themselves the clean team and are also picking up trash but they are not part of the Venice Bid Clean Team. This team cannot pick up hazardous waste, only trash. Meanwhile, there is no ADA compliance. Bulky item trash is stacked up at the north end of 3rd Ave at Rose and has been there since at least Thursday.

Photo was taken Monday, 16 March and has been this way since Thursday of last week. This is bulky item trash.

3rd Ave and LA Under 405 at Washington Place to Receive Enhanced, Daily Toilet and Cleaning Services; Hand Washing Stations Forthcoming

Third Ave has been receiving the portable shower-toilet facilities once a week but now will receive them daily as will the area under the 405 at Washington Place, just west of Sepulveda.

Hours of operation will be from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. They will be supervised with a cleaning person and removed at night.

In addition, because of the Coronavirus threat, there will be several “hand wash” stations throughout CD11. Press release is due out Monday.

If Venice had a “Street of Shame,” it would be 3rd Ave this week

Oh, my goodness. Third Ave in Venice breaks all the rules — the sidewalk ADA rule to allow 36 inches for wheelchairs, the bulky item (LAMC 56.11) of fitting into a 60-gallon trash can, and over the curb taking parking to name only what this writer sees.

The unwritten law of putting trash in front of and at the side of single-family residences on 3rd and Rose is just rude and contemptible.

There is a sign that says there will be a “Major Cleanup” Friday, the 13th. All of this should go. Signs are usually posted for cleanup on Fridays. They have never specified a “major” cleanup. But a “major” one is necessary.

Perhaps, this will signal the start of the SEC zone, which 3rd Ave is definitely in.  Update will be taking photos Friday to make sure this is all removed and cleaned.

City Approves Mobile Bathroom Facility Monies for Two Encampments

Two encampments–3rd and Rose and the Venice Blvd under the 405 Freeway at Globe will receive monies for mobile bathrooms and showers and rat-proof trash cans. Whether these facilities are the traveling kind or not is not specified in article. It is assumed that the showers are. Rose at 3rd has had this service before and has it once a week now. YoVenice article.