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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Stats for Venice and Other City Bridge Homes with Costs

CJ Cole, member of Venice Neighborhood Council and the homeless committee, asked Nisa Kove, Venice Field Deputy, for a breakdown of the Venice Bridge Home on Sunset. This is the first time detailed information has been provided for the Venice Bridge Home designated for 100 adults, 54 youth.

Venice Update, which covered the opening of El Pueblo the first such site in 2018, has had trouble getting detailed information regarding the sites. Apparently, the City is starting to release statistical results for many of the bridge homes that have come on line recently.

CJ Cole also supplied a link to a new online newsletter called “LAist” which shows the stats for various bridge homes and their costs. It is he first time result figures and costs have been published to this extent for the bridge homes.

LAist article.

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  1. John ryan

    I wonder if Ms Hurst is forth coming with the monthly reports? Maybe Angela would know?

  2. Nicholas Antonicello

    Mike Bonin is an unqualified incompetent and clown.

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